Ibrahimovic Suffers Knee Injury

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has tonight suffered a knee injury which saw him hobble from the field in Manchester United’s Europa League victory over Anderlecht.

The striker fell awkwardly when leaping for a cross, appearing to hyperextend his knee joint. A stretcher was called, although the striker chose instead to make his own way from the field with the help of medical staff.

United also lost defender Marcos Rojo to injury in the same match on 23 minutes – also to a knee injury – with the Argentine now another major concern for Gameweek 34.

Post-match, Jose Mourinho was not keen to commit his views on both setbacks…

“I don’t think they’re easy injuries but I prefer to wait until all the tests are done”

However, when asked if he hoped the initial prognosis was “fairly positive” he replied “fairly negative” and confirmed them as likely bad injuries.

Further quotes then surfaced from Mourinho’s post-match press conference…

“My feeling is not good for both. I want to be optimistic but I’m not.”

Ibrahimovic has been the top attraction in the Fantasy Premier League transfer market ahead of United’s double Gameweek fixtures at Burnley and Manchester City – more than 89,000 had swooped early ahead of Saturday’s deadline to secure his services. His participation in those fixtures, and perhaps the season run-in, must now be in doubt.

The Swede’s absence paves the way for Marcus Rashford to maintain his recent run of form and step up. The 6.5 FPL option again put in a sparkling display and has now scored three goals in his last three outings in all competitions having struck United’s extra-time winner against the Belgians.

Rashford had already been brought in by 58,000+ ahead of United’s two fixtures, although there will be some concerns that he may be subject to a rest in the first fixture at Burnley on Sunday; the 19-year-old played 120 minutes and would perhaps need to be preserved for the City clash. Wayne Rooney, who returned to the bench for Thursday’s tie, could now be a factor at Turf Moor at least.

Mark Mark created the beast. He's now looking to tame it.”

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  1. David Slade
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
    1 year, 5 days ago

    With the Rojo injury too can Utd really be trusted for clean sheets? If Blind needs to play centre back that can't help them either. I was actually thinking of going DDG Bailly and Valencia before last nights game now I am not too sure.

    1. Konig Luther
        1 year, 5 days ago

        i was with 2 Utd defenders. They usually are reliable, but i'm also in doubt now.

      • BigJ4Realz
          1 year, 5 days ago

          Would not buy Valencia, will probably be rested for thursday. Bailly and DDG will play both, but would not count on them keeping any CSs.

      • chelseabrad
          1 year, 5 days ago

          Heaton Grant
          Davies Robertson Holebas Holgate Amat
          Coutinho Alli Zaha King De Roon
          Ibra Lukaku Aguero

          All 3 chips and wc to play, 0.3 itb 0ft , do I either:

          A) Ibra to Negredo (c) for -4, aoa this week, wc 35, tc36, bb37

          B) Ibra to Negredo (TC) for -4, wc36, bb37 then aoa 35/38

          C) Do something else?

          1. Donblaster
              1 year, 5 days ago


              1. chelseabrad
                  1 year, 5 days ago

                  Are there many good tc36 options though?

                  1. Donblaster
                      1 year, 5 days ago

                      Sanchez the obvious one. I'd rather Sanchez TC than Negredo TC

              2. Toothless
                • Fantasy Football Scout Member
                1 year, 5 days ago

                Vardy + Ibra -> Negredo + Benteke for -4 hit?

                Worth going even further and doing Brunt -> Bailly/Gibson for another hit (-8), and benching Tadic?

              3. Donblaster
                  1 year, 5 days ago

                  Have 2FTs and thinking this may be best way of looking at short term reward. Best option for next 2gws...

                  A) Ageuro (MUN, Mid) & Pickford (mid, BOU)

                  B) Benteke (liv, TOT, BUR) & De Gea (bur, mcy, SWA)

                  C) Negredo (bou, SUN, mcy) & De Gea (bur, mcy, SWA)

                  1. KingoftheRunts
                      1 year, 5 days ago

                      I like B

                  2. Krul Runnings
                    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
                    1 year, 5 days ago

                    Have we had any word on Alonso gents?

                    I'm hoping he has recovered from his illness/whatever it was.

                    1. MGD
                        1 year, 5 days ago

                        Need to know this aswell..

                    2. KingoftheRunts
                        1 year, 5 days ago

                        current front 8:

                        alli sanchez zaha king... hojberg (I know)
                        Lukaku Ibra Kane

                        ive already used my free transfer.

                        Is it worth doing ibra -> negredo/benteke/rashford or should I just leave hojberg to grind out his 1 or 2 points, if he even starts? alternatively could start robertson

                        apologies for the repost, got lost at the end of last page.

                        1. MGD
                            1 year, 5 days ago

                            I feel it would be worth to get ibra out at this point, even for -4.

                          • BigJ4Realz
                              1 year, 5 days ago

                              Defo do a -4 for Rashford/Negredo/Benteke. Think all three will give you at least 4 points and all should probably nick a goal. Hojberg is as you say not a certain starter..

                              I went Rashford even though he might be tired. Also went Lingard over Zaha though 🙂

                          • boogle
                              1 year, 5 days ago

                              Start Valencia or Holebas?

                              1. Netley Lucas
                                • Fantasy Football Scout Member
                                1 year, 5 days ago

                                Not sure WAT have the guts to keep HUL out, but MUN do seem to be able to grind-out results v top teams, maybe even @MAC? - can't see him playing @BUR though.

                                1. boogle
                                    1 year, 5 days ago

                                    No me either, tough one!

                                    I could always do Valencia > Gibson instead of Baines > Gibson and play Baines?

                              2. MGD
                                  1 year, 5 days ago

                                  Take another -4 (-8) to remove Ibra for Negredo OR play Baines?

                                  I think the question is:

                                  A) Baines +4
                                  B) Negredo

                                  Secondly: Should i be worry that any of these players should be benched and autosub off?
                                  1) Alonso
                                  2) Walker
                                  3) Tadic
                                  4) De Roon
                                  5) Valencia

                                  1. KingoftheRunts
                                      1 year, 5 days ago

                                      Everton WILL destroy us without a doubt, and tbh I'm not hopeful we'll score. Baines would be a safe pair of hands but negredo could get some big points

                                  2. KingoftheRunts
                                      1 year, 5 days ago

                                      thoughts? any suggestions appreciated

                                      A) negredo nice fixtures but... boro
                                      B) benteke form but horrible fixtures
                                      C) rashford is a rotation risk
                                      D) Aguero (getting him next week anyway so A,B,C would essentially be one week punts)

                                      currently winning all my MLs and got a decent OR but definitely erred in playing my wildcard in gw31

                                    • ROOTY7
                                        1 year, 5 days ago

                                        If i wildcard, will it get rid of my -8 already taken this week?

                                        1. Mithrandir, the Grey Pilgri…
                                          • Fantasy Football Scout Member
                                          1 year, 5 days ago

                                          Yes I think so?

                                        2. Ravas
                                            1 year, 5 days ago


                                        3. officialstaz
                                            1 year, 5 days ago

                                            I literally have no idea what to do with Zlatan seeing as I've already taken a -4 this GW.

                                            My current team looks like this:

                                            Heaton (Foster)

                                            Valencia/Gibson/Robertson (Mee/Yoshida)


                                            Kane/Lukaku (Zlatan)

                                            Should I ship him for -8 or just play Pedro?!

                                          • poulteren
                                            • Fantasy Football Scout Member
                                            1 year, 5 days ago

                                            do i swap out aguero or lukaku for negredo and captain him?

                                            thiking lukaku as he's away and doesnt tend to perform as well away from home. thanks

                                          • Ravas
                                              1 year, 5 days ago

                                              Hey, your thoughts on the below would be greatly appreciated!

                                              Jaku (Foster)
                                              Alonso, Valencia, Jagielka (Smith, Amat)
                                              Alli, Son, Sanchez, King (Carroll)
                                              Kane, Lukaku, Ibra

                                              A) Ibra to Benteke
                                              B) Ibra to Negredo
                                              C) Ibra to Rashford
                                              D) One of the above plus either Valencia\Foster to DDG\Bailly (-4)

                                              Thanks in advance.

                                              1. poulteren
                                                • Fantasy Football Scout Member
                                                1 year, 5 days ago


                                            • payasito
                                              • Fantasy Football Scout Member
                                              1 year, 5 days ago

                                              guys. really can't decide. I'm wildcarding on 36.

                                              who to get this week? king or zaha? I'm feeling King will get more points but would it be a huge mistake to get him? Probably gonna get benteke in for negredo on gw 35 so keep in mind next week as well. really need some help here. cheers.

                                              (apologies for the repost)

                                            • chisypasta
                                                1 year, 5 days ago

                                                I'm looking at wildcarding next week ready for the DGW 36/37. I've still got TC and BB to use.
                                                Currently I'm leaning towards this team:

                                                Forster, Pickford
                                                Monreal, Vertonghem, Clichy, Robertson, 4.2m DEF
                                                Ozil, Eriksen, King, Redmond, Sterling
                                                Aguero, Gabbi, Defoe

                                                DGW35 players - 5
                                                DGW36 players - 12

                                                Anything obvious I'm overlooking or just general advice appreciated!

                                              • Rasping Drive - Afghanistan…
                                                • Fantasy Football Scout Member
                                                1 year, 5 days ago

                                                Would you play de Roon ahead of any of these? I don't have my AOA chip left, and wish I hadn't blown it earlier!

                                                Sanchez (LEI) Alli (cpl) Coutinho (CPL) Zaha (liv TOT)
                                                Aguero (MUN) Kane (cpl) Lukaku (whm)

                                              • as33
                                                  1 year, 5 days ago

                                                  Siggi over De roon for DGW? Other players Hazard, Zaha, Alli

                                                  1. Nacho Novo
                                                    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
                                                    1 year, 5 days ago

                                                    Definitely. I'm confident of a siggy haul

                                                • Nacho Novo
                                                  • Fantasy Football Scout Member
                                                  1 year, 5 days ago

                                                  I'm going with Benteke (C) over Lukaku and Kane because he's on the telly twice this week.

                                                • Dopey44
                                                  • Fantasy Football Scout Member
                                                  1 year, 5 days ago

                                                  Would appreciate some advice. Got 1FT and nothing in bank.

                                                  Alonso Baines Walker
                                                  Sanchez Alli Erikson Coutinho
                                                  Negredo* Kaku Costa
                                                  (Randy) (Pieters) (Carroll) (Amat)

                                                  A - Walker to Bailly
                                                  B - Costa to Tekkers
                                                  C - Randy to De Gea
                                                  D - All the above! (-8)

                                                • ratski
                                                    1 year, 5 days ago

                                                    It was all looking so good. But the first time I play my transfers early it turns into a disaster
                                                    Jaku, valdes
                                                    Rojo, alonso, Robertson, Amat, yoshi
                                                    Ali, zaha, Sanchez, carrick, siggy
                                                    Luku, ibra, Kane

                                                    Already in -4, should I just smash out the wc I have. Wanted to save for the old bb37 15 players but my mini league is so tight I can't lose ground

                                                  • Dexy10
                                                      1 year, 5 days ago

                                                      The best trio?

                                                      A) Negredo, Sanchez, Gibson

                                                      B) Benteke, Sanchez, Friend

                                                      C) Benteke, Firminio, Alonso

                                                    • RMA
                                                        1 year, 4 days ago

                                                        Need advice. Should I:
                                                        A - Ibra to Benteke
                                                        B - Ibra to Negredo
                                                        C - Ibra to Kane

                                                        + play Heaton or Valdes?

                                                        Will play WC next GW so no long term considerations.