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  1. FPL reveal Salah's price and position for 2019/20 57 mins ago

    Have you guys thought about how is VAR going to impact the forum and the way you follow live results on FF scout and other apps?When I can’t watch live games on TV which probably concerns 80% of PL games over a season for me, I generally follow live results on the Livescore app which is quite reactive and also advises assists when they are clear assists.But I generally also connects to FF scout at the same time to see what the community says about the goal, the potential assist etc..With VAR being introduced this season, will FF scout create an official VAR Review « live » notification posted by moderators or members? » Read

  2. FPL reveal Salah's price and position for 2019/20 1 hour, 26 mins ago

    FPL needs to be careful about the dynamics of their game. If the cost of living steadily increases wherheas your income remains the same, then there's a risk excitement of playing will decrease. You need to get a thrill out of the FPL management, not just looking at the game as a familly man budget manager.Since the 100 Budget won't be modified, the dynamics has to be rebalanced by other means to enable managers to handle prices and prices rises (which will increasily be difficult to manage).One possibility would be to grant 2 FT per GW (with a max of 3 FT for the next GW if you have not played your 2 FT) to enable players to easily jump onboard of bargains bandwagons » Read