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Fantasy managers have just one match to entertain us this evening as United play their final home game of what has been a tumultuous first campaign of the post-Ferguson era. Ryan Giggs’ brief tenure as interim-manager of the Red Devils has already served up an impressive hammering of Norwich before Sunderland quickly burst the bubble of optimism last weekend:

Giggs makes as many as eight alterations from the side that lost to the Black Cats, with the Welshman joinging the likes of Nemanja Vidic, Juan Mata and Robin Van Persie on the bench. Once again, the hosts are without Wayne Rooney, who has failed to recover from the illness and/or groin problem that saw him miss the Black Cats clash.

Steve Bruce makes five changes for visitors Hull – with their top-flight survival now secured, the Tigers manager’s teamsheet clearly has one eye on the upcoming FA Cup Final clash against Arsenal.

Our Twitter feed carries all the news from tonight’s team sheets, while the Dugout Discussion chatroom remains open to collect your real-time reactions to this evening’s events.

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  1. Score check: 51 with Yaya Dzeko and Manonne to go.

    1. Syd

      I'm afraid to look

    2. Bugger all (-4) with 2(possibly) to go

    3. 61(-4) Mannone/Johnson/Yaya/Dzeko(c)....

      1. Would be similar if I had a different chelsea defender! Good call with Dzeko (c)

        1. I had Azpi as well-replaced by Coleman!

          1. We have pretty much the same team, except I had Eriksen over AJ and Smalling over Evra, and your vastly superior bench coming in vs. my Chester and Dann both coming in for 0 :(

    4. Big hairy bollocks

      1. so
        so eloquent

      2. Impressive, hits?

        1. Just a few scratches

  2. What's your worst single transfer of the entire season?

    Mine was Coleman > Cahill for a hit before GW35. 11 points vs -3 points (1 minus 4). :|

    1. Syd


      He keeps getting injured

    2. Oh god where do I start

      Elements of bad luck in a lot of them but bringing in Bardsley 2 weeks ago (above brown) was bad . Obvious he would not get his place back after the team had just got results v Cheksea & citeh

      Pretty stupid

    3. GW5 back when I was playing this game and making a lot of foolish decisions I brought in Michu and Rooney for a hit only to find out he was injured later in the week so I took another hit to sell him for HBA. Both HBA and Rooney under-performed severely and I ended up with 35 (-8) points, a huge red arrow and a GW rank of about 2.5 million

  3. Yes... I've broken the 30 point mark!

    1. Oh no. I've taken a -8. :(

  4. Now I am out of running to cash in my mini league I'm thinking of taking shedload of hits to create awesome looking team given I have to look at the pricks all off -season.

    Def Suarez Aguero RVP up front... At this stage Hazard Ramsey Yaya in the middle :-)

    1. Hazard rested
      Ramsey rested
      Aguero is a crock
      RVP probably benched

      I may go super punty just for kicks
      Sanogo Kane Rosicky To start

  5. Everyone is doing shit. Most with a GW rank around 1milliom or worse. Who the f*** is doing well?

    1. GW - 2.3m

    2. After bench points 52(-8) with Mannone,Kolorov,Yaya(Aguero) to go

      1. If Kolorov starts then the ton is on :cool:

      2. Bench points for me too. So so tight. Me and the guy my H2H rival is playing have similar teams so rooting for players isn't hard. My H2H and rival have similar teams too though. Comes down to Aguero c and Wickham to score more than Dzeko. If so then the money is mine :cool:

      3. Exactly the same score and remaining staff - just one diff: Alonso instead of Kolarov

  6. Somehow I feel this will be the weirdest double game week ever. Tomorrow it will be confirmed, mark it.

    1. No one has similar feelings?

  7. Syd

    Hibs could go down

    Please please let it happen

  8. @Smartypants I haven't seen you on here in a long time, could you do me a huge solid and let me know how many teams of the top 10K captained RVP and if it isn't too much trouble, how many in the top 3k?

    1. Just Giggs Boson I believe.

      1. :shock: Oh my goodness my rank is gonna soar

  9. So, looking ahead to next season - what one change are you going to try and implement in terms of the way you approach the game?

    For me it's that I have to be prepared to take hits early in the season; 1) in order to get in form players in my team 2) Increase TV.
    This seems like a very logical approach, however on FFS this year it was evident many players (inc myself) didn't do it. I dread to think where I would be if I had brought in Ramsey and Yaya earlier.

    1. Jumping on high ownership players. They kill you if you don't have them

      Stop trying to be clever. I have owned some mental players this season

  10. Anybody fancy joining me in a song song...

    1. Syd

      I canne sing

    2. For some reason, I imagine you sing like Harry Secombe..

  11. what makes me laugh about some of these adverts
    i don't think THEY understand what they're selling

    1. Selling the brand that's all

  12. Just had a thought

    Assuming (crazy this season) City win tomorrow, then Liverpool just need a win v Newcastle, to have hope. Now goal difference is irrelevant, having too much Liverpool attack is silly. They may have learnt a lesson yesterday

    1. If we had held out for the win yesterday we could have hoped for big Sam to park the bus for a 0-0 but now West Ham have to score.

  13. Is anyone else planning this to be their last season of FPL?

    1. this was my first

      1. How have you found it? Socially limiting??

        1. what exactly do you mean socially limiting?

        2. as in, in what capacity is it socially limiting?

          1. I'm just joking, but I guess I just mean it takes up a lot of head space and time.

      2. My first serious season all the way through. I thought I had my cash H2H in the bag, but it all comes down to tomorrow. Then the weekend will decide it.

        1. Best of luck. I'm 1 point ahead in mine, it's going to the wire.

    2. No...nobody can leave. You're trapped.

      1. Alas, it will be for me.

        1. Why ?

          1. It's not that I don't enjoy it, it's been great fun. It's just the right time as I want to make the conscious decision to devote time to other things, such as family life and other hobbies.

            1. Variety ,

              It's a good escape

              1. It takes over though, don't you find?

                1. don't make any transfers or worry about any rumors until Fridays (or the day before for midweek gameweeks), problem solved!

                  1. That was the plan this season!

      2. You can check out but never leave

    3. If I planned that , I'd get it wrong as well

    4. Planning to die?

      1. Never!!

    1. Looks like he pooed his shorts

  14. was originally planning

    Aguero + Podolski > Suarez + Sturridge

    but now I think a wise move (pending pressers) would be

    Aguero + Mata > Suarez + ?

    maybe Hazard or Ozil in there..hmmm

  15. Rolling in the points tonight!!!!

    1. Can you spare a few for a cup of tea?

    1. Lets keep using this one.

      Up yours mods!!

  16. So, next season, who needs what to do well?

    Arsenal: a striker. Could do with a better goalkeeper and defense too.

    Chelsea: a striker.

    Man Utd: A new midfield and defense.

    City: a partner for Kompany

    Liverpool: a new defense.

    Spurs: where do you start?

    They all have to do business. Some clearly more so than others. And many after the same targets. Man U's last two windows have involved them signing a defensive midfield target man and an attacking midfielder they didnt need, for 65mn. Spurs managed to waste all the Bale money in a single summer and their best players are looking at the exit. Everton will have to do very well just to replace the loanees they will lose this season, in Barry, Lukaku and Delofue, let alone strengthen. The blithe assumption that other teams will strengthen and this put Liverpool back in 7th is just wrong. Still, think it'll be all about the oil clubs next season.

  17. 30 points behind my H2h opponent

    Me - zaba yaya(c) dzeko
    Him - kolarov yaya alonso

    No chance right?

  18. Be interesting if any one tried parking three buses against man city

  19. Liverpool do not need a new defence, they will just carry on and learn to defend better,

  20. Syd, could not look but after the storm there's a golden sky and the sweet silver song of the lark

  21. What is aggressive, has 4 wheels and does gardening?

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