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The Top 10k Any Season mini-league (m0tq9y) is only for teams whose Previous Seasons record in their Gameweek History shows that they have finished the season in the overall top 10,000 at least once. … The Opening Day League is for teams that entered it in the first 24 hours after the FPL Launch on 27th June. … The January to May League (aafkpq) started scoring in GW21. … The Last Ten (p4unsq) started scoring in GW29. … All these mini-leagues will continue till the end of the season, whenever that might be.

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    Brag: My 94 points in GW1 placed me joint top of the Mods & Cons mini-league (for one week only). Blunders: Although my initial squad (in a 5-3-2 formation, with 5 elite defenders) scored well in GW1 and would have done well last season, it was not the right formation for this season. I tried to correct this by playing my first wildcard in GW3 but still kept too many premium defenders - I should have just taken an 8 point hit instead and saved the wildcard for later, when it would become quite clear that this season I would need more premium attackers and fewer premium defenders. This caused my rank to drop to 3 million by GW9 before the squad had recovered sufficiently to start the climb back up the rankings, reaching a high point of 83k in GW28 shortly before the lockdown. » Read