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Fantasy Allsvenskan: Gameweek 12

Gameweek 12 review

As we enter a few weeks of summer break for Fantasy Allsvenskan, we take a final look back at GW12 and then move forward with topics to cover in the coming weeks. Gameweek 12 was a week for clean sheets and low scores, as 9 out of 16 teams managed to shut their opponents out completely. Out of the seven teams that did score, only three of them scored more than a single goal (Djurgården, AIK and Norrköping).

The Stockholm derby between AIK and Hammarby was a pretty torrid affair where the only three shots on target in the entire game, came from a clinical AIK side who blitzed Hammarby in the space of two minutes, with Sebastian Larsson (8.9m) scoring twice. After that, they completely shut down Hammarby’s attack and more or less controlled the game from that point on. Tarik Elyounoussi (9.3m) was placed further back in a midfield role and his amazing scoring run finally came to an end. AIK have a few options up top with Henok Goitom (9.7m), Chinedu Obasi (8.6m), Jack Lahne (6.7m), and the now fit Kolbeinn Sigthorsson (9.4m). Consequently, Elyounoussi’s versatility and ability to slot in at midfield as well, might mean we’ll not see him reach quite the same heights going forward. He works hard though (lots of bonus points) and obviously likes to score goals so all is not lost after just one blank, but it will be worth keeping an eye on.

Djurgården went to Uppsala to play against Sirius and in form midfielder Jonathan Ring (7.9m) snatched another goal, bringing his tally for the season up to four goals, four assists. One player who hasn’t followed up on his early season form however, is striker Mohamed Buya Turay (9.5m). After netting three goals in the first three gameweeks, his last goal came in GW6 against Hammarby. Since then, it’s been six games with a total of just two assists to his name.

Norrköping went to AFC Eskilstuna and won two goals to none, with Jordan Larsson (7.3m) netting his eighth goal of the season. The worry there for Norrköping would be that some bigger clubs in Europe will start to sniff around, when asked about a potential summer transfer move he responded that he was “happy at the club and wouldn’t mind playing here for the rest of the season, but it will depend on what kind of club would be interested, and in what way”.

Norrköping, on the other hand, will try hard to hold on to their golden boy as they enter European cup qualifying competition this summer and manager Jens Gustafsson says they’ve been a bit “too kind” in the past with letting players go. Another player who impressed for Norrköping and one to keep close tabs upon ahead of their impending double gameweek, is defender Lars Krogh Gersson (6.0m). He scored his second goal of the season and he also plays most games at right wingback, a very interesting prospect going forward.

Summer break, topics to cover?

Fantasy Allsvenskan kicks off again on the 25th of June and it does so in a spectacular fashion, with another double gameweek! This time around it will be AIK and Norrköping that plays two fixtures each, but we’ll get into that more (and cover interesting options) closer to the deadline. An important thing to keep in mind is that many of the players who have performed well so far, might get poached by bigger clubs in Europe in the coming weeks. Daniel Sundgren (7.2m) is one such player, who is more or less confirmed to be signing for Greek side Aris very soon. He might still get a few more games for AIK, as everything isn’t finalized quite yet. Andreas Vindheim (6.3m) is already confirmed to be leaving and more will surely follow, like Benjamin Nygren (6.2m) who Göteborg look likely to cash in on.

During the break we’ll have a chance to take stock of what has gone on so far in Fantasy Allsvenskan, one such article that might come into fruition is a look at this season’s bonus point magnets, for defensive as well as offensive bonus points.

But what we’re really interested in hearing is what you, the FFS community, would like to see in terms of coverage over the summer break?

Is there anything in particular that you would like to read about?

Please leave your suggestions in the comment section below; and if nothing else, we’ll be sure to have a preview of double gameweek 13 as the deadline approaches!


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  1. MTPockets
    • 9 Years
    17 days, 23 hours ago

    Thanks Meltens. Just waiting on summer transfer news for now - fingers crossed Sundgren/Larsson are still there for DGW.
    Analysis of bonus pts is a great idea. Honestly haven't really assessed it for transfers, but probably should do.

    Question - are there likely to be any more doubles later in the season?

    1. Meltens
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
      • 3 Years
      17 days, 21 hours ago

      Yeah Sundgren is lost BUT it seems that AIK’s demand of keeping him around for the first round of CL qualification (early to mid July) has been met: http://www.fotbolldirekt.se/2019/06/06/avslojar-slutgiltligt-forlorad-aik-dag-anda-champions-league-aktuell/

      That would mean his first day at Aris is as late as the 19th of July, which would be brilliant for DGW13...
      As far as Larsson goes, assuming you mean Sebastian Larsson I can’t see him moving anytime soon unless going for one last cash-grab. Keep in mind that he’s never really been a goal scorer bar the odd free kick, even though he is still a level above Allsvenskan in general.

      Yeah bonus is tricky but some players like Kharaishvili is mopping them up without most people noticing, definite target for me. Not sure about more DGWs, maybe if some clubs advance far enough in CL/EL and apply for a fixture being moved, impossible to know right now. Nothing planned as far as I know yet! 🙂

      1. MTPockets
        • 9 Years
        17 days, 21 hours ago

        Cheers. I meant Jordan, but assume you meant potential move over the proper summer break not this break.
        19th July for Sundgren is promising. Hopefully his new contract lets him play a few league games as well as Europe

        1. Meltens
          • Fantasy Football Scout Member
          • 3 Years
          17 days, 20 hours ago

          Yeah if Jordan keeps this up it’s going to be tough for Norrköping to keep him, if the right bid comes along. I think he should be alright for the DGW as things stand though.