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2020/21 Season Memberships Now Available

Full-year Memberships are now available for £17.50, with a monthly subscription option also available at the price of £2.99. The full-season package will expire 12 months after sign-up. Registering now will give you Membership for both the end of the 2019/20 season, delayed by the United Kingdom’s coronavirus outbreak, as well as the 2020/21 campaign.

Existing registered users can upgrade to a Member via this link. Those users yet to register can register as Members via this link. All payments are currently handled via Stripe payments or Paypal. You can select your preferred method on our form.

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We’re trusted…

Formed back in 2008, our team have contributed to all the major Fantasy Football games over the years and have now worked directly with the Premier League on their Fantasy Premier League game for the last six seasons.

Having built and established our reputation, we are dedicated to covering Fantasy Football full-time.

We’re proven…

We have helped thousands of Fantasy Football managers and we get results.

The 2018/19 FPL winner Adam Levy was a paid-up member of Fantasy Football Scout and cited our help when discussing his victory.

Two former champions – Simon March in 2014/15 and Tom Fenley in 2013/14 – were full members.

In 2016/17, four of the top 15 FPL managers were members of our site.

Our staff also use our tools and articles over their seasons and Mark Sutherns, as Chief Scout, ranked 42nd in the world in 2014/15 and finished 115th in 2016/17.

We’re getting stronger…

We are now embarking on a new phase of development of the site and, in particular, the members offering.

Our objective is to provide the most comprehensive tools and editorial analysis of football data in order to give Fantasy Football managers with an unprecedented level of information and know-how.

We have also opened this development up to you and will be transparent in how we move things forward.

What’s on offer…

  • Plot your transfer strategies using the fully interactive Season Ticker.
  • Get projections for every Premier League player provided by the Rate My Team statistical model.
  • Use Rate My Team throughout the season to guide your selections and transfers.
  • Get access to over 150+ exclusive members articles over the season – more than ever before.
  • Analyse our own Opta powered statistic tables specifically tailored for Fantasy Football Managers.
  • Engage in discussion with other users on this exclusive content using Members-only comments and Hot Topics.
  • Use our exclusive tool to build custom stats tables from over 100 OPTA player and team stats.
  • Use our own powerful comparison tool to analyse players head-to-head.
  • Employ our brand new Flat-Track Bully feature to identify Fantasy assets with good records against specific clubs.
  • Read extra Members analysis in all of our Scout Notes for Premier League games.
  • Enjoy enhanced content in some of our Pro Pundits articles.
  • Study data from selected UEFA European Championship qualifiers and international friendlies ahead of the Euro 2020 Fantasy game launch.

Check out this two-minute trailer, offering a preview of the members content, then take in the detail below…

All our statistics are presented in fully sortable tables, custom built to provide the vital stats that Fantasy Football Managers need. Analyse Premier League seasons back to the 2011/12 campaign, plus get all the current up to date data minutes after match days throughout the season. Break all these statistics down by a whole host of powerful and unique filters including by individual Gameweek, a range of Gameweeks, home/away matches and a player’s last two, four and six matches (regardless of Gameweek). Again, these views of Premier League statistics is unique to this site and offers the ultimate view performance and form for players and teams.

New Statistics – Powered by Opta, now the official data powering the Fantasy Premier League game, we have access to every event in a Premier League match and its location on the pitch. This has allowed us to build a brand new set of statistics tables that reveal even more about player and team performance. See which fullbacks had the most touches and received the most passes in the final third, find out which midfielders had the most touches in the penalty area, which forward was most involved in their team’s goals (based on their pitch time).

Match Dashboard – Our Match Dashboard offers a full statistical view of every match played out in the Premier League. Get a view on who dominated possession, who dictated the play, who posed the biggest threat and where. All our statistical data is now sliced and packaged for each match and available minutes after the final whistle.

Maps and Charts – We’re rolling out full visualisations of our statistics to help you absorb the facts and analyse form. View player average position, passing and shot maps and use these charts on the match dashboard, player profiles and in the player comparison tool. Pitch maps and charts include a touches heatmap for further analysis of player position.

Stats Compare Tool – We’ve built our own analysis tool which allows for the head-to-head comparison of any two players in our database, over more than 100 stats and all our stat maps. The stats compare tool is a powerful facility that allows for the direct comparison of two players within our stats database. You get full head-to-head view of the players, allowing you to compare over 100 stats and our stat maps. All our data filters can be applied to the comparisons.

This effectively means you can run comparisons such as “Show me David Silva vs Kevin de Bruyne over the last six Gameweeks” or “Show me Harry Kane vs Sergio Aguero over their last four matches” or even “Show me Mason Mount at home vs Mason Mount away”. The results will give you a full breakdown of which player comes out stronger, along with a summary and a full suite of stat maps for both players.

Custom Stats Tables – Another tool that’s exclusive to Fantasy Football Scout, these enable our members to create and save their own custom tables of statistics using any of our player and team statistics. This basically allows you to create any table you want for players or teams, using over 100 statistics and sort and filter them how you wish. Tables can be saved so they are retrievable on every visit. View the movie below for a preview of this feature:

Fully Interactive Season Ticker – Analyse trends in the fixture list using our full Season Ticker analysis tool. Members get the interactive ticker on their homepage which now includes the facility to edit the existing team ratings that govern the colour coding and create your own custom ratings which are saved in your browsers. Our Fixture analysis tool will identify trends of easy and difficult fixtures for each team over the course of the season.

Teams are ranked for difficulty on the Scout’s own rating system which is continually updated according to home and away form as the season progresses. Through a clear and tried and tested colour coding, the ticker allows members to immediately spot periods of easy or difficult opponents, allowing you to plan your transfer strategy throughout the season. Members can now not only view this rating system, they can create their own by tweaking the values for each and every team, effectively allowing Members to create their own Tickers which are saved in the browser for each and every visit.

A free season ticker is available to all on the frontpage but Members also get a bonus here. They get access to the interactive version which includes the ability to zoom out and get a full view of the season as whole, allowing assessment of fixture difficulty over a longer time period.

The new updated ticker introduced in 2016 also includes the facility to plot rotation pairings, offering further guidance on forming perfect squad combinations.

Get a full preview of the Members’ Ticker features via the movie below…

Members Dashboard – this offers members a visual representation of the key stats from a Gameweek for both teams and players. We’ve added bar charts which plot the top five performers for stats like Shots on Target, Chances Created, Crossing, Successful Passes, Touches in the Opponents Half and Blocks and Tackles. The Dashboard will be updated minutes after the final whistle, to give an immediate view on the key performers as the Gameweek progresses. View the movie below for a view of what’s on offer…

Exclusive Members Articles – Over the season we’ll bring you over 150 Exclusive Members Only articles posted on a weekly basis analysing the statistics, maps and charts to help you identify players and teams entering periods of form and those going off the boil. These articles are written to help you get the most from the statistics and are aimed at the players and teams you’re considering for your Fantasy squads: targeted statistical analysis, specifically for Fantasy Football managers.

To get an idea of what’s on offer, here’s a movie previewing some content.

And here are some sample members articles that are free to view…

Captain Sensible – Gameweek 38

Can Redmond be trusted in Gameweek 38 finale against Huddersfield?

How Henderson’s new role affects FPL picture at Liverpool

Player Projections – Get full “Player Projections” for the 2019/20 season – these will predict and rank the Fantasy returns for every Premier League player prior to the season kick-off to aid you in your initial lineup selections. These projections will be maintained throughout the season to give you a week-by-week update on the projected returns of every player.

The Rate My Team Tool – Rate My team is a statistical model built specifically to assess every player in the Premier League and return their expected values for Fantasy Premier League (FPL) points in a given Gameweek. The system is a complex and thorough one which, of course, plots the probabilities of a player’s time on the pitch, their expected number of goals, assists, bonus points, yellow and red cards, clean sheets, own goals, goals conceded and saves. The strength of the opponent they are facing in a given Gameweek is also crucial; so every team has a attacking, defensive rating, every player a probability of playing a given match with injuries, suspensions and international absence factored in.

If you’re a member you can use the Rate My Team tool in a number of ways. Firstly, you can use it as a projections tool to predict what specific players will score, on average, over the next X number of Gameweeks. As you’ll see in the first movie below, you have a players table that can filtered by position or FPL cost and which can be extended to show any number of Gameweeks. You can also sort on “Value” to find those players projected to offer the best points per million return. Rate My Team can also analyse your existing FPL lineup, recommend captains, vice captains your bench and bench order and allow you to model your future transfers: this is highlighted in the second movie below.

In 2018/19 We Helped the FPL Champion….

I always sign up pre-season for £12.50 as I think that’s good value for the members’ content. I regularly use the full capabilities of the fixture ticker. I have my own stats table I like to check back on too.

Adam Levy, FFS Member and Winner of Fantasy Premier League 2018/19.

In 2014/15 the winner was also a member…

The Comparison Tool is a great arbiter for choosing between players and the Rate My Team tool came in very handy when trying to identify the relative strengths and weaknesses of my team when compared to those of my rivals.

Simon March, FFS Member and Winner of the 2014/15 Fantasy Premier League.

And in 2013/14…

This was my first season as a member and to go from 80,000 to number one would not have been possible without signing up. The access was an eye-opener in terms of how many different ways there are to examine a player’s credentials alongside watching matches.

Tom Fenley, FFS Member and Winner of the 2013/14 Fantasy Premier League.

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