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The last few Gameweeks have seen a number of midfielders stepping up in performance and offering us alternatives to the template picks. As Fantasy managers reassess their options and roll out the winter wildcards, we thought we’d turn to the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) in the members section in order to assess their current form:

We’ve hand-picked a number of midfielders across the price brackets for this article. Those whose displays have hogged the headlines in recent matches are joined by the popular Fantasy options as we compare their KPI statistics from the last six Gameweeks to the first 16 league matches of the season. For those members unfamiliar with the KPI stats, as previously explained, they focus on the frequency of key stats or events in order to track player form.

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  1. Flanagan a better option than Vlaar?

    1. JKi
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member

      Probably not tbh

      1. Why so? Surely has better CS potential. Just depends how long Johnson is out for + if he can replace sissoko that won't matter.

        1. Better CS potential? Put down the pipe.

    2. I'd say he was

  2. Hurry up FPL deadline.

    At least being on WC gives me something to do. Not really. :(

  3. He might have got an assist but I just can't see anything in Ozil whatsoever..He's not worth 10 mill in FPL and not worth 10 mill in real life..let alone 40 mill.. He's damn near bordering on idle. Wishire and Ramsey are better players than he is...and by quite a distance.

    1. JKi
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member

      I wanna get rid tonight, just got no idea who for for a punt.

      Maybe Willian or Lampard, but we won't see Chelsea line-up before deadline

      1. Well you have my two punts for the week already...

        1. JKi
          • Fantasy Football Scout Member

          exactly, not a lot left since I own the 2 guys at the top of your list already.

          Might check Newcastle's defensive stats, as Snodgrass' stats look good

    2. this is just wrong

    3. I'm sure he will have his moments, he has undeniable quality but is like you say, lazy.

      1. I'm sure he will but who knows what's going on at the moment..he's straight forward poor at times. I loved watching him earlier in the season but he's like a different player now.

    4. I'm just going to wait him to explode with two double-figures points in a row

    5. You can't base your entire opinion on a player from just a handful of games, his vision is incredible, there aren't many that even come near to his quality

    6. May not be worth 10m on FPL, but certainly worth 40m, he involves every player in the game. Gels the whole team.

    7. Take a quick stroll through his history he's worth every penny of the 40 mil. It's his first season in the PL and he's done rather well and he's still very young. Once he becomes a little more consistent he will be golden

    8. If only you could combine the attributes of Ozil and Lennon
      Ozil thinks and doesn't run while Lennon runs and doesn't think. Neither are good options for FPL.

  4. Best 4.9 or under Mid ?

    1. JKi
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member


      1. Have Johnson, so that leaves punch and noone. Does zaha's arrival threaten noone's playing time?

        1. JKi
          • Fantasy Football Scout Member

          possibly, but reckon he might play on the other wing

          1. Whee does that leave whittingham?

      2. Totally agree with the No one comment

        1. In what way do you agree?

          1. No one under 5 million

  5. Advise for this GW? Thinking about Negredo > Bony/Benteke?

    Marshall, Speroni
    Koscielny, Coleman, Kolarov Chester, Ward
    Hazard, Silva, Lallana Januzaj, Ki
    Suarez, Negredo, Giroud
    2M in the bank.

    Messed up my WC by not bringing in Aguero! maybe in 2 GW's i will get him in.

  6. Which two would you pick for a WC team out of the following:

    A. Johnson

    B. Eriksen

    C. Cabaye

    D. Lallana

    1. JKi
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member

      A and C

    2. Cabaye and Lallana

    3. cabaye & eriksen

    4. Cabaye seems the most popular so. Thanks.

  7. Best 2 cheap keepers that rotate please? ....Quite Like Speroni/Marshall myself...?

    1. JKi
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member

      Adrian and Mannone

    2. Rotation's not bad but I don't see many Cardiff CS's.

      Speroni & McGregor isn't bad, but Hull have some tricky home games. Foster & Boruc is a bit dearer but looks pretty decent...

  8. Jan Aage Fjortoft ‏@JanAageFjortoft 18m
    Re: Draxler

    I understand that Schalke and Arsenal have agreed a fee.
    If he will leave now I don't know. But this is latest info

  9. Quality by Kos..he's quick, did just enough there.

  10. at what minutes Podolski will get his hattrick?

    1. Any minute now.

  11. Bony or Benny?

  12. Coventry should have scored by now.

  13. New Post
  14. Is either of Yaya or Ozil worth 10m?

    1. Yaya is.

    2. Ozil if he is a bit more consistent

  15. Ok, Arsenal play everyone in the the top 7 in the next 11 gw's is Arsenal defence really essential? probably not but i'll be getting one nonethless.

    I have Chesney in goals (bought at 5.6m, now 5.8) but thinking wise to sell for cheaper rotation on WC e.g. Boruc/Mannone and get Koscielny (5.6m) instead for the next 2, at least.

    Is this a good move??

  16. What would you do with this lot and 2 FTs?

    Mignolet / Kelvin Davis
    Fonte / Mertesacker / Terry / Ward / Coleman
    Redmond / Yaya Touré / Januzaj / Barkley / Özil
    Suárez / Giroud / Lukaku

    2 FT, £1.4m in the bank.

    Upgrade migs and giroud?

    1. or am i kidding myself and need hazard

  17. RMWCT:

    Coleman Azpilicueta Kos
    Hazard Silva Erikson cabeye
    Agureo Suarez Welbeck

    Manone Januzaj Ward faye

  18. My team
    Is this team ok or not

  19. Which set of players would you have?

    A) speroni, ward, ozil and sturridge


    B) boruc, Flanagan, lallana, rooney

  20. Anyone else who still hasn't hit the WC ?

    Or am I the only one ? :D

  21. Crazy to go with this defense on a WC?

    Mannone / Adrian
    Koscielny / Sagna / Bardsley / Parr / Burner.

    It ensures i have 3 playable defenders every week.
    Will start both arsenal players only when there is a plum fixture, otherwise just Kosc will play.


  22. Hello,

    Any thoughts on my WC draft would be highly appreciated.

    Boruc Davis
    Coleman Terry Ward Collins MOlsson
    Hazard Mata Silva Cabaye Jedinak
    Suarez Aguero Bony

    Thank you.

Scout Picks

For Gameweek 35

  • Adrián
  • Zabaleta
  • Ivanovic
  • Skrtel
  • Salah
  • Gerrard
  • Mata
  • Eriksen
  • Suárez
  • Adebayor
  • Aguero
  • Caulker
  • Ramsey
  • Lambert



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Last updated: 23 Apr, 2014 6:50am
Player Club Factors
No Change Hart MCI C, Vs
Up Mannone SUN B, Vs, £
Up De Gea MUN C, Vs
No Change Szczesny ARS B, Vs
Up Foster WBA B, Vs
No Change Guzan AVL B
Up Stockdale FUL B, Vs, £
Up McGregor HUL C, Inj


Last updated: 23 Apr, 2014 6:49am
Player Club Factors
Up Demichelis MCI B, Vs
Down Ivanovic CHE B
Up Koscielny ARS B, Vs
Up Alonso SUN B, Vs, £
Up Smalling MUN B, Vs, Rest
Up Kaboul TOT B
No Change Skrtel LIV B
Down Baines EVE A, VsX
No Change Vlaar AVL B, £
Up Caulker CAR A
Up Chester HUL C, £


Last updated: 22 Apr, 2014 7:15pm
Player Club Factors
Up Eriksen TOT A
Up Mata MUN B, Vs
Up Ramsey ARS A, Vs
Up Sterling LIV A, £
Up Nasri MCI B, Vs
Down Gerrard LIV B
Down Lallana SOT C
No Change Johnson SUN C, Vs
Up Y Touré MCI C, Vs, Inj
Up Amalfitano WBA A, Vs, £
Up Arnautovic STO A, £


Last updated: 22 Apr, 2014 7:14pm
Player Club Factors
No Change Suárez LIV A
Up Aguero MCI C, Vs
Up Rooney MUN B, Vs
Up Bony SWA A
Up Borini SUN B, Vs, £
Up Podolski ARS A, Vs
Down Adebayor TOT B
Down Lukaku EVE B, VsX
No Change Rodallega FUL B, Vs, £

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A, B, C Current Form
Vs Favourable Fixtures
VsX Unfavourable Fixtures
Rest Rotation Risk
Inj Injured/Returning from Injury
OoP Out of Position
£ Potential Bargain
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