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  1. Spurs sack Mourinho as De Bruyne is ruled out of City's Gameweek 32 match 2 days, 7 hours ago

    As a football fan I love seeing the lower teams up against the so called bigger teams. The way they set up and play makes the game far more enjoyable to watch. To me the most boring games are generally the top teams playing each other - they cancel each other out and are often not great spectacles to watch. I respect your view, but totally disagree » Read

  2. The latest FFS Cup fixtures and results 6 days, 8 hours ago

  3. Why an FPL manager's identity is so important 23 days, 2 hours ago

    Really interesting read - thank you. I play the game to try and win, or at least beat my rivals but I too often try to copy (safety first) rather than go with my instinct. Hopefully next year will be different. Good luck to you for the rest of the season » Read