The Scout Network

The Scout Network 12

The Scout Network is a new initiative from Fantasy Football Scout designed to celebrate the very best voices in the Fantasy community, from awesome armchair managers and cracking YouTube creators to the top Tweeters and toolmakers all around the world.

Although the channels are fully independent, you can expect them to be involved in a few FFS activities throughout the season and wherever you see the SN logo you’ll know that they have the Scout seal of approval!

We’re aiming to keep the squad quite compact, but we do have a couple of slots left and will be adding to the ranks in the weeks ahead, so do check back (or let us know if you fancy a trial!)

In the meantime go ahead and click the links, like, subscribe and enjoy!

Super Streamers

FPL BlackBox

The refreshed FPL BlackBox, now co-hosted by Az and Mark, looks at how we can learn from our mistakes to improve as FPL managers. The podcast tracks the performances and decision-making of the hosts and some of the top FPL managers, as well as tackling the usual FPL chat on transfers, captains and plans going forward.

 FPL Family

The husband-and-wife team of Lee and Sam host a weekly YouTube live stream every Sunday at 8:30pm UK time to discuss all things FPL. Their rivalry can also be shown on their new ’FPLFamily x’ videos as well as on the Official FPL Show and Official FPL Podcast. You can also sign up as a Patreon if you want to hear more from the FPLFamily. Lee and Sam won the Silver Award in the Best in Fantasy Football Video category in the 2019/20 Football Content Awards.

Let’s Talk FPL

The Scout Network

Let’s Talk FPL is the second-most-viewed Fantasy Premier League channel on YouTube, producing weekly content throughout the year. To subscribe, click here.

Ted Talks FPL

Ted Talks FPL is all about supporting the FPL community with sleek, sharp, visual statistics in a wide range of illustrative styles. The primary aim is to make the presented information simple and palatable but also to strive for greater understanding of the game. You can find Ted’s ‘60 Second Stats’ video series on YouTube & Twitter with additional content on his website,

FPL Nymfria

The Scout Network 9

FPL Nymfria was the first female FPL Content Creator on YouTube and has been nominated as a finalist twice in the Football Content Awards. She won the Bronze Award in the video category for the 2019/20 season.

Nymfria has created graphics for several well-established FPL accounts and websites. As well as her weekly Dream Team streams and FPL update videos on her own YouTube channel, she is a host of the FPL WildCats.

FPL Experiment Podcast

The Scout Network 15

The FPL Experiment is a weekly podcast hosted by Adam, Greg and Nick, three friends and longtime FPL fans. Follow as they attempt to manage one team to a top 50k finish. Can it be done whilst remaining friends?

Every Thursday they take a lighthearted look at the big FPL questions, review players to consider for the coming weeks and highlight differential picks to help you get ahead. They also discuss their plans for The FPL Experiment team with insight from some expert guests – expect stats, heated debate and some bragging if they get it right!

FPL Haul

A play-for-fun casual turned content creator, FPLHaul has made excellent picks, extravagant plans, taken massive hits and had high-scoring Gameweeks. But, more often than not, unfortunate mishaps and catastrophic failures.

FPLHaul’s video’s include in-depth player and team discussions, stats and chats about football and FPL as he tries to balance wanting to win and having fun. Catch weekly videos and Friday live streams at 12pm (GMT) on YouTube.

Mahmoud Diaa

The Scout Network 32

FPL is Mahmoud’s passion and he is someone who loves a deep dive into FPL stats and data.

A Premier League and FPL addict, he has played the game for 11 years, finishing inside the top 10k on two occasions.

Mahmoud produces written and Twitter content as well as having his own YouTube channel and writing Arabic content for Fantasy Football Scout.

FPL Gents

The FPL Gents consist of a group of friends who met online through their love of FPL. Now they produce helpful content every Gameweek on both YouTube and Twitter. The channel is mostly known among the community for sharing their deep strategic articles on how to evolve as a Fantasy manager, as well as their betting odds for FPL. The FPL Gents also have their own website and a Patreon account. Oscar also produces a weekly video for FFScout on YouTube.

Social Stars

FPL Updates_tips

FPL Updates_Tips is social media network consisting of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Telegram accounts. They provide FPL updates and tips on a daily basis. FPL Updates_Tips started as a small Facebook page and today it’s one of the biggest FPL social media pages, managed by 20 admins from all over the world.

El Statto

The Scout Network 13

El Statto is the organiser of the hugely popular Twitterliga mini league. His new website aims to support these mini leagues, as well as providing articles on Fantasy Football and popular tools such as the Pre-Season Squad Selector. El Statto is also well known for his excellent short video animations.

FPL Partridge

Creator of the hugely popular Twitter account of the same name, FPL Partridge is a must-follow for his viral memes and irreverent takes on Fantasy management. He’s also recently branched out into blogging.


FPL Poet

The Scout Network 4

Quamrul Hassan is a poet, journalist, sportswriter and Fantasy Football enthusiast from Dhaka, Bangladesh. The winner of ESPN Star Sports Knockout Cup 2009-10, he co-founded Fantasy Football Players of Bangladesh (FFPB) and has literally taught the game to thousands in his country in the last decade.  


FPL Maverick. Expert. Literary Genius. Greyhead is none of these, but has spent the last few seasons following the fortunes of The Great and The Good.

Hailing from parts unknown, just off the A272, Greyhead has been described as a combination of J.R.R Tolkein, Magnus Carlsen and Eric Morecambe, but only by him. Greyhead’s regular articles on prominent FPL managers aspires to entertain and provide occasional insight.

One day he hopes to finally track down Ville Ronka. You can follow him here.

FPL Strategy

FPL Strategy loves to use stats from the FFScout Members Area to make well thought through decisions. With five top 5k finishes, two further top 10k finishes and three more top 15k finishes to his name he share’s his thoughts on captaincy and transfer each week on his Twitter account.

Throughout the season you’ll find his Twitter and Instagram feeds full of  plans and strategies to help the community plan their moves and return green arrows.


FPL_Milanista has over 15 years experience across both FPL and UEFA Fantasy. He most notably finished 2nd in EURO 2016 and 4th in UFPL 2015.

On his Twitter feed he provides tips from basic team preparation to detailed scenario assessment and contingency planning in an aim to change the crowds approach to the game and hence allowing them to reap fantasy rewards.

He explores the correct weight to put on the ever-present fantasy dilemma of fixtures vs form as well as how to read/analyse individual player and team stats in a way that pushes FPL managers into making the more educated decision, neglecting all the surrounding noise around him/her but factoring in the eye-test too.


Letschatfpl is a content creator for both FPL and Bundesliga Fantasy.

He has created an FDR rating system for the BL game based on key historical statistics as well as recent form.

Letschatfpl also creates quick stats, and daily FPL threads as well as reporting on and monitoring price changes.


Linn_FPL is a Fantasy Football addict with a passion for heat maps and pass maps. She loves a good discussion and a differential punt. Linn produces weekly podcasts where they discuss the good and the bad after each Gameweek. As well as the Official FPL game Linn also plays the Bundesliga and Eliteserien versions of the game, as well as Fanteam and Fantrax. 


FPL_Sonaldo (Andy Park) finished an impressive 4th in South Korea last season and broke into the Top 10k. He loves discussing the meta-strategies involved in FPL and enjoys studying how Premier League managers’ in-game tactics affect the fantasy value of a player. 

Located in South Korea, Andy routinely stays up until the wee hours of the morning to catch all the games.  His main goal is to grow the game of FPL in Korea and, to that end, has been pushing out Korean FPL content on YouTube with his good friend, Hyung Seo and co-hosting a weekly twitter space called, “The Enablers Show”, with @FPLBrunoo. FPL_Sonaldo is also committed to writing threads/articles and hopes to contribute to the FPL community in whatever way he can! 


FPLBrunoo (Keshav) is the co-host of the renowned “Enablers Show” on Twitter Spaces with @FPL_Sonaldo. The dynamic duo founded their show with the aim of offering a platform for random folks of the FPL Community (Enablers) to meet and interact with the legends of the game (Premiums). 

The Enablers Show hopes to give a voice (literally) to FPL managers and provide a platform for them to speak directly with Content Creators and Hall of Famers.

Aside from co-hosting, FPLBrunoo also writes data-driven threads and articles on the hot topics of the week. Based in Mauritius, his end goal is to grow the FPL Community on the island. 

Top Tools


Ragabolly’s LiveFPL site is the go-to resource for live matchday tools. Fantasy managers can check their in-play overall rank, analyse mini-league stats, compare their performance against the top 10k, study other managers’ chip usage and so much more.

Premier Fantasy Tools

Elevate your game with Premier Fantasy Tools! Premier Fantasy Tools helps you to optimise your planning time between Gameweeks with the leading analysis and tools such as FPL Live Rank, Team and Mini-League Analyser, Fixture Difficulty, Captain and Transfer Analyser and more.

Premier Fantasy Tools was born from a need to be competitive in fantasy football leagues without spending onerous amounts of time doing analysis. Our approaches are non-traditional and innovative and give us the edge to stay ahead of the competition.

Mini League Mate

Mini League Mate is an email newsletter just for your Fantasy Premier League mini-league, sent after every Gameweek with your league’s stats, charts, leaderboards and more. Everything you could imagine is extracted to create talking points and bragging rights to keep you entertained in between Gameweeks. There’s also a wealth of tools and dashboards an FPL manager can use to get a leg up in choosing the right players at the right time but as FPL addicts themselves, MLM know that the social element of the game is what really keeps the passion alive.

FPL Poker Player

FPL Poker Player applies transferable concepts from poker to FPL, such as expected value and implied odds. An early convert to the expected goals model, his spreadsheet algorithms are capable of generating Premier League predictions that have a track record of consistently outperforming the probabilities implied by bookies odds. Each Gameweek he will be highlighting the spreadsheet predictions he deems to be of most interest to FPL managers.

Transfer Algorithm

Transfer Algorithm is a Patreon site which helps to support decision making for FPL transfers. Originally Transfer Algorithm was for personal use only, however it eventually gained support in a closed community and is now finally out in the open – and growing rapidly in interest. Transfer Algorithm is used by two of the FFS Career Hall of Famers including the Career Hall of Fame number one Fabio Borges. Transfer Algorithm is a number-crunching and nerdy tool for maximizing expected FPL returns within a limited budget.

FPL Gameweek

FPL Gameweek is the complete manager dashboard for FPL fanatics, featuring all the live stats you need like rank, mini-league updates, chip use and auto-subs. It’s their unique ‘Importance’ and ‘Impact’ metrics, however, that keep their users coming back. Start seeing Fantasy in a relative way and visit the ever-expanding site to learn more.

FFS International


The Scout Network 6

DreamSetGo is a sports travel and experiences platform from the house of Dream Sports (India’s leading sports technology company which also hosts Dream11, FanCode, DreamX, and DreamPay) that aims to make sports fans live the dream!
They are launching a brand new series of webcasts featuring the leading Indian FPL managers such as FFS’s own Lateriser and Zophar.

FPL Greece

The Scout Network 5

FPL Greece is the largest community about the Premier League and its Fantasy Football game in Greece. They stream (daily during pre-season) at their Twitch channel. Feel free to join their discord server (in Greek) to learn more. 

Fantasy Chat

Dardashet Fantasy (or Fantasy Chat) is a YouTube channel that aims to deliver high-quality, unique and entertaining content to FPL managers in Arabic. The channel is run by a team of five dedicated managers with 17 top 10k  finishes between them. There are weekly videos including FPL tips, game strategies, captain picks and differentials. The channel aims to support FPL managers by providing professional thoughts backed up by eye-test and stats in order to improve their rank as well as their decision-making process.

FPL Take The Hit

Mick are Joff are two FPL veterans from Australia that have been racing the circuit for 14 years. Both have amazing records and a passion for the game and life, while they offer a uniquely hilarious take of events in their live stream every Thursday evening (Melbourne time).

KingFut is an Egyptian and African football website founded in 2012, which evolved from its roots to become a digital sports media agency. They have previously worked with the likes of Football Manager and Stoke City, and currently partner Juventus FC in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Their team comprises of Egyptian football gurus who’ve been playing FPL since the early 2010s and recently launched our own weekly FPL series ‘King El Fantasy’ on YouTube for the Arabic-speaking community.

FPL Froggies

FPL Froggies is a weekly French speaking FPL audio podcast hosted by Romain and Benjamin who combine more than fifteen FPL seasons and several top 10K finishes.

Based on friendly disagreements, we aim through our discussions at exploring all the strategic sides of the game and its mechanisms, learn from our errors but also brag and whine as all true FPL fans do.

We consider the game as an ever-evolving puzzle in which
every concept is worth being studied. Every week FPL Froggies navigates with fun but
conscientiousness between the thin frontiers of precise
statistical data and sofa analyses.


Born and raised in Stockholm, Meltens is part and parcel of the English community surrounding Fantasy Allsvenskan, writing articles and raising the profile of the Swedish league.

He loves a cheeky punt on a perceived high-ceiling differential and is prone to letting nostalgia picks get the better of him, which swings him from the top 10k to around the 200k mark season to season. His top finish in FPL is 1,546 and in Allsvenskan Fantasy is 218.

Fabulous Fanzines

We Are Brighton was launched in 2009 when Brighton had just lost 4-0 at home to Crewe Alexandra to slip into the League One relegation zone. They are still going strong 11 years, two promotions and two stadiums later, providing unabashed coverage of the good and the bad which comes with being a Seagulls supporter.

Want to get involved?

If you have a cool tool that you’d like to share with the world, a social or video channel that you’d like to work with us to grow and monetise, some amazing tech skills you’d like to contribute, or just some great insight that you need to share, we want to hear from you!
N.B. Even if you’re not a perfect fit for the Scout Network right now don’t worry, we have one or two other initiatives we’ll be unveiling very soon!

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