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Premium Members of Fantasy Football Scout can now get their own complimentary Transfer Planner to help with their Fantasy Premier League (FPL) preparations for the new season.

Rob Chetty, one of the brains behind the Championship Manager FPL game, has relaunched the Transfer Planner for the new season, exclusively for Fantasy Football Scout subscribers.

The planner allows you to enter your FPL team as it currently is and then to set to work on what you would like it to become over the next few weeks, taking account of transfers, captaincies, chips and formation preferences.

The road ahead is kept up to date for you via a link to the Fantasy Football Scout Season Ticker and, if you think we’ve been a little too harsh on the Wolves attack or not given the Southampton defence enough credit, you can tweak the ratings to your satisfaction.


Get your FPL Transfer Planner for 2022/23 1

To get started, you fill in your player selections in the dropdown at the top of each player box on the Planner tab. Typing in the first few letters of a player name, or even “4.5” or “MUN” brings up a relevant shortlist to choose from.

Those same dropdown boxes are used to select your potential transfer targets in the columns for coming Gameweeks and your proposed starting XIs are indicated by tick boxes. Your transfer plans will be neatly summarised via In and Out sections at the foot of each Gameweek column.

If you want to narrow your focus to the next couple of unusual Gameweeks or jump ahead to consider the consequences of a hit there are “+” and “-” options for hiding and re-showing columns at the top of the Planner and Fixture Ticker tabs.

If your chosen FPL device doesn’t have an attached keyboard then downloading Google’s “Sheets” tab provides full functionality for mobiles and tablets.


Simply follow the link below and fill out a couple of details to request your FPL transfer planner.

You’ll need to be an FFS Member to see the link and to request your Transfer Planner. Fill that out and your sheet will be on its way, though please be patient during this initial release as each one must currently be dispatched manually.

Once your Transfer Planner arrives, it may take 20-30 seconds to load when you first use it. The Transfer Planner needs an internet connection to stay active and may sometimes need to be refreshed to re-establish the link.

Please note, you need to have an active FFS Premium Membership to be eligible to receive and continue using your planner. If your FFS Membership expires, your access to the planner may be revoked.


FPL 2023/24 pre-season page now live

This offer will soon cease, so sign up while you can!