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Scout Notes – Gameweek 4 – Monday

Slaven Bilic relieves the pressure as he turns to a three-man defence, big Andy Carroll and an emphasis on crosses against a stubborn Huddersfield Town. A fortunate deflection sets them on their way, as the popular Chicharito fails to stem a tide of Fantasy sales.

Chicharito blanks in Carroll return

Owned by an army of 1.4 million Fantasy Premier League managers (27.7%), Chicharito was also burdened with the responsibility of 164,000 captaincy picks.

With Carroll returning to make a first start since April, he was very much playing off the big striker, with the Geordie the focal point of the Hammers attack down the middle.

But Chicharito had his opportunity – a first half effort which clipped the crossbar, one of only two touches in the box he enjoyed all evening.

More worryingly, it was the Mexican rather than the battle-weary Carroll who made way first, hooked on 63 minutes.

Shifted by 164,000 heading in Gameweek 4 and another 50,000 before he even kicked a ball last night, Chicharito’s sales now look likely to pick up pace.

His role could change to living off the knockdowns and scraps if the Hammers look to an aerial threat as a priority.

With Andre Ayew replacing him to score and assist, plus the return of Marko Arnautovic and Manuel Lanzini perhaps forcing a change of shape, there could even be mounting concerns on Chicharito’s minutes while Carroll remains available.

Doubts over his prospects come as a blow, given the current dearth of viable forward options around the 7.0 price tag.

Cresswell dominates set plays

While Michail Antonio was the most effective and eye-catching attacker on show at the London Stadium, Fantasy managers should also note the role played by Aaron Cresswell throughout.

Deployed as a wing-back in Slaven Bilic’s 3-4-2-1, Cresswell hogged set-pieces right and left and ended the match with 19 crosses – more than any other player in Gameweek 4.

Of course, this might not continue.

Arnautovic has now served out his ban and will surely be a factor on dead balls in the Gameweek 5 trip to West Brom.

Lanzini will be another protagonist at set-plays, although his return date remains uncertain as he continues to recover from a knee injury.

Mark Mark created the beast. He's now looking to tame it.”

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  1. JoeSnowUK
      5 months, 11 days ago

      Is it suicide to go without Kane if you have Alli/Eriksen? Shifting Kane allows more a much more balanced front 3 and midfield

      1. Slouch87
          5 months, 11 days ago

          All I can say is I tried that last week. Draw your own conclusions.

        • ORIGINAL Uncle Bens Reus
            5 months, 11 days ago

            Lukaku to morata is an option I'm looking at that allows more balance

          • john1954
              5 months, 10 days ago

              Same question I'm pondering but I decided to bring in Kane as Spurs have some decent fixtures and Kane is starting to bang them in again

          • Creedey
            • Fantasy Football Scout Member
            5 months, 11 days ago

            Smooth: Captained Kane for the 3rd time in row, kept my faith in KDB and Jesus, and did Stones -> Davies last minute after looking at Spurs' wonderful run of games coming up.

            1. That Was Easy!
              • Fantasy Football Scout Member
              5 months, 11 days ago

              Very nice stuff, Creedey.

              1. Creedey
                • Fantasy Football Scout Member
                5 months, 11 days ago

                Cheers, Sanchez!

          • LALLANAS IN PYJAMAS... the …
              5 months, 11 days ago

              On a scale of 1- 6, Danilo nailedness?

              1. thebikeryogi
                • Fantasy Football Scout Member
                5 months, 11 days ago


            • Fabregas Magic Hats @Kenyay…
              • Fantasy Football Scout Member
              5 months, 11 days ago

              Little Pea is too rebound-dependent in his goals to count on....

            • Giroud's Beard
                5 months, 11 days ago

                Help please!

                Elliot (Foster)
                Davies | Cedric | Hegazi (Mee, Mariappa)
                Mkhi | Salah | Eriksen | Xhaka (Carrol)
                Jesus | Kaku | Firminho
                2FT, 0.7mil ITB

                Spurs have a great run of fixtures so I nee to try get Kane in so my initial thoughts are:
                Jesus -> Kane
                Salah -> D.Silva
                Xhaka -> Atsu
                Reasoning for these trades are Silva gives me City cover after losing Jesus. Atsu because I cant afford much else and Newcastle have a decent fixture run coming.

                Any other ideas suggestions are welcome....

                1. john1954
                    5 months, 10 days ago

                    Sounds like your in a similar position to me, playing wildcard this week to maintain my decent start of 225 points.
                    My wildcard looks like this
                    Foster, Elliot
                    Davies, Gomez, Hegazi, Fosu, Range
                    Ericsson, Mikky, Silva, Doucoure, Carroll
                    Lukaku, Firming, Kane but only 0.1 ITB

                2. J.Litmanen
                    5 months, 10 days ago

                    Should I A: Do a wildcard from this team:

                    Lloris (Hart)
                    Yoshida Alonso Sánchez ( Hegazi Rangel)
                    Mkhitaryan Matic Salah Eriksen Xhaka
                    Chicharito Lukaku (Rooney)


                    Forster (Hart)
                    Davies Alonso Hegazi (Gámez Rangel)
                    Mkhitaryan Salah Eriksen Matic (Groß)
                    Lukaku Firmino Welbeck?

                    Or simply use a FT on which player?

                    1. flipthebuzzard
                      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
                      5 months, 10 days ago

                      Definitely not wc, not enough changes to warrant it in my opinion.

                      Do whatever move frees the most cash with the FT then take a hit if you can do another or if you need to change two to make the next moves happen do it next week.

                  • Jojo1
                      5 months, 10 days ago

                      Pls help.........

                      Alonso & Chicarito for Davies & Firmino/Vardy?

                      Also have Kane & Lukaku in attack

                      1. flipthebuzzard
                        • Fantasy Football Scout Member
                        5 months, 10 days ago

                        Losing Alonso bound to hurt you, it just will... but Bavies and Firm

                        I have same

                    • foreverton
                        5 months, 10 days ago

                        How has Mounie been playing? How many chances to score?

                      • TONY123
                          5 months, 10 days ago

                          Pogba to --->
                          A) Mahrez
                          B) Coutinho
                          C) Gross

                          1. john1954
                              5 months, 10 days ago

                              What about Mikky?

                          2. Whits
                            • Fantasy Football Scout Member
                            5 months, 10 days ago

                            Who's the biggest risk not to start this weekend?

                            A) Willian
                            B) Hernandez
                            C) Stephens

                          3. mranonymous
                              5 months, 10 days ago

                              Best budget/4.5m defender?

                              I'm currently on Naughton, Mee, Moreno (punt), I need 1 more.... Perhaps a Brighton boy?

                              Thank you for your help

                            • somato
                                5 months, 8 days ago

                                Please help? Deciding whether using WC or not?

                                Current team
                                De gea Elliott
                                Yoshida | Daniels | Bavis | Suttner | Mee
                                Pogba | Willian | Brady | Eriksen | Carrol
                                Lukaku | Kane | Mounie

                                WC Team
                                Foster l Elliott
                                Jones | Mendy | Bavis | Kiko | Lascelles
                                Choupo-Moting | Doucoure | Brady | Eriksen | Carrol
                                Morata | Kane | Aguero

                                0.01 ITB

                                Appreciated any comments.

                                Thank you for your time