How to use my stats tables and public stats tables

What are Stats tables?

Statistics (or stats) tables are a useful tool when you want to dilute a lot of the data at your disposal. With a stats table, you can narrow down your selection to a limited set of players or teams and handpick a series of statistics to make your research easier.

How do I make a table for Player stats/ Team stats?

The drop-down box immediately below the description allows you to decide whether the table will display stats for players or teams.

Some of the data is specific to either players or teams – they are marked “Players only” or Teams only” respectively.

If a stat has neither written next to it, it can be used for both table types.

You can choose up to 10 statistics for each table. To restrict the number of players in your table, you can either limit the selection down to a single playing position or apply some conditions. For example, setting “Goals” to a minimum of one would exclude any player yet to find the net.

The final dropdown box, “Do you want to share your table with other Members?”, determines whether it appears on the Public tables list. If you select “Yes”, it will appear on the public tables list. If you select “No”, only you will be able to view the table. 

What filters would someone see when viewing my table?

If you opt for “Table should use globally set filters”, anyone visiting your table will be able to choose whichever filter they want. 

However, if you design your table to work with a set data range (ie, last four Gameweeks) you might be best to use “Table should use its own fixed filters” instead. 

How do I find a table?

There are a few ways to find a table.

The first is to be sent a URL which links directly to the table – this is the easiest way. Alternatively, you can use the search function to search for a table by the author’s name or by a tag assigned to the table such as “Goals”.

If a table you are looking for is a well-known public table, you can sort public tables by rating by clicking on the “Votes” button.

Useful public tables

Popular stats tables include:

Joe’s “Goals Imminent” table designed to list players whose underlying stats suggest they are due to score soon.

Doosra’s “Deadly Assassins” table designed to highlight the best goalscorers based on recent data.

If you are looking for an easy table to get started with, try making a basic table looking at attacking stats with fixed filters of “Last four Gameweeks”. You could try replicating the one below!