How FFScout users are preparing for Double Gameweek 32

Fantasy Football Scout users have submitted an excellent set of polls to help our preparation for Double Gameweek 32.

The questions range from chip strategy to how much we should trust Manchester City and Chelsea with their fixtures.

Not surprisingly, the most requested poll centred around which of the chips is best to play in this expanded round of fixtures.

Forever in Our Shadow, Trippier Hazard, Sebes Gusztav, Nimith Enzo, Ohlsay, Nat Kane Cole and PEP_TALK all wanted to know about this one.

Jimmy Hendrix and de quiney were both keen to challenge the thinking on Free Hitting in Double Gameweek 32, suggesting Blank Gameweek 33 as an alternative option.

We had a poll from Studsy25 who wanted to know the best way of preparing for Double Gameweek 32 for those without the Free Hit or Wildcard chips.

Another hugely popular question concerned the best way to capitalise on Manchester City’s two matches, against Fulham (away) and Cardiff (home).

DMil, BBC_TF, Toblerone52, Fossit, Karsa, LosBlancos, PEP_TALK and Masteryeoda all submitted some great polls on this subject, so we combined them into one.

Given their unpredictable nature in recent times, Scout users want to know what the consensus is on Chelsea, especially their defence.

This poll came in from Beercalona, Tomthewise1, Podorsky, The Beer Baron and Dusan Citizen.

Another popular poll concerns to what extent we even trust the Double Gameweek itself.

Forever in our Shadow, BKrisztian, Leakyman and Pamino all wanted to know how many single Gameweek players would be present in our squads for Double Gameweek 32.

BenjoBD takes that question one step further to identify how many Liverpool players will be present in our Double Gameweek 32 squads.

Of those who have two matches, it does look difficult to cram all of the premium heavy hitters in.

For that reason, Saint & Reevesy, AdAdityan and FFSBullets want to know which of those we are most likely to leave out.

Finally, Diverpool wants to know to what extent Scout users are worried about rotation ahead of the FA Cup semi-finals.

Manchester City, Brighton, Watford and Wolves will be participating in the competition’s last four stages several days after their midweek Double Gameweek 32.

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  1. Millie7
    • 5 Years
    3 months, 27 days ago

    Hi all,

    just after a little advise.

    should i use my 2ft this gameweek before playing the free hit chip to set me up for gameweek 33 ?

    1. The_Fish
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
      • 1 Year
      3 months, 27 days ago

      Makes no difference, you'll have 1FT and your original team after playing a FH.

  2. Jinswick
    • 8 Years
    3 months, 27 days ago

    Anyone brave enough to go with Sane this week? Looked decent last night and when he's on, he's on!

  3. Soapy
    • 7 Years
    3 months, 27 days ago

    Most likely to play both games between Laporte, Luiz and Rudiger?

    1. Sir Edo
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
      • 6 Years
      3 months, 27 days ago

      You are in the wrong post but think Laporte and Luiz not playing international games. I say Luiz.

  4. Harryc78
      3 months, 27 days ago

      Have a WC left plus BB and Triple. No FH. Would you use WC this week? Only got 2 players on DW with current

    • Bielsa's Binoculars
      • 4 Years
      3 months, 27 days ago

      Is this an acceptable 4-4-2 FH team?

      Laporte • Dunk • Tomkins • Chambers
      Hazard • Pogba • Mili • Sterling
      Kun • Kane

      1. Fletcher Mathers
        • Fantasy Football Scout Member
        3 months, 25 days ago

        That defence looks rough. I'd consider ditching Kane and spending to strengthen it.

        Is Kane going to score enough to justify having to play Dunk, Tomkins and Chambers? I doubt it myself.

    • loureiro
        3 months, 26 days ago

        Hi everyone! I’m a student in decision-making and I’m doing a study on how Fantasy Premier League players make their decisions when choosing their team for a gameweek. As a passionate Fantasy Premier League player I’m really fascinated by this research topic, and it would mean the world to me if you’d be willing to take just a few minutes of your time to complete my survey. This should take no longer than 5 minutes! Thank you all so much!


        1. Jonny HOW SON?
          • 4 Years
          3 months, 26 days ago

          done mate

          1. loureiro
              3 months, 26 days ago

              Thank you so much mate!

              1. Jonny HOW SON?
                • 4 Years
                3 months, 26 days ago

                no probs, it was fun