Fantasy Premier League: Blank / Double Gameweeks and Chips

What are Blank and Double Gameweeks?

Each team in the Premier League plays a total of 38 games per season. In Fantasy terms, each of these 38 rounds is called a Gameweek. In its most simplistic form, each team plays one match per Gameweek. However, there are exceptions to this rule.

Certain league fixtures have to be rescheduled due to cup competitions, fixture congestion, postponements or other reasons. These may need to be moved out of the original Gameweek and placed elsewhere. Now without a league match, players from these teams will have a Blank Gameweek.

As a result, they will take part in a Double Gameweek whenever this outstanding fixture is handed a new date shortly after another.

This presents an opportunity for Fantasy Premier League (FPL) managers, as a Double Gameweek player has two chances to score points instead of just one.

An example

Manchester United v Everton is supposed to take place in Gameweek 33. However, due to the host progressing to that weekend’s FA Cup semi-final, there will be a schedule clash. This fixture is then rescheduled to a vacant midweek slot in Gameweek 34.

Now, neither Manchester United nor Everton will have a Premier League game in Gameweek 31 – a Blank Gameweek for both teams – and they instead have a Double Gameweek 34. FPL managers will be interested in this development, as playing twice offers serious points potential.


All FPL managers begin the season with a complete set of chips, to be deployed throughout the campaign. Try to be patient with them.

Clever chip usage can be very effective in helping FPL managers climb the rankings, especially when used alongside Blank or Double Gameweeks.

There are a range of different chips that managers can use:

Wildcard (x2)

The Wildcard allows you to transform your squad by making an unlimited number of free transfers in one Gameweek. It lasts beyond that one round and is your new team. There are two of these to use – the first can be used at any point until December 29th, while the second can only be used after that date.

This chip is perfect for when you want to perform a complete overhaul. Perhaps there are multiple injuries, players losing form, or you want to target players with attractive upcoming fixtures.

Free Hit

This is like the Wildcard but for just one Gameweek, allowing unlimited free transfers for that round of games. Your old team resumes afterwards.

This chip is particularly useful in a Gameweek where multiple teams either play twice or don’t play at all.

Triple Captain

For one Gameweek, your captain will score triple points instead of the usual double. So if Mohamed Salah bags 15 points, those who made him captain will receive 30 and Triple Captain users get 45.

Bench Boost

If you’re struggling to relegate four players to the bench, this chip allows you to receive points from all 15 players. Just for one Gameweek, though.