Members Area Updated – Fixes and Features Added

It’s a time for giving, so we thought we’d address some improvements and bugs that have been lingering on our “to do” list for quite a while. Once we started, we actually managed to deliver quite a few nice new toys. Here’s a summary of what’s new in the members area after Friday’s update….

Firstly, we’ve added a new “Passes Received” stat map to the Match dashboard. This allows you to see where players were positioned when they received a pass in the match. For any given match, you select passes received from the dropdown to display all passes received by that team, then you can use the player dropdown to select a specific player.

Right now this map will only be available in the match dashboard. We will make it available in the player profiles and comparison tools but the query involved currently returns an awful lot of event data and we’ll need to do some work to enable it across the board. We hope to have it available so you can at least view passes received for small Gameweek ranges within the comparison tool very soon.

Next up, we’ve expanded the number of team statistics available in the Custom Stats Table tool. You can now create tables that analyse defensive data for teams. We’ve added the following stats to the list available:

  • Goals Conceded
  • Shots conceded
  • Goal Attempts In Box Conceded
  • Goal Attempts Outside Box Conceded
  • Headed Goal Attempts Conceded
  • Attempts From Set Plays Conceded
  • Big Chances Conceded
  • Crosses conceded
  • Crosses Conceded (Left Zone)
  • Crosses Conceded (Right Zone)
  • Chances conceded
  • Chances Conceded (Left Zone)
  • Chances Conceded (Centre Zone)
  • Chances Conceded (Right Zone)

We’ve also reversed the zones for defending teams in our tables. So, when you view Chances Conceded (Right Zone), this is the chances conceded down the right flank of the defending team eg: their right-back. The same applies to crosses. Sorry for the confusion with this previously.

This now allows our members to create tables that analyse where teams are conceding the most chances and crosses, which, when you marry up with a table that assesses where teams are creating their chances, can reveal some interesting strength and weakness comparisons.

We’ve created this table as an example, showing all teams for the last six Gameweeks, sorted by chances conceded on the left-flank. This can be married to this table, showing teams sorted by chances created on the right-flank.

Thirdly, we’ve made some additions to the logic available in the custom tables feature. You can now use minimum and maximum value = 0 for criteria when building custom tables.

Why is this useful? It means that you can create tables like “Show me the Forwards who have had the most shots on goal in the last four Gameweeks without scoring”. You basically select your stats and then, in the criteria section, you can now set the minimum value of “Goals” to zero and the maximum value to zero.

This will allow for far better analysis of players who have demonstrated all the key stats to produce goals and assists but haven’t perhaps delivered.

Here’s an example, a table which shows the top ten forwards for shots on goal without scoring, over the last four Gameweeks.

This will allow In-Tommy-We-Trust to revolutionise his “Explosion Imminent” tables – the top ranking table in the members area right now.

Other bugs and improvements made on Friday include:

  • Replaced usernames with nicknames in the members area so users appear listed as their current FFS display names. You should now be more familiar with the guys producing those lovely stats tables.
  • We’ve removed the Season Selector from the dashboard to avoid confusion with filtering across the dashboard and statistics tables. The Dashboard is now fixed to current season. You can still switch season in the statistics tables, however.
  • And last and certainly least, we added Christmas theme to the main and members sites. Subtle.

As you may of heard in last week’s ScoutCast, we’re currently testing the full implementation of the Rate My Team tool. This is all going well and we envisage that we’ll have this available before Christmas, just in time for members to get to use it for the January wildcard tinkering. Chris Atkinson and I will be producing some movies to help you get the most from the tool in the next couple of weeks and I’ll post a preview article on this next week.

Mark Mark created the beast. He's now looking to tame it.”

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  1. John Nerdelbaum
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
    5 years, 4 months ago

    Save transfer this week

    GW 18 Sterling > Puncheon and Cuellar > Nasty

    That would also allow Sess > Bale (when fully fit and he needs to drop another 0.1)

    Yay or nay

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  2. striderdude
      5 years, 4 months ago

      Need to free up some cash to do Fletcher -> Suarez
      Sell Walcott or Silva for -> Puncheon?

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    • WelshWizard11
        5 years, 4 months ago

        Well done, thanks for all the hard work the staff @FFS has put into this upgrade. More reason that this is, hands down, the best forum for advice and analysis on the internet. Looking for to seeing how horrible my team rates when that tool is up and running!

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        1. Stan The Man
          • Fantasy Football Scout Member
          5 years, 4 months ago

          +1 nice to see the continuous improvements!

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      • A.D.D
          5 years, 4 months ago

          anyone got le fodre like me?

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          1. A.D.D
              5 years, 4 months ago

              ill never play with 3 up top, always played cheapo 3rd

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          2. Canadian Football
            • Fantasy Football Scout Member
            5 years, 4 months ago

            Just did an analysis of RVP vs Rooney in the members area. I am not one to generally make a knee jerk decision. Some interesting results.

            Here are my findings over past 6 MATCHES;

            ICT Index - Rooney 88.5 vs RVP 77.6
            Time Played -ICT Index - Rooney 537mins vs RVP 551mins
            Goals - 4 vs RVP 3
            Assists - Rooney 3 vs RVP 1
            Fantasy points incl baps - Rooney 40 vs RVP 30
            Touches in final 3rd - Rooney 204 vs RVP 171
            Touches in Peno Area - Rooney 25 vs RVP 35
            ICT Index - Rooney 88.5 vs RVP 77.6
            Goal Attempts- Rooney 21 vs RVP 25
            Goal Attempts in box- Rooney 11 vs RVP 16
            Goal Attempts out of box- Rooney 10 vs RVP 9
            Goals from Penos - Rooney 1 vs RVP 0
            Shots ON target - Rooney 10 vs RVP 7
            Shot accuracy - Rooney 46% vs RVP 28%
            Chances Created - Rooney 13 vs RVP 12

            Is RVP worth the additional funds?? If i sold him today i would get 13.4 vs Rooney cost @ 11.8. I find that i tend to "fall in love" with RVP and am obliged to give him the armband each week due his price. No surprise that there seems to be a direct correlation between my overall rank and RVP performances. (I have slid dramatically since his last haul 4800 overall to 50,000) Another reason for conducting my analysis is that with the forthcoming xmas program, RVP is due a rest and I feel Rooney is nailed on to start every match as per SAF's comments the other day.

            Sorry for the long post but I feel that it is worth the discussion.

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            1. zan
                5 years, 4 months ago

                that info should stay in members area

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