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As ever in the busy festive season, the games arrive thick and fast, and with them come the inevitable yellow cards and ill-timed suspensions. As of Boxing Day, though, there are just 180 minutes left for players to negotiate before the threshold is increased from five yellows to 10 (and the sanction from one match to two) on January 1. Unfortunately for some, 2014 didn’t come soon enough, as their fifth yellows duly arrived over the weekend’s action.

At Selhurst Park, not one, but two men fell foul of the Suspension Tightrope, and will spend Boxing Day watching from the stands. Old favourite Cheick Tioté was the first to fall, troubling the referee’s notebook just after the hour mark for a foul on Joel Ward. The Newcastle midfielder’s indiscretion was his fifth yellow this term and his 38th in just three and a half seasons in the Premier League – a true Tightrope stalwart.

Meanwhile, following him onto the ban list later in the game was the Eagles budget striker Marouane Chamakh. The Moroccan ensured he’d follow this week’s blank with another one, but he still has some way to go to match Tioté’s output – despite arriving in England in the same summer as the Ivorian destroyer, Chamakh has accrued a rather more respectable 11 yellow cards.

Another to have filled his quota of bookings this weekend, and joining Tioté and Chamakh in missing Gameweek 18, is our longest-serving Tightrope resident. Having watched team-mate Fabian Delph return from suspension and pick up his sixth booking on Saturday, Villa midfielder Ashley Westwood finally succumbed to a one-match suspension on his ninth game balancing on the high wire. Westwood’s longevity certainly gives hope to both Premier League and Fantasy managers distracted by the card counts of their charges and fearing the worst.

Completing the bans for this week was the rock at the heart of Sunderland’s new-found defensive resolve, Wes Brown. The Black Cats have been much improved at the back, with four clean sheets in seven attributed to Brown’s return to fitness but, when faced by Ricky van Wolfswinkel en route to the corner flag last Saturday, Brown lost his head and launched two-footed at the Dutchman’s legs. There was only one likely outcome and referee Martin Atkinson duly dished a straight red that will see Brown miss the entire holiday schedule. Sunderland’s promising clean sheet chances at Everton and Cardiff and home to Aston Villa in the next three games suddenly don’t look quite so enticing without him.

Jack Wilshere and Paulinho remain on the sidelines form Gameweek 18. The pair serve the last of their respective two- and three-match bans before returning for the weekend’s round of matches, whilst Chelsea’s Michael Essien will, of course, be available for selection once this evening’s match at the Emirates has passed.

Elsewhere amongst the weekend’s early Christmas cards, there were a smattering of fourth yellows, with Brown’s Sunderland team-mate Seb Larsson, Ciaran Clark of Aston Villa, Stoke City’s Marc Wilson and Billy Jones of West Brom all now finding themselves listed on the bulging Tightrope widget. A 27-strong band now head into the last two games of the year attempting to avoid the yellow card that will tip them over the edge.

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  1. Anyone planning Ramsey > Walcott if you paid 7+ for Rambo?

    1. i think ramsey has entered into a zone where his value is too much to get rid incase u ever had to buy him back

      1. +1. Unless Walcott starts playing points catchup over the next 3 GWs

      2. I only recently bought him at 7.5 though... If I hadn't been naive and jumped on the bandwagon earlier I would even think about ditching him. Just think Walcott will outscore Ramsey from now until season's end.

    2. Have walcot for three weeks now, and did Ramsey to silva yesterday.

    3. want 4 premium mid + i solve the problem by going 352

    4. same Ancelotti, my selling value is 7.4m and I'm thinking of shipping for Cabaye today before he rises (already have Walcott, Silva and Hazard)

  2. I still haven't finished last years Christmas shopping yet.

    1. Amazon prime free trial ftw

      1. thats how they get you

        1. Yeah remind me to cancel it in January please mate

          1. You can cancel straight away and still get the full trial, Beric

      2. This is my first christmas of boycotting Amazon...challenging, especially when there's an apocalypse going on outside

        1. I was gunna not use amazon but I broke my leg so...

    2. I'll wait

  3. guys
    does Gjohnson to walker for free sounds good?
    especially looking at next 5 fixtures..westbrom+stoke+CRY all HOME..
    and LiVpl have terrible ones!
    or should i save ft and play distin+coleman+Ward??

    1. Why walker? Save some money with Dawson.

      1. setpieces...

        1. Emp

          Sounds like a good move if no other pressing matters in your team

  4. What's happening here, I take dog for a walk and come back and all hell has broken loose.

    1. A dog walking a dog, this I gotta see

      1. That would be a guide dog then wouldn't it

      2. Ha, I thought its a john terry reference.

    2. well if you believe the daily mail your dog should have become a kite

  5. Other than Suarez - top 3 must have's for the rest of Decembers games?

    1. There are no "Must" haves, but if you wanna know the three picks likely to do very well



    2. Silva/Yaya/Ozil for me.

      1. Ozil will soon be rested

      2. And why SIlva?

        he only has 2 in the next 3 considering he'll miss the CRY game

        1. Why is it that he'll miss the CRY game?

          1. Guess work. 1 card away from suspension.

            It's as good a call as you can throw mud at.

    3. Coleman, Rooney, Yaya

  6. Midfield under £8m... anyone got a better suggestion than Cabaye?
    (lost on last page)

    1. check again, not lost

      1. Dempsey? Maybe its you who's lost! lol

        1. How much will Dempsey be?

    2. Lallana, Mirallas, Ramsey

  7. Still worth hanging on to Lukaku?

    1. If he can't score against a patched up Sunderland defence at home then I'm shipping him. I wouldn't ditch him before though.

    2. Fixtures and play say yay! but still worried

    3. No , he could sell his boots as brand new on eBay

    4. Marked out of the game against Swansea (and looked a bit poor to be fair). BUT some cracking fixtures coming up, so a good time to have him.

  8. Heavy snow predicted next week in England?

    Could do with a few DGWs apart from the usual FA Cup ones

    1. Sweden has already promised that the first 10,000 refugees will get citizenships.

    2. North England is called Scotland

      1. don't become a geography teacher :)

  9. Play Burner (Soton at home) or Ward (Villa away) ?

    1. Burner 100%

  10. Have found a weakness in Lukaku's game.

    He seems to struggle with positioning against settled defences.

    Apart from that all his other stats are 20.

    1. *might have found

    2. fair enough, it's hardly even close to as interesting as that collection of clouds over London

  11. I just got one of those on demand router boxes free from sky.
    Been through about 400 pages of options and can't find one thing worth watching.
    Can see it being xmas present for someone

    1. Seen all of Downton Abbey then?

      1. Wouldn't even if you nailed me to a chair and stapled my eyelids open

        1. You do surprise me. :-)

          1. Boobs, sport n violence is what I look for on tv

            1. so basically rugby

              1. 1970s rugby yip
                Real streakers then

        2. 101 damatians should fit you like a glove

          1. Bloody pure breeds, think their all that

  12. I think if u want to make up ground this is the week to do it with Suarez at City. You could fall even further behind but making up ground seems harder this year so this is one of the few chances to.

    Rooney (c)

    1. I have tried since GW1 to make up ground - I have given up. My mini league leader keeps getting double figures from Shelvey, Amalfitano and Lallana. I didnt captain Suarez vs Spurs and lost even more ground. 90+ pts to make up and I think they will captain Suarez. Rooney does tempt me for armband - they dont have him

  13. Score for tonight? 1-1 I think

    1. 0-0 or 1-0 to Chelsea ...

    2. 2-1

    3. 2-0 Arsenal

    4. Shite and here i am putting money on +2.5 goals

    5. 1-1 is a decent shout

    6. 2-2

    7. Wouldn't suprise me if 0-0

  14. Play gabbidon (avl) or burner (SOU)?

  15. Really worried about the game going ahead tonight. My train to London is so badly disrupted by this weather that its running on time. That never happens!

    1. Running with the Wind ?

  16. History of the club

    History of the city

    Document check

    Some football knowledge questions

    Competency and scenario based testing

    Football skills

    Quantitative and verbal reasoning

    Favourite players and managers and why

    1. Haha, I'm a Birmingham fan who spent my first 25 years living there but am now in London, am I cool?

      1. Although I guess bcfc aren't really the sort of team you mean

    2. easier to get citizenships in many countries

    3. So now you thing against the disabled too :roll:

      1. No mate why

        The test will be administered in a fair way talking disabilities and any other needs into account

        If people cannot answer they'll use sign language and interviewers will have an interpreter

        Or they can type or do what steven hawking does

        It will be equal opportunities

        1. :lol: "do what steven hawking does"

          Equal opportunities as long as they're born in the right city?

    4. Sorry mods reply fail please delete thanks

    5. Last post required proof of working class roots

      Now requiring competency based assessment

      Next we'll have to bring along our Dad's for interview

      What a load of annoying elitist BS

      1. Lol mate competency and numerical reasoning was obviously a joke

        Its not an interview for a ****ing accountancy job at a 'big 4' or whatever it is people get excited about

        I didn't say anything about working class although you do see the irony in accusing me of being an elitist who insists on working class roots right

  17. @ Ronh,
    I wish you had told me you were gonna have sex with my girlfriend. She hasn't had the all clear from the clinic yet.

    1. Any port in a storm philosophy

    2. Who's that, Marissa Piper?


    3. Oddly enough neither has Ronh...

  18. Considering that Wenger has consistantly failed against Mourinho, I'd suggest a 0-2 or 1-2 scoreline. Chelsea are way overpriced at 9/4

    1. Has failed yeah but with weaker sides . Tables do turn though and bookmakers aint ids.

  19. New Article Posted
  20. Juan Mata has scored in each of his last 4 vs Arsenal. 11/1 with PP for first goal (7/2 anytime).

    Thank me later.

  21. If you could choose, which goalkeeper would you want for the next 6 weeks?

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