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The Opening Day League is now closed ... Top 10k Any Season (kgmryk) is only for teams that have finished the season in the overall top 10,000 at least once ... Multiple Top 10k Finishes (03t1fd) is only for teams with two or more top 10,000 finishes ... The January to May League (fg0acw) started scoring in GW21 ... The Last Ten (ybm1kd) will start scoring in GW29.

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  1. FPL Double Gameweek 23 round-up: Sunday review, injury news and the things we learned 11 hours, 25 mins ago

    Early Rough with the Smooth, Gameweek 23. How's your Gameweek going? There's still one match to go, but not till the weekend after next, so here's your chance to share your tales of joy and woe now before we forget how the first ten went. (I don't expect too many tales of joy this time!) » Read

  2. Dennis sent off as Watford collapse in FPL Double Gameweek 23 opener 1 day, 23 hours ago

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  3. Watford v Norwich team news: Dennis and King start, Foster misses out 2 days, 12 hours ago

    Probably triple-captained him too! » Read

  4. Double Gameweek 23 confirmed for Burnley and Watford 2 days, 20 hours ago

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  5. In-form Robertson an appealing FPL differential for Gameweek 23 and beyond 3 days, 11 hours ago

    The Premier League sets Matchweeks, but FPL sets Gameweeks, and most of the time these correspond exactly with each other. Last season however the PL decided to introduce a staggered winter break by splitting Matchweek 18 into two halves, with 5 matches in Matchweek 18a played in the midweek before Matchweek 19 and another 5 in Matchweek 18b in the midweek after. This gave all teams a staggered break without leaving a gap in the TV schedules. FPL then decided to put the matches from Matchweek 18a into a BGW18 of only 5 matches, and to combine the matches from Matchweek 19 and Matchweek 18b into a DGW19 of 15 matches. Sometimes the FPL deadline is brought forward by a day because of a Friday match, but this has always been announced before the start of the Gameweek, when the TV schedules are announced. It would probably be unprecedented to bring forward the deadline for the next Gameweek after the current Gameweek has started, but there's probably no hard and fast rule to say tha… » Read

  6. FPL team news: Gameweek 23 injury news on Leeds, Livramento and more 3 days, 18 hours ago

    This is a report on the leaders of various Fantasy Football Scout FPL mini-leagues and community competitions after Gameweek 22, as well as on the latest update to the FFS Live Hall of Fame, together with a warning that to avoid being hacked like one of the FFS Cup quarter-finalists we should all use strong passwords and not use the same password on different sites. ** FFS OPEN MINI-LEAGUE Srecko Kurtovic leads for a 14th week in the Fantasy Football Scout mini-league (, league code gsnskx) and is now fourth overall, only seven points behind world number one Daniel Masson-Abraham. ** FFS COMMUNITY MEMBERS MINI-LEAGUE Daniel Masson-Abraham leads for a 16th week in the Fantasy Football Scout Members mini-league ( and is also the WORLD NUMBER ONE for a ninth week, but he captained Ronaldo instead of Fernandes and his lead at the top has been reduced to a single poin… » Read

  7. Last chance to enter FanTeam’s £100k half-season game – start on 95% of average score 3 days, 23 hours ago

    Rough: Captained de Gea, who was twice on for a big score only to then concede a late goal. Benched Raphina's six points. Smooth: But my captain did outscore the popular choice of Ronaldo. And I did get a small green arrow, which put me back in the top 100k. » Read

  8. Last chance to enter FanTeam’s £100k half-season game – start on 95% of average score 3 days, 23 hours ago

    Rough with the Smooth, Gameweek 22. How did your Gameweek go? You can share your tales of joy and woe here. » Read

  9. How live rank update tools can affect how we play FPL 4 days, 21 hours ago

    Remember that everyone else has the same problem - no-one can captain two players in the same GW. The main thing is to own them if they're doing well, and to captain the one that scores the most points. » Read

  10. How live rank update tools can affect how we play FPL 4 days, 21 hours ago

    I check the live scores far too frequently - it's addictive to check how the latest goal or whatever has affected my rank. But like you I try to treat the entire GW as a single entity. It is a common fallacy that a drop in rank when a highly owned player gets a decent score means that that player is almost essential, when in fact owning a less popular alternative playing at a different time and getting a higher score will have a more beneficial effect on your overall GW score. Effective ownership of individual players is overrated - it's the points scored by the team as a whole that matters. » Read

  11. Brighton v Chelsea team news: Lamptey + Mount return, Trossard + Maupay subs 5 days, 10 hours ago

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  12. FPL team news: Gameweek 22 injury updates on Ronaldo, Rashford and Castagne 5 days, 15 hours ago

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  13. Meet the Manager & Great and the Good - The story of the season so far 5 days, 22 hours ago

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  14. How the world’s leading FPL managers are faring in Double Gameweek 22 6 days, 16 hours ago

    At least there is a rule now, but it is not an ideal one and should perhaps be modified. I understand that Arsenal were only short of having 13 senior outfielders because they had just loaned out two senior players before buying replacements, despite already knowing that they were in danger of being short. They only had one Covid case and shouldn't have been allowed to get away with it - no wonder Spurs were upset about the postponement. Other European Leagues simply insist that matches have to go ahead, fielding junior players to make up the numbers if necessary, like all teams had to in the FA Cup and Leeds have been doing in the Premier League. Perhaps things will get better when non-symptomatic Covid cases and contacts are no longer forced to self-isolate, or when the self-isolation period is reduced - after all, the latest variants are no worse than the common cold for those who have been fully vaccinated and have no other underlying health problems. Clubs should also arrang… » Read

  15. Ronaldo's injury and how Villa's debutants fared: FPL Gameweek 22 recap 7 days, 18 hours ago

    Dias - only scored five points for me in four Gameweeks and was then rested in the fifth. Should have got Laporte instead. Ronaldo - my only two hits so far this season were both taken to bring him in, and they resulted in two of my biggest captain failures - 2 points in GW6 and 1 point in GW19. On the first occasion this completely upset the balance of my squad by weakening my midfield too much, especially when I consolidated his position in the squad by playing my wildcard the following week and keeping him in. The result was four successive red arrows and a drop in rank from 102k to 225k before I started rising again. If I had instead stuck to my original plan of bringing in Mane for a couple of weeks followed by Son then I would have been heading in the opposite direction and much closer to the top 10k. » Read

  16. Brighton v Palace team news: Olise + Eze start, Lamptey benched 9 days, 11 hours ago

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  17. Learning from ‘The Great and The Good’ FPL managers ahead of Gameweek 22 10 days, 20 hours ago

    This is a report on the leaders of various Fantasy Football Scout FPL mini-leagues and community competitions after Gameweek 21. A disappointing Double Gameweek for those who didn’t captain Jarrod Bowen, but an excellent one for those who Triple Captained him. ** LAST MAN STANDING The highest scorer in Gameweek 21 of TorresMagic’s Last Man Standing competition (, league code 6dcode) was Ant Tidd with 113(-4) points, after a late First Wildcard in Gameweek 20 had set him up nicely for the Double Gameweek. The safety score for Gameweek 21 was 64, with 95 new teams joining, 83 to be removed and 732 going through to Gameweek 22. New entries will continue to be accepted up to 4pm this Sunday (16th January), but they must at least match the safety scores after hits for all of the first 21 Gameweeks (see the Last Chance to Enter the Last Man Standing Competition community article and… » Read

  18. The Scout Squad’s best FPL players for Double Gameweek 22 10 days, 23 hours ago

    Smooth: Y.Nott, the early leader in the January to May League, triple captained Jarrod Bowen for a score of 117 and a Gameweek Rank of 310. The top ten in this mini-league all scored 100 or more. They all captained Bowen of course, and four of them triple captained him. » Read

  19. The Scout Squad’s best FPL players for Double Gameweek 22 11 days, 9 hours ago

    Rough with the Smooth, Gameweek 21. How did your Gameweek go? You can share your tales of joy and woe here. » Read

  20. Could Kieran Trippier improve Newcastle's defence and become an FPL option? 12 days, 14 hours ago

    Brownhill, Rodriguez and Mee (all Burnley), Romero (Spurs) and Rose (Watford) are also still at risk. See Apparently removing just some of the players on 4 reds is not easy. » Read