How To Win FPL

Past winners

Many Fantasy Premier League (FPL) champions have heavily-used Fantasy Football Scout during their winning seasons, with several currently paid members of the site.

Through a series of editorial and video interviews, these past FPL champions have provided us with some fascinating insights into how they each successfully navigated 38 Gameweeks to emerge as the global number one.

Who knows, perhaps their tips could be just what you need to one day join them here.

Tom Fenley (2013/14 champion)

“This was my first season as a Member and to go from 80,000 to number one would not have been possible without signing up. The access was an eye-opener in terms of how many different ways there are to examine a player’s credentials alongside watching matches.”

You can read Tom’s full interview here.

Jon Reeson (2009/10 champion)

My performance often seems to be hindered by worries about ownership and missing out, rather than going with a hunch – like I might have done when I won.

You can read Jon’s full interview here.

Simon March (2014/15 champion)

“The Comparison Tool is a great arbiter for choosing between players and the Rate My Team tool came in very handy when trying to identify the relative strengths and weaknesses of my team when compared to those of my rivals.”

You can read Simon’s full interview here.

Adam Levy (2018/19 champion)

“I always sign up pre-season as I think it’s good value for the Members content. I regularly use the full capabilities of the Fixture Ticker. I have my own stats table I like to check back on too.”

You can read Adam’s full interview here.

Nathan Woollaston (2019/20 champion)

“I read the Members articles, look around the tables and check out the player data and Rate My Team, especially early season.”

You can read Nathan’s full interview here.

Jamie Pigott (2021/22 champion)

“Such an important part is targeting teams that are playing the right match-ups in the right schedules and seeing where those fixtures swings come in. I look at statistics. Who is getting into good positions, who is getting chances in the box, and touches in the box. Who is recording the best statistics for expected goals, expected assists and expected goal involvement.”

Members Area

The Comparison Tool, Rate My Team projections, full Fixture Ticker and Members articles are all unique Premium options on Fantasy Football Scout, that have helped secure victory for these past winners.

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