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  1. Best EURO 2020 Fantasy players from Finland 17 days, 23 hours ago

    Euro GoalScorer Challenge GoalScorer Challenge is one of the easiest fantasy games around. No captains, no transfers, just pick one player to score in each game. That’s it! It’s also free, so sign up for the Euro 2020 version now. The Rules • for every single game of the Euro 2020 tournament, pick one player • any goals your player scores in that game are added to your total • you can’t pick that player again! Whoever has most goals at the end of the tournament wins. That’s it! There will be 51 rounds, with every deadline being 15 minutes before kick-off. You can put in some placeholders now at, before amending each pick if needed when you see the team news. GSC is a fun game with a large community of dedicated players, particularly on Twitter. Follow @GoalScorerc, sign up for the game and join in now! » Read