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  1. Fantasy Eliteserien - Gameweek 7 Preview 7 hours, 15 mins ago

    Cheers - will sort » Read

  2. The Watchlist Updated - Defence 11 hours, 29 mins ago

    I'm looking to perhaps keep Alonso. The main exit plans for him involve hits and it seems self defeating.Can already go into GWK 37 with two Spurs and two city attackers. I guess I could do Alonso to Davies - but the spectre of a Rose recovery always looms large with him. » Read

  3. The Watchlist Updated - Defence 11 hours, 37 mins ago

    Fantasy Football Scout daily hot topicWhat is your strategy for defence for the remaining for few fixtures.Are you looking to bulk up your backline with premium options from top sides?Or are you seeking to reduce your rearguard value and opt for budget options?Who is top of your defender watchlist?And you is out of the running for you? » Read

  4. Fantasy Eliteserien - Gameweek 7 Preview 11 hours, 44 mins ago

    Thanks again. Another incredible preview - so detailed.I've added a few first names in where I could find them - drop me a line if I've got any wrong. 🙂And well done those that parked their buses last time out - been hearing of some sensational scores from this awesome chip. » Read

  5. Scout Notes - Liverpool Close in on Euro Final 1 day, 11 hours ago

    Fantasy Football Scout daily hot topicWhat are you doing with Salah and co following Liverpool's Champions League win...but concession of two vital away goals for Roma.Is it simply a case of waiting to see what Anfield Express say?If Salah is benched what is your plan?If Salah plays will you captain him - or is he still at risk of reduced minutes? » Read

  6. The Big Numbers - Gameweek 35 2 days, 43 mins ago

    Live Scoutcast getting underway after the Liverpool v Roma game.Link now available » Read

  7. Line-up Lessons - Gameweek 35 - Part Two 2 days, 7 hours ago

    If Salah is benched this weekend Eriksen - not Sterlng is my top choice too.But beware rotation can lurk anywhere, as Alli owners found out the other day. » Read

  8. Scout Notes - Walcott Decides Low Key Clash 2 days, 10 hours ago

    Rate My Team Free Hit fix now in placeThe RMT tool has now been altered to revert back to Gameweek 34 teams when inputting your FPL ID. This is to take into account the large number of people Free Hitting in GWK 35. For those who didn't Free Hit hopefully only very minimal changes should be needed to get to your GWK 35 set up. » Read

  9. Scout Notes - Walcott Decides Low Key Clash 2 days, 11 hours ago

    I particularly like the way Bednarek of Southampton sounds like a Lord about to join the Starks in battle with the Lannisters.Stephens back during GWK 37 I think - may be wrong. » Read

  10. Scout Notes - Walcott Decides Low Key Clash 2 days, 12 hours ago

    Live Scoutcast tonight 9:30pmLeave your questions for the team here » Read

  11. Dugout Discussion - Everton vs Newcastle 2 days, 12 hours ago

    Betcha I pronounce Sade wrong 😉Probably end up calling her Sadie! » Read

  12. Dugout Discussion - Everton vs Newcastle 2 days, 12 hours ago

    Any Fabianski owners out there? Make yourself known.Points haul from a goalkeeper in a 5-0 defeat against the best side in the league surely is the Sade of Smoothosity. » Read

  13. Dugout Discussion - Everton vs Newcastle 2 days, 13 hours ago

    Fantasy Football Scout daily hot topicGameweek 35 Rough with the SmoothLet us know your tales of woe and joy here » Read

  14. Captain Poll - Gameweek 36 3 days, 5 hours ago

    I'm not sure we can say any will play twice - but realistically that applies to most players during the DGWK for any team.Best policy is probably go for one that should start at least one and could play twice, who also has a high ceiling.For me Walker - with assists in his locker too - would be the best option - especially for those chasing. » Read

  15. Scout Notes - City Attack Delivers 3 days, 9 hours ago

    See my comment above.You need to compare difference between FH and non FH...not GWK 31 v GWK 35 total score. » Read

  16. Scout Notes - City Attack Delivers 3 days, 9 hours ago

    That's why these figures take that into account.The total score is irrelevant - the key is what is the difference is between free hitting and not free hitting in each Gameweek.That tells us that GWK 31 they were 25 pts better off and in GWK 35 around 18 pts better off with one game and auto subs to go. » Read

  17. Scout Notes - City Attack Delivers 3 days, 10 hours ago

    Looks about right for me.I was around 15 pts below the top 10K FH chippers average in GWK 31.I'm currently 10 pts (plus Baines to go) ahead of the GWK 35 average for my fellow Free Hit managers.Pretty happy with that.The good thing about these figures is that in the first year of a Free Hit chip we can confidently say that its worth somewhere between 18 to 25 pts. This makes it one of the best chips I think as the TC requires on securing a great score from just one player and Bench Boost should bring in 16 minimum if used during a double. » Read

  18. Scout Notes - City Attack Delivers 3 days, 10 hours ago

    Gameweek 31 v Gameweek 35 Free Hit ChipThese Gameweeks have proved popular times to deploy the Free Hit chip due to their limited set of fixtures.But which has proved the most successful time to fire up this chip?Latest figures just in suggest that Gameweek 31 has proved the more lucrative so far.But with Everton defenders in particular popular among many current Free Hit Chippers they could push up the Gameweek 35 Free Hit tally markedly.Plus there are other factors to consider, such as Gameweek 35’s Free Hit allowing strong planning around the two double set of fixtures.Similarly, Gameweek 31 allowed FPL managers to keep hold of good performing players without a fixture then who also had favourable matches in Gameweeks 32 and 33.Here’s the figures for you to digest ahead of tonight’s Goodison Park clash.Average GW31 points scored by a Free Hit manager - 95.4Average GW31 points scored by active managers (made a transfer in last 2 GWs) who did not Free Hi… » Read

  19. Scout Notes - City Attack Delivers 3 days, 11 hours ago

    Scout Pick Community Champion Lottery – Gameweek 36Once again we are on the look out for a champion to represent the community to take on the Scout Picks and win the chance of a prize.If you want to take part please email your FFS name and FPL ID number to .The champion will be selected at random at 8:30am Wednesday and then asked to submit their XI by 10am by Friday by emailing me at only need 11 picks and please be mindful of the 84m budget. There’s no captain in the picks either and please stick to a designated FPL formation, including no more than three players from one team. No captain or chips will be applied.At the end of the season the champion who beats the picks by the highest margin will win a £100 Amazon voucher.The champion will be revealed in a midweek Scout Squad article, which will outline our initial thinking around the picks. Our and the champions picks will be revealed as usu… » Read

  20. Scout Notes - City Attack Delivers 3 days, 11 hours ago

    Fantasy Football Scout daily hot topicEarly captaincy thoughts or Gameweek 36.Could Harry Kane emerge as the best option with the threat of rotation hampering the chances of others.If Anfield Express reveal Salah is out is the Spurs man the best option? Or is his team mate Eriksen more reliable?What of City stars - will they be rotated as well? Can we rely on any to start - with Jesus being the notable exception due to Aguero's injury?What of Man Utd options? Is Lukaku's strong recent form being overlooked unfairly? » Read