The Big Numbers – Gameweek 2

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As another Gameweek edges towards its conclusion, we handpick the standout statistics over Saturday and Sunday’s nine Premier League fixtures. Andre Villas-Boas’ shift to 4-3-3 brings a Tottenham new boy onto our radar, a certain Saints frontman catches our attention, City’s midfield schemer offers goal promise, while a trio of Everton’s assets also make the cut:

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  1. I am really surprised at the reaction of people over Mata not starting. He hardly had any pre-season, looked way off the pace against Villa, how could he start such a big game? Anyone remember how he started last season? That was after first International break he started to score.

  2. Smart move by Jose. Pack midfield. A draw is a good result.

    1. We will see shortly.

    2. looks like he's using this an attacking ploy, mobility causes disorganisation.

      If he was after 0-0 i think the mighty Jon Obi would get a start.

  3. Just under 2 hours to enter Last Man Standing.

    63 or more in GW1 qualifies. Code is 58-324

    940 qualified so far. Lowest 40 odd gameweek scores after hits get knocked out.

    Aiming for 1000 entries.

    1. Joined earlier,cheers

    2. You better be right. I am taking another hit! ;-)

    3. Best league around

      1. :lol:

        It will be when the business end starts.

    4. Just joined :)

    5. Joined

    6. rm9

      Already in, thanks for doing it!

      1. Cheers & good luck. :)

    7. joined

    8. Just threw my hat in the ring TM

    9. Joined, cheers!

  4. Michael Owen says Hazard is up front on ESPN Star Sports India.

    1. Hazard not up front then ;)

      1. Definitely rule that out then.

      2. Their analysis makes me believe so. ;)

    2. Owen played for Stoke

    3. He was commentating for NBC on the weekend, Owen gets around.

    4. Mourinho hasn't said who it is yet as far as i can see...I hope it's Hazard...

  5. I left Hazard leaving my emotions aside & following the rule "FPL is business"

    Really scared that he'll do some business too now :-(

  6. Dear Mr. Hazard:

    Please score.



    1. -1

      1. So all your team played already. I see

  7. Ben Affleck lone forward?? I hope not...

  8. New Article Posted
  9. I will be bold and say 0-2 to Chelsea. Goals From Ivanovic and Schurrle.

  10. It would be so much more simple if they called this the Wayne Cup - winner takes all (and 200,000 a week wages)

  11. .

    Chelsea to expose Cleverly as the poor midfielder he is tonight.

  12. Score prediction after seeing line ups:

    2-1 United!

  13. If Romelu doesn't come on I've fielded 10 players this GW. Shocking.

  14. 0-0 at 10/1. Worth a punt.

    1. marvelous work

  15. New Post
  16. Rio... come on man...

  17. How is Mata not on the pitch. Wrong

  18. for Wk 3 - Best defender to Sub for Ivanovic ... under 5.0 (i already have Whittaker)

    Lovren (5.0), Collins (4.5), Shaw (4.7), Chambers (4.0), Fonte (4.5) ??

    Pick one, thanks!!

    1. Shaw

  19. I can see why Lukaku is benched, Chelsea have such a vivacious cutting edge without him. Oh wait... Mourinho is losing it.

    1. *vicious :D

    2. Hands down he' s the best striker they have

  20. I have no clue who to transfer lukaku out for... i can sell for 7.8 and I have .5 in the bank. Thoughts?

    1. my other 2 are Soldado and Dzeko btw

    2. Rickie Lambert would be my pick!

  21. Should i get RVP in guys?

    1. Gameweek 6 is when I plan on getting him! :)

  22. Is Luke Shaw injured? Anyone know status?

  23. Hey people. Anyone know whats doing on with Briggs (FULHAM)? He started GW1, but not GW2. Is he just not a starter or something more?

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