Bonus points delivered by the man in the stand. Golden Wonder crisps. Ian Woan. The 1982 World Cup. There’s more than a hint of nostalgia about this week’s episode Granville and I park the Zimmer frames to resume ScoutCast service.

My co-host is almost back to full-fitness, exercising his rehabilitated vocal chords and wrapping his recovered tonsils around more double Gameweek discussion, along with a further round of community posers. Aguero’s double Gameweek potential, Granville’s fading faith in Moyes and our preferred flavour of crisps-based snack are amongst the hard-hitting topics on the agenda, following on from the usual bout of regulars.

Roll back the years via this link, or look back in anger via the player below.

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  1. pgr

    Is anybody considering Fellaini?

    1. I think there are several better options. I'm not sure many would.

      1. pgr

        Do you think he'll play this weekend as well as both games in GW 31? Might be worth a punt if that's the case.

        1. Just don't go down that route. There are so many other players who are nailed on and will score more.

    2. In what capacity?

    3. tw
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member

      not at all

    4. Bit of a punt, he scored for Belgium didn't he?

  2. tw
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member

    for this week which do you prefer?

    azpi + terry/ivan/cahill
    azpi/cahill + evra

    1. The first, but of course Evra will have the DGW

      1. tw
        • Fantasy Football Scout Member


        i've got a wc for gw 31 so i'll be losing these players regardless

  3. What will Parker's absence mean for the Fulham line up ?..Or to be more precise, will it help Richardson to regain his LW spot ?

    1. I'm hoping so :D

  4. anyone thinking januzaj? cheap and plays 29 and 31 double....appears he could start again

    1. why do you think he will start again ?

    2. Not really. I'd rather have Noone as fifth midfielder, still.

      1. You'd be tempted to bench a good midfielder in GW31 because of the DGW lure, Jan would probably end up playing less than 90 minutes.

    3. tw
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member


  5. I can't make my mind up for this week... Can put 9 out if Noone, Olsson and Eriksen all make it, which should be OK, so is it worth just getting a DGW player in preparation instead of a playing defender this week? Wanna drop Kos I think... Got 2.1m and 2 free transfers.

    [mcGregor and Mannone]
    Ward, Olsson, Azpi [Coleman, Koscielny]
    Eriksen, Hazard, Noone, Mata, Ince
    Adebayor [SAS]

    1. I'm in the same dilemma, I choose to prepare for DGW instead of getting some half-decent player this GW. Transfers are precious. I'm doing Mirallas -> AJ and saving one. Looking at your team you could do perhaps Kos -> Baines if you don't mind doubling, or Kos -> Demel and pocketing the change. Chester also has great fixtures for the double, but I see you already have McGregz.

      1. Oooh Kos to Baines really appeals to my inner, suppressed flair manager instincts.

        As does Evra (thanks Roscola!).... But this issue is I could do with Yaya and/or Aguero and I'm not sure where that money is coming from.

        1. It's a bit insane though when looking closer at your defense, you're spending A LOT of money there and you'd want Aguero at least. I'd go cheaper and pocket the change for upgrades elsewhere.

          1. In other words my pick would be Demel. West Ham have been sturdy.

            1. Or Chambers, you've got no SOT either and he's ridiculous value at the moment.

              1. Their fullbacks are a bit of a lottery, no?

    2. Those with 11 players this week won't gain anything this week - there just isn't the fixtures. Then they are stuffed for the dgws and points hits galore.

      8 or nine players is suffice.

      Fwiw, I'd be chancing on a NOR defender.

      1. Yeah... Got Olsson already though and doubling up having just seem them ship 4 to Hull seems counter intuitive to say the least!!

    3. I would say the only thing worth considering is Kosc > Evra. If that doesn't float your boat, get someone you want long term.

      1. +1, forgot about Evra :) He'd be worth a look.

        For my taste though, Jonny's defense is a bit too fat and giggly already.

        1. :lol: 'fat and giggly' :lol:

        2. Haha, fat and giggly eh?

          It's very true. Sadly, as much fun as a Baines and Coleman double up looks, sadly getting a Collins in might make more sense. That's so depressing.

    4. tw
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member

      think i'd do kos to evra cahill/terry/ivan or a stoke defender

  6. Arse. I missed the Poz drop. Budget midfield option now down to 4.5 for this game week. Suggestions?

    1. Bradley Johnson?

  7. Do we think there's a chance that Sturridge might fall by even 0.1 in the next 2 gws?
    If he does then I can buy him back before the dgw while losing only 0.3, while getting someone who'll play this gw..

    1. Only chance is if he falls on Saturay night this week with the casuals checking their team in the morning.

    2. I'd say he'll fall tonight, only needs another 35% to drop and already has 10% today with the afternoon transfer rush still to come.

    3. Cheers fellas

  8. Doing kos to a

    1. Doing kos to a < 4.3m defender

      Olsson the best bet for me?

      1. chambers?

        1. alr have shaw :)

    2. good call ;)

      1. I used to have trouble finishing sentences, but now I

        1. KoL


    3. Wilson

  9. im in a bit of a pickle fellas! I have 2 freebies and loads of options

    marshall (speroni)

    cahill azpi molsson chambers (kos)

    haz lallana noone snod (caz)

    JRod (SAS)

    a) Cazorla - Mata for the DGW
    b) marshall - Howard
    C) Kos - Distin

    1. lads. unpickle me por favor

    2. Caz to mata move on that..
      Kosc go distin next week.
      Marshall to McGregor for dgw looking at hull fixtures..

      But I surely hope u get one of yaya or aguero asap after the gw29 starts.

      1. :)

        very sensible advice. aguero coming straight in

    3. Don't know if it appeals to you but Kos > United defender could make sense. I want De Gea for the run in, personally.

      Caz > Mata could make sense, I guess

      1. united just look so rubbish and evans is out. I may reassess

        thanks though

        1. In their last nine games, only Chelsea have kept more clean sheets than United. Appearances (and media feeding frenzies) are deceptive

  10. Any news on Evans? If he is still out for some time, Smalling might be a good punt

      1. Thanks Toonzie, he is out for the DGW then.
        So if Rafael is not coming back soon, Smalling could continue on the right with Evra, Vidic and Ferdinand playing.
        I can't see Jones playing even if fit

    1. Is Evra worth the extra money - i am considering just waiting til next week and then getting a city defender. Man U are playing Liverpool next week.

      1. I don't think Evra is really worth it, Vidic, Ferdinand and Smalling are cheaper and I reckon they will play because Evans is still out for 3 weeks.
        A City defender is tempting because they have 3 DGW but fixtures aren't great after DGW31.

        1. True - my only doubt in your plan is if rafael or jones comes back - they could take their spots. I reckon smalling and vidic are better options than ferdinand.

          1. IMO, Jones could take some minutes of Ferdinand. Rafael is no way near to fit, so Smalling could play more

    2. I am tempted to go with Smalling for free this week.

      1. Yes, Smalling will for sure play and I think he is nailed on for DGW31, I can't see Rafael taking the RB spot when he is back

  11. Currently on 8 players this gameweek.

    Is it worth a 4-point hit to bring in another midfielder? If so, who!?

    Money no object...

    Currently have Hazard, Lallana, and (hopefully) Puncheon playing.

    1. Might be, who are your other two mids?

      1. Yaya and Pozuelo.

        See below, for a better summary of my actual situation!

    2. i have a suspicion that mata will come good

  12. Anyone else saving this week? I can only field 7 players but I'm not sure I'd gain anything in the long run by making a transfer

    1. Same boat. I can't see any moves to make this week that wouldn't harm my side longer term.

    2. These are my thoughts too!

      I have one FT, was planning on carrying it. But could do, say, Yaya to someone who is playing, and then swap them back straight away next week (in effect taking a 4-point hit, as I already have next weeks transfers planned)

      I guess it'd be worth it, on the basis that if the player picks up the standard 2 points for playing, you're only 2 points down.

      But is it worth the hassle? I mean, putting in Mata, praying for an assist, to make you a profit of 2 points?

      Tempted to just leave it to be honest...

  13. Reckon I can get away with starting 8? Can't see anyone else to get rid of who I won't want for the double - except Bruce, but I can't afford the 4.3 to get in Olsson.

    Evra - Ward
    Hazard (c) - Lallana - Puncheon
    Adebayor (vc) - Lambert

    1. subs are Speroni, Bruce, Koscielny, Coleman, Sterling, Yaya, Suarez

  14. So, here's what I'm hoping to be taming, DGW-wise. Will involve -8

    De Gea*
    Coleman* - Alonso* - [Hull*] (Cahill) (Azpi)
    Mirallas* - Yaya* - Lallana - Hazard

    Pretty mundane but I'm happy with it. Who should be my cheap Hull def?

    1. alonso facing the SAS?

      1. Fair point but it's a longer term play. Norwich away as well.

    2. Chester.

      1. Has had only cameos for the last two games. What's actually going on there? Is he going to be starting again soon?

        1. Yeah..he's first on team sheet when fit..

          Obviously u can wait for now as hull don't play this weekend

    3. GTS

      DDG. :shock:

      1. Yeah baby

        1. GTS

          Have to agree with Dogba below.

          1. As below, check the recent CS history and fixtures for run in. Ideally I'd have Evra but he's too expensive for my other plans and no-one else looks nailed on. I'd also like to have a crack at Alonso so wouldn't want to double on Sun def.

    4. I don't see the de Gea move... I'd much rather have Mannone, great option long-term, especially coupled with Marshall or Adrian.

      Other than that it looks great, but you are paying -8 so it should! Chester is my weapon of choice for Hull.

      1. Cheers Dogba. I'm pretty set on DDG - united's recent clean sheet history plus their fixtures for the run in make it sound worthwhile to me. And only 0.5 more than Mannone/Marshall rotation.

        I was hoping people would say Chester :)

  15. Who thinks schurle will start against spurs?

      1. Would you bring him in this GW for -4?

        1. no way

          1. haha thanks im going bit crazy as have little starting this week

            1. If I had a WC I would..if I did not..I won't.

              Coz I will then use the WC to undo any damage..

              1. haha i do have WC but saving it for mamoth week worried to get schurle in, but im going to bite bullet and deal with lack of starting line up

    1. He might or he might not. Last time he started (before the hattie) he scored twice against Stoke and the very next game he was back on the bench.

      If it's a single week punt, go for it. But do it with your eyes open.

    2. Salah is also pushing for a start I reckon as he's cup tied in CL and can only play PL. I think he's about 50/50 for a start.

  16. Morning lads. Thoughts on my team

    Terry. Azpi. Ward
    Hazard. Lallana. Mata. Noone

    Subs. Coleman. Yaya. Suarez. Sturridge. Chester.

    1. Very nice , but who is ur C ?

      1. Hazard

    2. So you did Kos to Azpi

    3. That bench makes things easier for dgw :D

      I still got to buy yaya and distin.

    4. Looks good to me! Similar to mine for this week. I think you're in good shape

  17. Want at least 1 fa cup replay so that all that mind numbing planning coz to shit and everyone's on the drawing board again :D

  18. MY TEAM FOR GW 29


    Terry / Evra / Ward

    Hazard / Lallana / Januzaj

    Rodriguez / Rooney C

    0 FT it worth to get other player for - 4 bench : Mannone / Chester / Coleman /AJ / Yaya /Suarez

    still have my SEC WC

    1. Do Aj to schurrle ..

      A gamble surely..then obviously u can get Aj back with wc

      1. Thanx aman :)

  19. Team for this GW:

    Azpilicueta - Olsson - Chambers
    Hazard - Mata - Lallana - Snodgrass

    Bench/Not Playing: Mannone, Coleman, Collins, Parker, Suarez, Sturridge

    0FT, £4.2 in bank

    Take a hit for another playing player or am I ok for this week?

    1. no hit

    2. Stick. Care to comment on mine above

  20. For GW31 and onwards would you prefer;
    A) Coleman + Johnson
    B) Distin + Lallana


    1. Basically a ..but I can't come to terms with removing lallana or hazard.

  21. I need a 1 week punt to bring in for Bony this week and I'm looking at......

    Glenn Murray.

    That's how unappealing this gameweek is.

    1. Eto' or Jay Rod?

      1. Have 3 southampton already...Eto'o is interesting. I'm actually also looking at Rooney but I'm not convinced that he'll score more than Murray!

  22. Any chance of Whittiker playing this week???

  23. New article
  24. Anyone up for a 1 gw punt?

    Eto's started every game since gw 16.....

    you know you want to! :)

    1. I got him last week. He didnt play :(

  25. rate out of 10
    chances of Cahill getting 4 or more points this week
    (i have non playing sagna so wanted cahill as 1 week punt and then replace by baines)

  26. have 7-8 players playin this week so wanted to ask
    1)worth sagna to CHEL def for 1 week punt against TOT and play 1 player less
    2)Save FT to do sagna+RVP-->Baines+Aguero for free next week?

  27. is olsson fit to start??

  28. i have 10 payers playing and no FT remaining. I a right to hold off bearing in mind my non-playing players are yaya, suarez, coleman and ki suing, all of whom have double game weeks upcoming. I have some money in the bank but I am working towards including Aguero for the MC DGW

    1. *am I …
      ** ki sung


  29. ppp

    Ivano/Lallana/J.Rod to Chester/Yaya/Aguero for -4 sound good?

    All outgoing players have good fixtures is the only issue, but only have 0.1M spare to do it, so will have to be all this week...

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