€50,000 in prizes on offer with FanTeam this weekend

There is a host of cash prizes on offer with FanTeam this weekend in their €50,000 Monster.

It is a weekly Fantasy game that allows managers to select dream teams for each weekend in the hope of winning big.

In Gameweek 4, 333 Fantasy managers received payouts with the winner receiving €4,638.34.

The Gameweek 5 tournament begins at 15:00 BST and has a limit of 2,777 teams, so you’ll have to hurry to submit yours.

Thankfully, there are some similarities between the way FPL and FanTeam’s weekly €50,000 Monster are played and scored.

In this version of the game, you build a squad of 11 players chosen from nine Premier League matches chosen for the tournament (Liverpool vs Newcastle is absent this weekend).

You have a budget of £100m to spend on this squad, although the player prices are slightly different to FPL in that they are specific to the Gameweek in question, based on form and fixture.

There is also no limit on how many players you can have from each team, so you could chock it full of Manchester City options if you wanted – as long as you stick to your budget!

You should also be careful how many defenders you pick from the same team too.

There is a new rule for the €50,000 Monster tournament that introduces a stacking penalty if your defenders or goalkeeper from the same club all keep a clean sheet.

The penalty will increase by one point for each additional such player. So, if you have five defensive players from the same club, they will get penalties of 0, -1, -2, -3, -3 as minus three is the maximum.

That’s a total of minus nine points in this example, but only if they keep a clean sheet, which in itself earns them 20 points. So they get 11 points net, instead of the 20 points, they would get if there was no stacking penalty.

This penalty does not apply to a defender or goalkeeper if you handed them the captaincy.

Just like in FPL, the captain earns your team double points, as does your vice-captain if your first-choice skipper does not play.

You can make unlimited transfers and changes to your team until the first matches on Saturday.

€50,000 Monster Gameweek 5 matches

  • 15:00 Saturday: Tottenham – Crystal Palace
  • 15:00 Saturday: Sheffield United – Southampton
  • 15:00 Saturday: Wolverhampton – Chelseas
  • 15:00 Saturday: Manchester United – Leicester
  • 15:00 Saturday: Brighton – Burnley
  • 17:30 Saturday: Norwich – Manchester City
  • 14:00 Sunday: Bournemouth – Everton
  • 16:30 Sunday: Watford – Arsenal
  • 20:00 Monday: Aston Villa – West Ham

How does the scoring work?

How do I sign up?

Simply CLICK HERE to find the weekly €50,000 Monster tournament.

Rookie PL Freeroll

FanTeam is giving away free tickets to play the Premier League weekend matches, with similar rules to the weekly Monster.

There is a prize poll of €200. All users registered after August 1 received a ticket – so make sure you use it.

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  1. The 12th Man
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
    • 6 Years
    2 months, 6 hours ago

    Who scores more this week?
    A) TAA + Lundstrum
    B) VVD + Otamendi
    C) VVD + Lundstrum

    1. Devo-McDuff
      • 1 Year
      2 months, 3 hours ago


  2. Joyce1998
    • 3 Years
    2 months, 6 hours ago

    Taa, digne, chenko, lund
    Salah(C), sterling, kdb, mount
    Haller, pukki
    Subs- button, Cantwell, soyuncu, Greenwood

  3. Eastman
    • 2 Years
    2 months, 6 hours ago

    Is Walker-Peters fit?

    1. Devo-McDuff
      • 1 Year
      2 months, 3 hours ago

      In contention, not certain. I'm playing Lund instead of him, maybe would even if KWP was 100% fit.

      1. ‘Tis the Season
        • 1 Year
        1 month, 29 days ago

        Starting KWP. If he is injured he won’t cameo

  4. Dr. Agabuse
    • 7 Years
    2 months, 5 hours ago

    On a quick sitenote:

    Liverpool play Napololi away in what will be there toughest Match of the CL groupstages in 4days

    1. Dr. Agabuse
      • 7 Years
      2 months, 5 hours ago

      After that they play Chelsea away. This game is the easiest but important Players will be taken off early if possible.

  5. kboateng
    2 months, 5 hours ago

    On WC

    Adrian (Pope)
    Digne TAA Mings (Lundstram, Rico)
    Salah Sterling KDB James Ceballos
    Pukki Haller (Ayew )


    Adrian (Pope)
    Digne TAA Zinch Lundstram (Rico)
    Salah Sterling KDB (Hayden, Cantwell)
    Pukki Haller Abraham

  6. Jimmy Boy
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
    • 3 Years
    2 months, 5 hours ago

    Chances of Greenwood starting tomorrow?

  7. Cholito
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
    2 months, 4 hours ago

    After news about Trossard, i'm seriously thinking about WC. But it's too late, all price rises happened and it feels like wrong.
    Also i have no Liverpool attackers.

    Ryan - Button
    Digne - Zinchenko - VVD - Lundstram - Kelly*
    Sterling - KDB - Trossard* - Felipe Anderson - Perez*
    Haller - Kane - Greenwood

    1FT, 1.6 ITB

    Any suggestions?
    1) WC
    2) Kane+Trossard -> Salah + Wesley (-4)
    3) Smth else

    1. A message to you Rudi
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
      • 4 Years
      2 months, 4 hours ago


  8. A message to you Rudi
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
    • 4 Years
    2 months, 4 hours ago

    TAA Zinchenko Coleman Lundstram
    Salah Sterling(C) Sigurdsson Fraser
    Pukki C.Wilson

    Button / Greenwood / Dendoncker / Kelly

    Good to go?

  9. teriyaki 69
    • 2 Years
    2 months, 3 hours ago

    Salah captain

    1. Devo-McDuff
      • 1 Year
      2 months, 3 hours ago

      Who else do ya have?

  10. Devo-McDuff
    • 1 Year
    2 months, 3 hours ago

    So I've been on Salah all week for captain because he's at home, rested and on pens. But after just reading about how many defensive injuries Norwich have it seems crazy not to go Sterling so I've switched. I figure he's very likely to start as without a switch to a wingback system there's little competition for him on the left with Sane out and if he doesn't start then then he almost certainly won't come on the for dreaded cameo. He may well have his minutes managed and come off early but if so then there's a good chance he has already done the damage by then already, yep? This is such a tough one! I'm doing pretty well overall so far this season but If I'd have picked the correct player for captain I'd be in the top 50, as it is I've got it wrong 4 times in a row.

    1. ‘Tis the Season
      • 1 Year
      1 month, 29 days ago

      Salah for me. Risk not worth it

      1. Devo-McDuff
        • 1 Year
        1 month, 29 days ago

        You’re probably right but I think I’m sticking on Sterling now, it’s so tight I’m going with heart to a degree (I’m a city fan!)

  11. Tsparkes10
    • 1 Year
    2 months, 3 hours ago

    AWB, Martial to Lundstram, Pepe?

  12. Auba100
    2 months, 2 hours ago

    GTG- thoughts?
    Lunds, emerson, Matip, peiters (soy if emerson is out)
    KDB, Sterling, Cabellos, Salah
    Pukki, Kun(c)

  13. rohaansunil
    1 month, 29 days ago

    Martial+awb to David silva +zinchenko?

  14. rohaansunil
    1 month, 29 days ago

    Martial +awb to David silva+zinchenko?

  15. ‘Tis the Season
    • 1 Year
    1 month, 29 days ago

    Play KWP in place of Coleman? I hear on here KWP might start..
    Zinc Robbo KWP Lund