Fantasy Premier League: Blank / Double Gameweeks and Chips

Blank and Double Gameweeks

Each team in the Premier League plays 38 games in total. In Fantasy terms, this is divided up over 38 weeks in a season, known as ‘Gameweeks’. In its most simplistic form, each team plays one match per Gameweek.

There is however an exception to this rule. Certain fixtures may have to be rescheduled due to cup competitions, fixture congestion, postponements or other reasons. When this happens, league fixtures may occasionally be moved out of the Gameweek that it was originally scheduled to be played in. This means that teams due to play in a Gameweek may find themselves with no fixture. This is known as a Blank Gameweek.

In a Blank Gameweek, any players from a team without a fixture will score zero points.

When this happens, any unplayed fixtures may be moved into another Gameweek, with teams playing two fixtures in one Gameweek. This is known as a Double Gameweek.

This presents an opportunity for FPL managers, as any player with a Double Gameweek has two chances to score points instead of just one.

For example:

Manchester United vs. Everton was supposed to take place in Gameweek 31, however due to United’s progression in the FA cup, there would be a clash between the two games.

This fixture is then rescheduled to a midweek slot a few weeks later in Gameweek 34. Both Manchester United and Everton now do not have a Premier League game in Gameweek 31, meaning that this week is a Blank Gameweek for both teams. Instead, both teams have a Double Gameweek in Gameweek 34, playing the teams they were originally scheduled to play – and each other in the rescheduled game.

There are often a lot of points up for grabs during Double Gameweeks and it’s a great opportunity for a well prepared manager to gain points over their unprepared rivals.


Each season all FPL managers receive four ‘chips’. You get one of each chip to be played in the season, with the exception of the wildcard (x2).

Clever use of chips can be very effective in obtaining more points for the Gameweek and can help Fantasy managers climb the rankings.

Using chips alongside Blank or Double Gameweeks can increase their effect even further, however it is down to the individual manager to identify the strategy they feel will most benefit their team.

The chips include:

  • Wildcard x2

The wildcard allows a manager to completely change their team, making as many free transfers as they wish. Managers receive two wildcards. The first must be used in the first half of the season, if it is not used it is lost.

The second wildcard is made available once the second half of the season begins.

This chip is perfect for when you want to perform a complete overhaul of your squad, for example when faced with multiple injuries, players off-form – or if you want to target players with attractive looking fixtures.

  • Free Hit x1

The Free Hit is essentially a one week wildcard. With this chip you can again make as many free transfers as you wish, however this is for one Gameweek only and your team will return to its pre-free hit state once the Gameweek has finished.

This chip is particularly useful for targetting a single Gameweek, for example a Blank Gameweek in which few teams have a fixture – or a Double Gameweek where multiple teams play twice.

  • Bench Boost x1

The Bench Boost chip allows your bench players to become active and score points for your team. Generally your Gameweek score will consist only of your starting 11, and any points scored on your bench will not be counted. With the Bench Boost active, any scores that your bench players achieve during that Gameweek will be counted towards your total points.

  • Triple Captain x1

When activated, the Triple Captain chip will triple the score of your captain, as opposed to doubling it as would normally happen.


A non captained player scores 10 points = 10 points

A captained player scores 10 points = 20 points

A triple captained player scores 10 points = 30 points