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After taking a break for the packed festive period, we roll out our weekly article for Members this evening, offering an in-depth statistical analysis of the main captaincy contenders for the set of fixtures ahead. We analyse the current top five in the Captain Poll, with home games for Tottenham, Everton and United offering possible alternatives as Liverpool and Arsenal hit the road:

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  1. will Ozil price rise before the deadline?

    • 11 months, 14 days ago
  2. Not understanding WBA appointment, a 7th place finish amongst several average seasons in lower divisions doesn't sound much better than Clarke record.

    • 11 months, 14 days ago
  3. GW23 is the horrible one coming up.

    SOT vs Ars
    TOT vs Cty
    LVP vs Eve

    • 11 months, 14 days ago
    1. MNU v Car

      CHE v Whm

      Am looking at getting a United played back in for that game

      • 11 months, 14 days ago
  4. Luakau or Negredo???

    • 11 months, 14 days ago
    1. Lukaku

      • 11 months, 14 days ago
    2. As you asked last page...


      • 11 months, 14 days ago
    3. Lukaku this week, Negredo the following. Whichever I have when Aguero is back will make way.

      • 11 months, 14 days ago
    4. Oh good…..Lukaku is what I was hoping.

      • 11 months, 14 days ago
      1. Lukaku or Ade?

        • 11 months, 14 days ago
    5. One is shit, the other is a beast. No brainer.

      • 11 months, 14 days ago
      1. Agreed.

        • 11 months, 14 days ago
      2. errrrmm, they're both brilliant

        • 11 months, 13 days ago
    6. cheers Lukaku it is

      • 11 months, 14 days ago
  5. Has anyone, apart from me, considered Assaidi of Stoke as a cheap 5th mid. I can't get him out of my head and wondered if I was

    A) Mad
    B) Normal
    C) Genius

    Thank you in advance for settling this dilemma with myself

    • 11 months, 14 days ago
  6. Yaya > Ozil (-4) if The Ivorian is out.

    Sound good?

    Will give me:

    Goalman Kos Clyne Burner
    Ozil Saliva Haz
    Suarez Wooney Lukaka

    Subs: Davis Cabaye Bannan Chester

    Next week Rooney+ Cabaye > Negredo+ Gerrard (-4)


    • 11 months, 14 days ago
    1. ozil over yaya for me anyway

      • 11 months, 14 days ago
      1. It's the (-4) that puts me off. A fit Yaya could potentially outscore Ozil in next 2

        • 11 months, 14 days ago
      • 11 months, 14 days ago
    2. Or WC? Many will argue against it but the team you would get now probably won't look much different to the team you will aim for GW23.

      • 11 months, 14 days ago
      1. But it would. Aguero or RVP possibly.

        Need to monitor Lallana and Eriksen/ JRod and Adebayor.

        • 11 months, 14 days ago
    3. Take out Yaya who will play.

      Leave in Rooney who won't.

      • 11 months, 14 days ago
  7. Repost: Boruc, Mannone,
    Kosh, Chester, Baker, Ward, Whittaker

    As you can tell, trying to keep it as budget as possible. Just wondering if there is some cheap def gem I have missed?

    • 11 months, 14 days ago
    1. looks awful that need couple big defs

      • 11 months, 14 days ago
      1. want ozil, haz, silva, gerrard/oscar, aguero and suarez though. need cheap defs. how i enjoy the game anyway

        • 11 months, 14 days ago
  8. Only one player in my team is playing a club in the top half of the league :D

    • 11 months, 14 days ago
    1. ….but are all your players from teams in the top half ?!!! :-D

      • 11 months, 14 days ago
  9. Who to get Henderson out for already have this as my midfield budget is 6.3

    Silva Ozil Hazard Januzaj

    • 11 months, 14 days ago
  10. New Article Posted
    1. Grey me now

      • 11 months, 14 days ago
      1. Yah I got greyed

        • 11 months, 14 days ago
  11. A defensive table for once. Arranged by shots conceded in the box, the fewer the shots conceded the better the defensive chance of a CS...simple...Set it for GW range 1-10 and you'll see it is reflective of the early season template....It works....http://members.fantasyfootballscout.co.uk/my-stats-tables/view/4750/

    • 11 months, 14 days ago
  12. Let's assume Kun's flag doesn't get removed until say Friday before the Cardiff game

    is it not therefore likely that his price will be protected until the start of GW23. If so, it would be highly tempting (but highly risky) to sell him to RvP for GW23 and buy him straight back on wc before he was able to rise?

    • 11 months, 14 days ago
    1. A.

      do you currently own him??

      • 11 months, 14 days ago
  13. I cant believe the transfer market has been so bad last few days. The logic for wildcarding over longer breaks is BS. People go into hibernation.

    • 11 months, 14 days ago
  14. RMT

    Zaba Kos Coleman (Ward/chester)
    HAz Ozil Silva Erik Lallana
    Suarez Ade (Berahino)

    3-5-2 with just enough funds to do Ade to Aguero
    Eriksen to Ramsey is also possible

    • 11 months, 14 days ago
    1. Very good team considering you have cash for the upgrade too.

      • 11 months, 14 days ago
    1. Already said that, nobody listens

      • 11 months, 14 days ago
  15. Who here rates Özil higher than Silva?

    • 11 months, 14 days ago
    1. Nobody is here see above

      • 11 months, 14 days ago
    2. Nothing between them.

      • 11 months, 14 days ago
  16. Current team:
    Mannone (Hooper),
    Coleman, Terry, Mertesacker, (Faye, Rosenior),
    Ozil, Hazard, Ya Ya Toure, Januzaj, (Ramsey),
    Suarez, Rooney, Negredo.
    0.5 in the bank.
    Have already used FT for Walcott > Ozil.
    Was hoping to WC as late as possible, however am getting nervous with all this WCing especially as I have three flags in team and two defenders probably not playing!
    Should I:
    A - hold for a week at least, or B - shake things up with my WC?
    Grateful for any suggestions!

    • 11 months, 14 days ago
    1. Keep and hope Wayne plays

      • 11 months, 14 days ago
  17. Could do with some help on this one please.

    A. Yaya, silva, jacuzzi (5th mid), aguero

    B. Yaya, eriksen, lallana (5th mid), aguero.

    Both options have jrod and suarez up front.

    • 11 months, 14 days ago
  18. Anyone fancy Ozil captain as a punt over Suarez in spite of the above stats?

    • 11 months, 14 days ago
  19. Who would you choose out of these two
    A. Evans & Boruc
    B. Kolarov & Mannone

    • 11 months, 14 days ago
    1. Difficult, probably B

      • 11 months, 14 days ago
  20. Hi RMT please

    coleman - mert - baines
    lallana - gerard - hazard - silva
    j.rod - suarez - augero

    also thinking of 442 with jrod removed and kolorov in defence.. which would be better?

    • 11 months, 14 days ago
  21. Last couple of WC decisions - please fill the blanks:

    XXX / XXX
    Koscielny / Coleman / XXX / XXX / XXX
    Hazard / Silva / Ozil / Silva / Mutch
    Suarez / Aguero / Bony

    A) Boruc / Davis; Kompany / Burner / Ward
    B) Mannone / Marshall; Zabaletta / Chester / Ward

    • 11 months, 14 days ago
      • 11 months, 13 days ago
  22. Outstanding article mate.

    Recommend membership to anyone who is considering that mid-season offer...especially if you enjoy the numbers side of things...

    • 11 months, 14 days ago
  23. Hello ,, what's with yaya ?? Is he injured ? Any source ?

    • 11 months, 14 days ago
  24. Please RMT;


    Sagna Coleman Nastasic (Whittaker Ward)

    Yaya Lallana Oscar Hazard (Kasami)

    Suarez Adebayor Lukaku

    Money in Bank to Upgrade Ady/Luk to Aquero

    • 11 months, 13 days ago
  25. Captain this week...Suarez, ade or jrod?

    • 11 months, 13 days ago
  26. Marshall (Mannone)

    Coleman Koncielny Chester Whittaker Baker

    Hazard Oscar Lallana Silva Januzai

    Suarez Adebayor Rodriguez

    Funds in the bank to get Aguero for Ade whenever necessary.

    Crazy to have 2 Chelsea midfielders?

    • 11 months, 13 days ago

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