Eliteserien Fantasy 2024 guide: Odds, fixtures, chips + more

Welcome to Eliteserien Fantasy 2024! It’s brilliant to see so many newcomers to the game, so I thought I’d try to put together a beginner’s guide of sorts to help get you oriented. Just bear in mind that I am very much included in the ‘beginner’ bracket myself…

I won’t spend much time covering the game format here as it should be immediately familiar to FPL players, with just a few twists on the chips:

  • ‘Attack! Attack!’ – double points for all your forwards
  • ‘Rich Uncle’ – a free hit chip with unlimited budget for that Gameweek
  • The self-explanatory ‘Two Captains’

The main aim of this article is to provide a basic orientation with Eliteserien’s top (and bottom) clubs and an overview of the initial schedule, which features early blanks and doubles.


So, first up, let’s have a look at the odds of winning the title this season, to give a rough idea of the expected hierarchy:

  1. Bodø/Glimt 2.15
  2. Molde 4.00
  3. Brann 4.50
  4. Viking 15
  5. Rosenborg 21
  6. Lillestrøm 25
  7. Sarpsborg 30
  8. Tromsø 100
  9. Odd 150
  10. Strømsgodset 150
  11. Haugesund 300
  12. HamKam 300
  13. Fredrikstad 300
  14. Sandefjord 300
  15. Kristiansund 500
  16. KFUM Oslo 750

Bodø/Glimt and Molde, fresh off their European adventures during the offseason for Norway, occupy the top two spots. A Bodø/Glimt victory would secure their fourth title in the last five seasons, while Molde won in 2022 & 2019.

Brann have had a much more turbulent recent history: third in 2018, relegated to the First Division in 2021, promoted in 2022 and second on their return to the Eliteserien last year.  

Of the three promoted sides, minnows KFUM Oslo are making their first-ever appearance in the Eliteserien and this is clearly reflected by the bookies’ odds. Kristiansund return after just one season in the First Division, while Fredrikstad are fancied to be a slight cut above at joint 11th.


Next, let’s have a look at a fixture ticker for the first eight Gameweeks (source:

Eliteserien Fantasy 2024

The predicted top three – Bodø, Molde and Brann – also sit atop the fixture ticker for the opening eight Gameweeks.

A Double Gameweek 3 for Brann and Molde, aligned with appealing fixtures before and after, makes these two clubs an excellent place to begin your draft. If your initial strategy is to attack the Double Gameweek, you might also want to consider supplementing Brann & Molde double/triple-ups with the mid-priced options from Odd and HamKam. 


The early Double Gameweek also presents an opportunity to deploy one of your chips. Since Molde and Brann players are quite expensive, Rich Uncle could be an option to enable a frontline that includes last season’s top scorer Bård Finne (BRA, 11.5m) and Molde talisman Fredrik Gulbrandsen (11m).

Alternatively, ‘Rich Uncle’ could be held for Double Gameweek 10, which includes Bodø, Brann, Rosenborg and Tromsø.

‘Attack! Attack!’ is another option for Double Gameweek 3, as the current template frontline appears to be Finne, Gulbrandsen and Kirkevold (HAM, 6m). Odd forward Børven (7.5m) looks a promising alternative to Kirkevold if you want to triple up on doublers. Viking’s Salvesen (8.5m) has been banging in preseason, although tough fixtures Bodø and Brann in GWs 2 & 3 may be slightly off-putting. 


As always, when using a fixture ticker with just one colour per game, it’s worth considering where defensive difficulty and attacking difficulty are flattened.

To help identify the teams which might be, for example, a good fixture for your attackers but a bad fixture for your defenders, I’ve also put together a colour-coded chart of goals and goals conceded last season:

Eliteserien Fantasy 2024

The left-hand column presents the team in order of goals conceded to highlight fixture difficulty for attackers, while the right-hand column orders teams by goals scored as a metric for defensive fixture difficulty.

It’s worth noting that Viking and Sarpsborg 08 look like quite appealing fixtures for your attackers but much less so for your defenders. At the opposite extreme, Haugesund and Strømsgodset appear to be pretty solid defences but struggle in attack.


As for the players, I’m far from the level of familiarity required to write a comprehensive watchlist. However, the official Fantasy site does allow you to sort by goals, assists, clean sheets, bonus points etc, which can be supplemented by further data from sites like Transfermarkt and Whoscored.

I’ve also come across a massively helpful pre-season minutes tracker here (it also notes goals and assists).


That’s pretty much it from me.

I’ll just conclude with a couple of mini-leagues to join (thanks to Mullered in Maenam and Mince N Tatties for running these):

See you below the line!

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  1. The Mentaculus
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
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    • 3 Years
    22 hours, 7 mins ago

    Sæter still on the bench

  2. PartyTime
    • 3 Years
    21 hours, 28 mins ago

    Best Captain this gw?

    1. Revival
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
      • 12 Years
      20 hours, 18 mins ago

      I went with Eriksen

    2. TallestJohn
      • 7 Years
      19 hours, 13 mins ago

      Missed this but I meant to say Henrik Meister

      1. PartyTime
        • 3 Years
        19 hours, 7 mins ago


  3. PartyTime
    • 3 Years
    21 hours, 26 mins ago

    Tripic keep or sell? Any news on his return date. Cheers

    1. TallestJohn
      • 7 Years
      20 hours, 27 mins ago

      Keep unless you've got Bjørlo and Grønbæk as well. Haven't seen anything new but sounds like it will be one or two matches.

      1. PartyTime
        • 3 Years
        20 hours, 23 mins ago

        Thanks. Grønbæk should be fine

    2. Holmes
      • 10 Years
      20 hours, 19 mins ago

      I have sold. Will get him back for Gron or Eikrem.

  4. The Mentaculus
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    • 3 Years
    21 hours, 2 mins ago

    Meister G

    2 keeper howlers already, this one punished

    1. The Mentaculus
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      • 3 Years
      19 hours, 52 mins ago

      Meister again. Lovely AA from Ørjasæter

    2. The Mentaculus
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      • 3 Years
      19 hours, 47 mins ago


    3. The Mentaculus
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      • 3 Years
      18 hours, 14 mins ago

      Phew Sæter could have had a hat-trick there too... benched him after seeing lineup

  5. have you seen cyan
    • 4 Years
    20 hours, 38 mins ago

    Its early to say, but I cant see myself having Haaland much this season. I'm not complaining about their pricing as I don't mind, but 15m for Haaland is way too much IMO. He got 217 points last season, making him 5th highest in the game. Son was only 4 points behind him and its not like anyone is going to realistically compare the two. This season I am only capping midfielders I think, probably just a rotation between Palmer, Saka, and Son and maybe Salah. With maybe Watkins up front and someone like Mateta.

    Anyone else thinking similar, or is Haaland in your GW1 as a no brainer?>

    1. Lanley Staurel
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
      • 13 Years
      19 hours, 24 mins ago

      Agreed. So many mid options with better point potential on goals and clean sheets. So many compromises everywhere else with £15m on Haaland

      1. have you seen cyan
        • 4 Years
        19 hours, 22 mins ago

        yea exactly. I am glad he is priced so high as his ownership last season just made it super boring. So many times I capped him as well and he either blanked or got like 5 or 6 points. Meanwhile a mid like Palmer scores and he is pretty much guaranteed double digits.

  6. PartyTime
    • 3 Years
    11 mins ago

    Grønbæk starts. Sjovold OOP.

    1. The Mentaculus
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      • 3 Years
      5 mins ago

      Beat me to it 🙂

      1. PartyTime
        • 3 Years
        4 mins ago

        Probably flogging yo arse in the game as well