Meet The Team

This place doesn’t run itself you know. It takes a good number of people to put together its brand of misguided nonsense. Here’s your culprits…

The Managers

Mark (@FFScout_Mark): Editor at Large.  Years ago I was looking for an excuse to build something on the internet and at the same time justify my obsessive hunger to painstakingly research every nuance of my fantasy football lineup. The logic was that if I published my worthless research on the internet, I’d no longer feel the need to bore people face to face. You’re reading the end result. I’m still boring people face to face.

Paul (@FFScout_Paul): Head of Content. The site’s first writer (after Mark), I’ve been on board since 2009 – that’s three World Cups come Russia. Was also FFS editor for a number of years but I’m finally hanging up that hat to become Head of Content. Half-decent at FPL Draft.


Jonty (@Newsandfeatures): Community manager.  After spending years dishing out advice as a community member we welcomed Joe into the team as a writer in 2011. His role has since grown and he now takes charge of behind the scenes management of the site, community issues and  can also be found alongside his goals imminent table on the Scoutcast.

Elfozzie: The Scout’s Commercial Director is far from a newbie to either Fantasy Football or the journalism scene (he reminds us 3.4 times a day that he used to write for Total Football), Chris has forgotten more about this Fantasy lark than most people learn in a lifetime, which probably explains why he’s often found languishing in the lower echelons of the table.

Ed: Technical Director. The technical brains behind the outfit, Ed may have built these pages and the many boxes they sit on but his biggest claim to fame will be the time he topped the Premier League’s own mini-league. It didn’t last but, for a man who thought that Van Wolfswinkel was a particularly nasty internet virus, it was a lofty achievement.

The Contributors

Granville (@FFScout_Granny): My stoic podcast co-host and resident Champions League article writer drives me on to continue my fantasy football career by being one of the most opinionated football fans I’ve ever met. I used to never tire of beating his fantasy lineup and forcing him into the studio each week to hear his excuses. Then came season 2013/14 and a dramatic downturn in my fortunes. With the tables turned all those years of ridicule came back to haunt me.

Andy (@ffscout_andy): For over three seasons Andy had his finger in just about every pie going. Be it a season of providing articles for Metro or introducing Champions League coverage to the Scout we’ve seen our Fantasy Game guru cover the depth and breadth of articles we put out. Taking a back seat more recently, Andy will be providing all the David Nugent coverage available with Leicester City back in the Premier League.

Chris. Known as the professor among the Fantasy Football Scout community Chris is the brains behind the Rate My Team computer, which is available to our members. He is also a familiar voice, making regular appearances on the scoutcast where he regularly proves machine can beat man in fantasy football management.

Anorak (@FFScout_Anorak): For well over a year Anorak was diligently keeping tabs of each and every card ushered towards the sky by the referees. We at Scout Towers took note of this hard work and gave him control of his very own “Suspension Watchlist” widget seen on the toolbar to your right. He is now regarded as the best card counter this side of Las Vegas.

Pure Olivia (@FFScout_PureO): At first glance this guy appears to be named after a low fat spread but he did in fact adopt that name after the birth of his daughter. That left me wondering how he managed to absorb his football knowledge whilst finding the time to a) find a partner, b) conceive a child c) remember that child’s name. Recently he’s had another child and masterminded our Season Ticker developments. He’s obviously some kind of multi-tasking genius; just what we needed.

D1sable: For those playing the Sky Sports Fantasy Football game D1sable’s regular articles are an invaluable guide in the race to the top money prizes it has to offer. He also spends his time as part of our community moderating team and supporting Manchester United from his base in the home counties.

The Moderators

Green Windmill: Recruited as part of the moderation team in 2013, there were cruel rumours that Newcastle fan GreenWindmill’s inclusion was mainly due to his emerald gravatar picture fitting in with the Fantasy Football Scout decor. Interestingly this has never been denied by the management.

Applebonkers: This long-term poster turned moderator experiences Fantasy Premier League seasons as volatile as the Zimbabwean Dollar, yet it all somehow works out come Gameweek 38. We tested his advice under laboratory conditions and 51% of those that listen to him regularly are delighted with the results.

Evs: Nestled at the top or thereabouts of our Hall of Fame sits Evs, who almost conquered the Fantasy Premier League game by finishing in the top 5 one year. Atop his throne he helps moderate the comment section and is always happy to give advice to hardened pros and new kids on the block alike in his luxurious Welsh voice.

TorresMagic™: This moderator from Down Under has been around the Fantasy Football Scout community for an eternity, trying to correct his personal worst season and plugging his many community tournaments. He can mostly be found patrolling the Dead Zone (12am to 6am UK time)  in search of those in need of advice.

Ryan: As a New Zealand resident rugby is naturally Ryan’s first sporting love. But having been persuaded by a friend to play the Fantasy Premier League game he soon started to see the joys of the beautiful game with the spherical ball. This moderator now pretends to be an expert in all things FPL boosted by his desire to analyse stats and fixtures.

Andy85wsm: Originally from Somerset and now a resident of Ireland this moderator has gone on to become a member of our Scoutcast team where his west country tones can be heard regularly talking about Manchester United differentials and his dreams of Alexis Sanchez finally scoring.

In Like Flynn: This swashbuckling member of the moderating team is known for his level head and for offering sound sensible advice. Even though he’s a self confessed luddite we have managed to kick him dragging and screaming into the 21st century to use the raft of technical wizardry needed as a moderator.

Spencer: One of the first names on our moderating team sheet, he is among the quickest at highlighting good and valuable posts and turning them deftly into ‘hot topics’. This former web developer is a relative newbie to fantasy football, having only starting playing in the 2011/12 season.

Gaz Downright: Another of our Deadzone moderators Gaz has been playing the Fantasy Premier League game since 2007 and is also something of an expert on Major League Soccer. Think of him as your go to guy for all things trans-Atlantically ball related.

Athletico Timbo: This ‘handsome and amusing’ (his words) Evertonian joined the moderating team in a deadline day move back in September 2013. He claims to be allergic to stats and instead picks his team using his trusted eeny-meeny-miny-mo method. His other claim to fame is that he was the first to report Everton’s capture of Kevin Mirallas, although the news ended up being lost at the foot of the page.

Alumni  – those that no longer contribute but are still very much part of the team.

Chris Glover, da Beeeez, Greek Fan, Akers, Facer, Stilicho, Roscola, The Tinkerman, Demi, Tim K and Big Dunc.