Fantasy Premier League Guides

A collection of our site’s comprehensive written guides, capable of turning any Fantasy Premier League (FPL) manager into an expert mini-league winner.

Getting started

If you’re new to FPL and looking to get started, our guide to the FPL basics is a perfect place to start.

FPL comes with its own vocabulary and it’s easy to get lost. We list all the key terms you may see on articles and within our community.

There’s also a guide to avoiding one of the most common mistakes that a new FPL manager makes – getting their bench order wrong.

Developing your game

Each season we see a number of Blank and Double Gameweeks that often make or break a manager’s season. Coupling these with your powerful, one-off chips is a tricky task.

As many former FPL winners can attest, Fantasy Football Scout membership can help take you to the next level. With so many useful tools, there is a guide to help managers make the most of these benefits.

Some of the very best managers have given us their insight into how they consistently finish so highly.

Bonus Points

FPL’s Bonus Points System (BPS) is a daunting and mysterious enigma but this three-part feature explains the history behind the system and how to find players that will earn bonus points week in, week out.