Fantasy Football FAQ And Glossary

Frequently Asked Questions

Becoming a Member

What does it cost?
Full-year Memberships are now available, at 20% off, for £24.99, with a monthly subscription option also available at the price of £3.99. The full-season package will renew 12 months after sign-up.

What do I get for my Membership?
You can find a full list of features and content here.

In a nutshell, you’ll get the full season ticker fixture analysis tool, access to the Rate My Team tool and pre-season player projections listing our predicted scores for all Premier League players. In addition, you’ll be able to read a raft of exclusive members articles over the season and get sortable statistics for players and teams utilising our tools, including the Player Comparison tool.

How do I sign up?
If you’ve already registered on the site in order to post comments then you can upgrade your “Free” subscription to a Members package by clicking here.

If you’ve yet to register on this site you will need to go here and add registration details – a username and email address in this form. Ensure that you select the Members package before submitting your registration.

How does the payment process work?
Simply choose your package option and you will be redirected to your chosen payment method. Currently, all our payments are handled off-site by either Stripe or PayPal. You can select your desired method of payment in the registration and upgrade form.

Stripe accept both debit and credit cards and, if you’ve got a PayPal account you can use this to make payment, or you can also use your credit or debit card.

Once payment has gone through you will see a confirmation screen. If you’re using Paypal you will be redirected back to the site.

Once you return you will be given instructions on how to proceed and gain access to the Members area.

Is it secure?
Your financial details are never passed on to us and are kept within PayPal’s secure system. Stripe’s system encrypts all your card details and, similarly, none of these are stored by Fantasy Football Scout. You can choose on our form whether you wish Stripe to store your card details.

I’ve just signed up. Where’s my password?
You should have received an email which gives you a link which is used to generate your password. Sometimes these emails can get filtered and added to your Spam inbox, particularly with Gmail accounts. Please check your Spam box to see if the email is found in there.

If you still can’t find your password then drop us a line at

I’ve already registered, will I need a new Username and Password?

No. The Members login can use your same account details. You just need to upgrade your existing “Free” subscription to a “Members” subscription.

Once you’ve done so you can use your existing Username and Password to access Members content.

I’ve signed up as a Member but the site tells me that my details haven’t activated?

Paypal can sometimes take several minutes to communicate the transaction back to us in order to upgrade your account.
If you’re still getting this message then please contact us and we’ll look into it asap.

How do I access Members content?

The Members content on the main site ( will be seamlessly unlocked and all Members articles will be viewable. You will also be able to use the Members version of the next five season ticker in your sidebar.

The Members area content is available at which you can access independently of the main site. So if there are any issues on the main site, Members can always get access to their Player and Team Statistics and the Full Season Ticker by using that URL.

I’ve signed up – why can’t I access the Members content?
Check that you’re logged on correctly. In the sidebar you will see a “Log on to the Scout” panel. If you’re logged in you will see a welcome message. Similarly be sure that you’re logged on to the Members area correctly. You will see your status in the top right-hand corner of the site. If you still have problems then mail us at

Some Members elements aren’t showing up for me?
As always, check in the sidebar that you’re account is logged in. Now and again we may take some elements down for maintenance or upgrade. If however you feel you aren’t able to access some members content with your subscription then please contact us.

What happens when my Membership runs out?
Recurring memberships renew automatically so will never expire. One-season memberships expire on June 1 at which point your account will be downgraded to “Free”. You will still have access to the site of course and will be able to make comment posts, however you will not be able to access Members content or the Members area until you upgrade.

The Website

How do I link my name to my FPL team?
Once registered, you have the option of including a website link that people can navigate to by clicking your name on any comment you make. To insert this url go to this page and once logged in, enter the url of your choice in the website field. If you wish to your link to include a link to navigate people to your Fantasy Premier League team, then go to your ‘My Team’ page on the Fantasy Premier League website, click ‘History’ underneath your team kit, and copy this pages’ url into the website field on the Fantasy Football Scout profile page.

Is this site all about the Fantasy Premier League game then?
Not at all, although with over eight million players, the game is mightily popular and most of the site visitors have some investment in the game. As a result, much of the content here tends to focus on the FPL game. Hopefully though, we provide information and articles that are relevant, no matter which game you play.

Do you have leagues I can join?
Yes we do – we run leagues across a number of Fantasy games. League codes can be found in the middle column of the home page.

Our members also have access to an official members only FPL League. The code is located in the right-hand pane of the Members Area dashboard.

How do I get a picture next to my name when I post a comment?
Head on over to and register for an account (make sure you register with the same email as the one you are registered with here). Choose an image, and this will be associated with all of your comments on site. Your gravatar image should appear next to your comments within roughly 24 hours.

Why don’t my comment(s) show up?
If your comments are not appearing, then the likelihood is that you have either used a word that is inappropriate or you have put too many website links in your comment. In both these circumstances, the site filter system prevent them from appearing to try and combat spam posts. If you feel this doesn’t apply to you, then please use the ‘Contact’ tab at the top of the page and it will be looked into. If your comment is in moderation -which you can see- please don’t reply directly to this message as it fragments the commenting system.

Why haven’t I received my registration password?
It’s more than likely that the auto-response that sends your password has been caught by your spam filter. Check your spam folder to make sure that the password mail is not in there. If not then there could be an error with the internal system and your specific mail server. Contact the Scout and we’ll sort your password manually for you.

When do the Scout Picks go up?
More often than not the Scout Picks will go up on a Friday evening, around 7pm, before the Saturday morning deadline. For midweek deadlines the Scout Picks usually go up a few hours before the deadline.

Members FAQ and How To Guide

Members Articles

How do I read Members Only articles?
All our Members articles are found on the main site – you don’t need to navigate to the Members Area to read them – simply use the site as you normally do and click on the articles to read them. As long as you are logged in, you will be able to view all our Members articles. You can find the last three Members articles listed at the bottom of the homepage under “Recent Members” and you can also find links to the most recent Members articles on the dashboard in the Members Area.

How often are Members articles published?
We normally produce two to three Members articles a week, offering in-depth analysis of the Opta statistics, analysing player and team performance. We also

The Members Area

How do I access the Members Area?
Just click on Members in the menu bar at the top of the main site. You will then be taken to the Members Area. If you are logged in at the main site, you should not need to log in again in the Members Area. However, should you need to, just use your regular Username and Password emailed to you on registration. You can also access the members area directly using this link –

How do I access the Members Area content?
Once logged in, the Members area has its own navigation bar to the left, listing and giving access to all the Members Area content – these include Player and Team Statistics, Player Projections and the Season Ticker.

Player Projections

What are the Player Projections?
The Player Projections are our player predictions, offering a view of “projected” goals, assists, clean sheets, saves, FPL bonus and FPL points. These numbers are updated multiple times a week to keep them as accurate as possible.

Player Statistics

How do I view player statistics for the current Gameweek?
You can slice the data in the Members Area to only display statistics from the current Gameweek by using the dropdown filter at the top of the page. Select “Current Gameweek” from this dropdown and use the Switch button next to the dropdown to apply. This will slice the data and, whilst this is filtered, every table you view – both player and team statistics, will only show stats from the current Gameweek. Use the dropdown list to remove this filter and change to “All Gameweeks” or another specified Gameweek filter.

How do I view how midfielders have performed over the last four Gameweeks?
Go to Player Stats, select the Midfielders in the sidebar menu then, once the table is displayed, use the dropdown filter at the top of the page to select “Last 4 Gameweeks”. Use the switch button to apply the results. The table will now slice the data to just include statistics gathered over the past four Gameweeks. Use the buttons at the top of the page to display the statistics you want – Distribution & Influence, Goal Threat etc. Use the table column headers to sort by the statistics on show.

How do I view statistics for players for a specific team?
Clicking on a team name in any statistics table filters that table by that team. So, if you’re in the Midfielders Goal Threat table and click on a team name, the list will be reduced to just players in that team, allowing you to assess goal threat within their squad in that position. Using the All Players table, you can click on any team to view their entire squad.

How do I get a view statistics for players for a particular team in a Gameweek?
First of all you need to select the Gameweek you wish to view data for. If this is either the current Gameweek or the previous Gameweek, you can view this data by using the dropdown filter menu at the top of the page and using the switch button. If you wish to view another specific Gameweek, you can use the Advanced Filtering Options. Click on the link next to the Switch button. In the screen that opens, you can use the dropdowns to select a Gameweek range – for example, should you wish to view Gameweek 3, you would select this in both the Gameweek range dropdowns.

Click on Filter Statistics and the data will then be sliced to show just your chosen Gameweek. You can then click on any team link in a player statistics table to view the stats for that team and position. Click on a team link in the All Players table to view all players for that team.

How do I view statistics for a particular range of Gameweeks?
You may want to view data for a team or player between a particular range of Gameweeks – perhaps to assess the impact of an injury or new signing on team-mates. To do this, you’ll need to use the Advanced Filtering Options to select a range of Gameweeks. Click on the link next to the Switch button. In the screen that opens you can use the dropdowns to select a Gameweek range – for example, should you wish to view Gameweek 3 to 6, you would select these in the Gameweek range dropdowns. Click on Filter Statistics and the data will then be sliced to show just your chosen range. Every table will now include statistics for these Gameweeks. Use the All Gameweeks option in the filter dropdown to revert back to the default data.

How do I view how teams have performed over the last six Gameweeks?
This works the same way as slicing player data. Go to Team Stats, select the stats that you want in the sidebar menu – Distribution & Influence, Defending, Goal Threat etc. Once the table is displayed, use the dropdown filter at the top of the page to select “Last 6 Gameweeks”. Use the switch button to apply the results. The table will now slice the data to just include statistics gathered over the past six Gameweeks. Use the sidebar menu to switch between team statistic tables; the table column headers to sort by the statistics on show.

The Fixture Ticker

What is the Season Ticker?
This tool allows you to assess the difficulty of fixtures for all teams over a set period of Gameweeks or for the whole season. There are two versions available – a Next Six Ticker – displayed in the right sidebar on the main site and a Full Season Ticker, available in the Members Area or via the expanded version of the Next Six Ticker. Difficulty of fixture in the ticker is represented on a red to blue scale, with red representing high difficulty and blue representing low difficulty.

What extra features to Members get in the Season Ticker?
While non-members can view the difficulty of fixtures for teams over the next six Gameweeks, Members can add or remove Gameweeks to view over a longer or shorter period. Crucially, while non-members can sort the difficulty of fixtures in a single Gameweek, members can sort by difficulty over a Gameweek range. This allows you to view which teams have the most difficult set of fixtures to come far in advance, allowing you to plan your transfers and team changes. There are also a whole array of other members only features, including the ability to filter for those teams most likely to keep clean sheets or score goals and the ability to customise ticker ratings.

How do I view more than six Gameweeks?
You can use the + and – buttons in the top right corner of the Next Six Ticker to add or removed Gameweek columns. This allows you to add up to nine Gameweeks. To view more than nine, you should either use the expand button in the top left hand corner. This will open a full size ticker, enabling you to view up to 38 Gameweeks. A bigger season ticker is also available in the Members Area, under Season Ticker in the menu.

How do I view which teams have got the easiest fixtures in a given Gameweek?
Just click on the number at the top of a Gameweek column in the Season Ticker to sort that column by difficulty. Sort on the Team header to revert to the default view.

How do I view which teams have the easiest fixtures for a range of Gameweeks?
Using the Sort Difficulty button in the bottom left, you can sort the ticker by the difficulty of fixtures for the number of Gameweeks displayed. In the Next Six Ticker, this is six Gameweeks by default, but you can add and subtract Gameweeks on view by using the + and – buttons.

How can I view which teams are most likely to keep a clean sheet?
Use the dropdown button at the bottom of the Ticker to change the filter from Overall, to Clean Sheets. This will then apply team ratings according to the likelihood of a clean sheet. You can then sort by a Gameweek or a Gameweek range (see above) to assess which teams are more likely to keep clean sheets in your chosen period.

How can I view which teams are most likely to score goals?
Use the dropdown button at the bottom of the Ticker to change the filter from Overall, to Attacking. This will then apply team ratings according to the likelihood of scoring goals. You can then sort by a Gameweek or a Gameweek range (see above) to assess which teams are more likely to keep clean sheets in your chosen period.

How can I change the team ratings in a given filter?
If you don’t agree with our current rankings for teams, you can add your own. The three default filters available in the dropdown – Overall, Clean Sheets and Attacking, can be edited and, as soon as you begin tweaking, it creates a brand new “You Are The Scout” filter in the dropdown list. This means that you can create your own set of filters from the team rankings that you design. Effectively then, you can create your own team rating filters for full customisation of your ticker. Click on Fixture Difficulty with a filter selected to edit the home and away ratings for each team for that filter. Filters can be named and deleted using the buttons provided.

How can I use the Ticker to help select Defenders?
Not only can you use the Clean Sheets filter to view those teams with the lowest difficulty of fixture defensively, you can drag and drop team rows to allow you compare fixtures easily – this will allow you to easily spot teams that rotate home and away fixtures. This can be crucial when selecting defenders, and particularly goalkeepers in your squad. To drag a team row, simply hover your cursor over a team name in the first column in the ticker, hold down the left mouse button and drag the row up or down the ticker.

Getting more help

How do I get extra help with the Members content?
If you have any issues with the Members Area or content – please contact us at

Glossary of Terms

Cleanie – A Clean Sheet. This is when a player earns a fantasy clean sheet points for not conceding a goal whilst on the pitch.

A shut-out – When a team achieves a clean sheet.

Differential – A word used to describe a player that is selected by a low percentage of fantasy managers or perhaps your fiercest rival in your mini-league. This tactic is often used when a fantasy manager is trying to catch-up in a mini-league.

Double Gameweek – A phase used when one or more teams have two fixtures in a given Gameweek.

Blank Gameweek – A phrase used when one or more teams have no fixtures in a given Gameweek.

Bandwagon – This is when a player is transferred in by a vast amount of fantasy managers on the back of sometimes just one decent performance.

Out of Position – A term used to describe a player that plays in a different position to the position listed for them in Fantasy Premier League. For example, a midfielder in Fantasy Premier League that plays as a forward for their team. 

Reverse Out of Position – The opposite of “Out of Position”, for example if that player listed as a midfielder actually played in defence for their team.

Common Abbreviations

FPL – Fantasy Premier League
PL – Premier League
FFS – Fantasy Football Scout

RMT – Rate My Team
FT(s) – Free Transfer(s)
ITB – In the bank
IB – International Break

GW / GWK – Gameweek
DGW / DGWK – Double Gameweek
BGW / BGWK – Blank Gameweek

WC – Wildcard
BB – Bench Boost
TC – Triple Captain
FH – Free Hit

OOP – Out of Position
POO – Reverse Out of position

Player name abbreviations

KDB – Kevin De Bruyne
KWP – Kyle Walker-Peters
TAA – Trent Alexander-Arnold
VVD – Virgil Van Dijk
AMN – Ainsley Maitland-Niles
RLC – Ruben Loftus-Cheek
CHO – Callum Hudson-Odoi
AWB – Aaron Wan-Bissaka
PEA – Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang
DCL – Dominic Calvert-Lewin