May 19, 2024 Pro Pundits

Lateriser: What I’ll be taking into FPL 2024/25

Two-time Indian FPL champion Lateriser talks about what he’ll take into next season

May 18, 2024 Members

Tom Freeman’s Gameweek 38 team reveal + transfer plans

Five-time top 1k finisher Tom Freeman outlines his plans for the final day

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FPL Q&A: Salah, Gusto, Free Hit, who to sell + teams to oppose

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Former FPL winner Simon March’s lessons from 2023/24

Former champion Simon March looks back on some lessons from the season just gone

May 15, 2024 Pro Pundits - Sam

FPL Family’s Sam: Go big or go home in Gameweek 38

Sam Bonfield on going with a differential captain on the final day