About Fantasy Football Scout

The Scout is the world’s number one site for Fantasy Football coverage and has been for many years thanks to the tireless work of Mark Sutherns and his new team.

Our aim is to enhance your Fantasy Football experience as you strive to dominate both the worldwide overall rankings and mini-leagues with your friends, family and colleagues.

We do that by providing:

  • Daily articles on all aspects of Fantasy Football
  • Weekly Scoutcast broadcast live on YouTube and released in podcast format
  • Regular videos on Fantasy captains and team news
  • Live coverage of weekly press conferences
  • Latest football news
  • Fully functional Members Area packed with Opta data
  • Discussion with other users and Members

On these pages, you will find detailed research as well as opinion on players to buy, sell and or leave on the bench, to some extent, just like a real-life Scout would do for their football club employers. And, just like a real-life manager, it’s up to you how much weight you give this information and how you use it.

However, during the many years we’ve played Fantasy Football it has always been clear that one of the key pleasures to be gained from playing the game is that it promotes opinion and discussion.

That forms another big part of what the Scout is all about: an environment for our users and members to converse and debate at length about all aspects of Fantasy Football.

The other purpose of this site is to act as a central point of information for all things Fantasy. We know just how much time can be spent prowling around the hundreds of football sites for the nuggets that will give you the edge. We created this site so we can do the hard part for you and then hopefully present the news you need in a helpful and maybe even, entertaining way.

The site will bring you football news but from the perspective of a Fantasy Football Manager. Every piece of content we post will assess the impact on your squad both now and in future Gameweeks.

As we’ve mentioned, it’s down to you how you use what you find here. We keep the site updated on a daily basis and its visitors well-informed. While it was a hobby for Mark back in the day we are able to give considerably more time to it for the 2019/20 season.

In 2018, the seasoned veteran took a step back from the limelight and hired a team of three full-time staff, namely editor David Munday, community manager Geoff Dance and deputy editor Neale Rigg. We are working hard every day to bring you the best and most extensive Fantasy coverage in the business.