Captain Sensible

Who are the best FPL captain options for Gameweek 7?

Fantasy Premier League (FPL) managers are looking to Chelsea, Manchester United and West Ham United for the Gameweek 7 captaincy, and as per usual, the Captain Sensible article is here to highlight which assets have the best chance of hauling.

First, we will assess the fallout of the Gameweek 7 Captain Poll, before then analysing the best options, Rate My Team (RMT) and the Premier Fantasy Tools ratings ahead of Saturday’s 11:00 BST deadline.


Romelu Lukaku (£11.7m) leads the captain poll so far, having gained just under half of total votes from our users at the time of writing.

Second-placed Cristiano Ronaldo (£12.7m) has received 24.01% of votes ahead of his home match against Everton.

Michail Antonio (£8.0m) occupies third-place with 7.49%, with the top-five list completed by Mohamad Salah (£12.6m) and Bruno Fernandes (£11.9m), with 3.26% and 3.14% respectively.


Lukaku on target as Chelsea assets prosper at Arsenal 2


1Salah (17)Fernandes (20)Mane (3)
2Salah (3)Fernandes (1)Mane (8)
3Son (10)Antonio (11)Fernandes (2)
4Ronaldo (13)Salah (8)Lukaku (13)
5Salah (12)Mane (8)Ronaldo (6)
6Ronaldo (2)Salah (7)Antonio (8)


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  1. Bobby Digital
    • 4 Years
    7 months, 24 days ago

    Anyone thought about KDB from GW8 ➡ ?

    1. fricky_
        7 months, 24 days ago

        He's in from GW 12-21 for me I think

        • 2 Years
        7 months, 24 days ago

        No thanks. Premium mid which has only started one match this season and likely will not feature every match due to being made of glass.

        The KDB ship has sailed.

      • NABIL - FPL otai
        • 9 Years
        7 months, 24 days ago

        One to monitor first

    2. Northernmonkeyz
        7 months, 24 days ago

        Hey. How is this looking?
        I can redo the team weekly with my work FF.
        Can also set 2 boosters (double points)

        Rudiger Semedo Cancelo
        Salah Saka Raphinha Grealish
        C Lukaku B Antonio B Ronaldo

        Should I swap Grealish, Saka and Cancelo?

      • Mr Ozil
        • 7 Years
        7 months, 24 days ago

        Jota > Mount for -4

        Yes or No? I don’t have Lukaku

      • Oscar Slater
        • Fantasy Football Scout Member
        • 7 Years
        7 months, 24 days ago

        Chaps...I don't really watch Crystal Palace much so I would be grateful of a couple of opinions on Conor Gallagher. I know he can't sustain 6.4ppg in the long term but does he look like a genuine 10 goals, 10 assists prospect for this season? I need a < 6m fourth mid and on paper he fits the bill.

        1. Oscar Slater
          • Fantasy Football Scout Member
          • 7 Years
          7 months, 24 days ago

          I guess I shouldn't have posted this on an old article! 🙂

        2. Maeki2
          • Fantasy Football Scout Member
          • 1 Year
          7 months, 24 days ago

          Lol no, if whole palace is even able to outscore lewandowski for a season i would be suprised. Palace have big problems in the final 1/3. Gallager gives them more opportunites but if he cant get more help from his teammates there will be no goals or assists

          1. Oscar Slater
            • Fantasy Football Scout Member
            • 7 Years
            7 months, 24 days ago

            Cheers. Surprised you found me down here! 🙂

      • Oldie99
        • Fantasy Football Scout Member
        • 3 Years
        7 months, 24 days ago

        How many minutes do you need for each Million you spend on a City player?

        I’m considering Cancelo Dias Foden on a wc, which is 20.0 total for 3 players in the scoringest team in the league, as long as I have a playing bench this feels like a pretty good way to tap into the numerous 5-0 wins and the occasional times that Foden gets 18 points?

      • Freddiemac123
        • 1 Year
        7 months, 24 days ago

        Greenwood out for Raph? Also who best to replace Ayling? Cheers

      • 1314
        • 7 Years
        7 months, 24 days ago

        who is more nailed between Saka & ESR ?

      • MohamedOthman7
          7 months, 24 days ago

          I go with alonso

        • suhhnny
          • Fantasy Football Scout Member
          • 8 Years
          7 months, 23 days ago

          On a WILDCARD 1.6M ITB



          Salah/Grealish/Sarr/Raphinha/Douglas Luiz