It’s fair to say the 2012/13 domestic campaign was one to forget for John Terry. With knee injuries hampering his game time, the Chelsea skipper was handed just 11 starts and three sub appearances by Rafa Benitez and with his position as a first-team regular seemingly under threat, many Fantasy managers overlooked the centre-half as last season began:

The return of Jose Mourinho changed all that. Terry was immediately reinstalled to the heart of the Blues backline and went on to start 34 of Chelsea’s league fixtures, dispelling any concerns over his fitness. With the Stamford Bridge outfit returning to their resilient best under Mourinho, Terry’s displays helped his side concede just 27 goals all season and earned their skipper second spot in the Fantasy Premier League (FPL) defender standings – a score of 172 points dwarfed the previous campaign’s paltry 66 under Benitez.

The Statistics

Bearing in mind that Chelsea eventually ended the season with 19 clean sheets, their first few months were particularly porous. After 16 Gameweeks, Terry had mustered just four shut-outs as Mourinho’s side struggled to keep out their opponents – with both Stoke and Sunderland putting three past Petr Cech, our faith in the Blues defence was starting to falter.

A change in approach re-ignited the Fantasy potential of Chelsea’s backline, though, and Terry was one of the main beneficiaries as Mourinho’s men embarked on a run that saw them concede a mere nine goals in the remaining 22 league matches.

The alteration to the Bonus Points System suited Terry’s style of play perfectly – 22 of his 29 bonus points came courtesy of his 16 clean sheets, whilst three goals and an assist highlighted the centre-half’s attacking potential in the opposition box. Indeed, Terry earned more bonus points than any defender or team-mate on his way to a finishing 11th overall in the FPL standings and second only to Eden Hazard amongst Mourinho’s men.

The Prospects

A price rise is inevitable on the back of last term’s displays, with Terry potentially moving to 7.0 in FPL after averaging 5.1 points per game – just behind Leighton Baines’ 5.3 amongst regular defenders. Compared to team-mates, Terry’s attacking output may have been matched by Branislav Ivanovic, but the Serbian weighed in with just 16 bonus points by comparison and resultantly averaged 4.4 ppg; unless the latter can deliver more attacking points next time round, this pattern seems set to continue and should ensure the Chelsea skipper is the likeliest source of points.

Such a climb in cost could still prove excellent value, however; having recently signed a one-year contract extension, Terry – providing he steers clear of injury – looks poised to continue alongside Gary Cahill at the heart of Mourinho’s defence and if, as expected, Chelsea continue with the same approach, acquiring at least one of their defenders looks a canny tactic. Chelsea’s defensive record on their travels against the rest of the top eight – just two goals against in seven matches – also highlighted just how reliable Mourinho’s regulars were and whilst the midfield and attacking positions are likely to be rotated once again, a security of starts at the back seems far greater.

Indeed, some may look to double up on the Blues backline as we assess how the change to the BPS affected our tactical approach – given the superior value in defence, there’s a chance that Fantasy managers could place greater emphasis on acquiring big-hitters at the back and spending less in midfield. Given that only four midfielders managed to better Terry’s 172 points in 2013/14, he is likely to remain solid value in spite of a price rise – ideally, Petr Cech’s shoulder injury offers Mourinho the perfect chance to now install Thibaut Courtois as his new number one and a favourable price for the stopper across the Fantasy games could prove to be the dream double-up ticket.

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  1. What makes a good fantasy manager?

    Knowledge of the game, players etc? Or is it problem analysis and decision making?

    I know my thinking is that all aspects are important, but a consistently good fantasy manager cannot get by on knowledge alone.

    • 9 months, 22 days ago
    1. i reckon witchcraft has to be involved

      • 9 months, 22 days ago
      1. That explains why Triggerlips is doing so well.

        • 9 months, 22 days ago
      2. Looking at some peoples past records you might be right!!=

        • 9 months, 22 days ago
    2. Taking advice from people here...makes a good FPL manager...Managed to reach a rank of 3,442 and last year my rank was This would be my advice..

      • 9 months, 22 days ago
      1. No guarantee. My best season was when I was not on here. Look at Mark this season. Or TM last season.

        • 9 months, 22 days ago
        1. thats true! but it's about choosing the advice from the right people...and also here I get to see what the template teams are so I can plan my differential accordingly...

          • 9 months, 22 days ago
      2. taking advice is very good, people here are very knowledgeable but there is a certain amount of scaremongering too, i.e. mata and ramsey last gw...

        you need to take advice, but you need to take educated risks. if you want to win, you need to break the mould.

        dont underestimate some advice from some people mind, as most if not all, have a good idea what they are talking about,

        • 9 months, 22 days ago
      3. Interesting. I must disagree here. All my best results have come from playing my own way. This year I went back to doing it my own way and largely ignoring everyone here. (finished just outside top 1k)

        • 9 months, 22 days ago
        1. Agreed. I never ever take advice from this place. I make my own choices. What I do take from this place though is information which then allows me to make my own choices in an informed manner.

          • 9 months, 22 days ago
    3. Being me.

      • 9 months, 22 days ago
      1. Doing Missus Epicfail

        • 9 months, 22 days ago
        1. Anyone can do that

          • 9 months, 22 days ago
          1. epicfail are you joining mate?

            • 9 months, 22 days ago
            1. Aye I will do. I just need to find some kind of predicted line up before I do. I'm not up to date with who is and isn't injured.

              • 9 months, 22 days ago
              1. aww okay cheers mate :)

                • 9 months, 22 days ago
    4. I actually think that one of the most overlook assets of a good fantasy manager is patience. No knee-jerks unless calculated, be prepared to lose 0.1m on rises/falls to give yourself thinking time to make the right move, know when to hold on to players who aren't getting points but who look likely to start scoring soon.

      Knowledge of the game plays less of a role than it probably should, but it can make the difference between two equally experienced and dedicated FPL managers.

      Problem and analysis and decision making plays a big role for the first few gameweeks, but after that it's more patience about I think.

      • 9 months, 22 days ago
      1. So that's my problem!!! ;-)

        • 9 months, 22 days ago
  2. just realised this is closest I have got to getting my name in an article

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      • 9 months, 22 days ago
    1. if you commit crimes you could have your name in an article often.. though i dont condone this.

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      1. Will you be presiding over the court case? ;)

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        1. There you are.

          Your like a groom on honeymoon.

          In and out.

          In and out.

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          1. How did you know? 8O

            • 9 months, 22 days ago
            1. Your smile.

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        2. of course, got to support our own ;)

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          1. All rise for the honourable judge whitman.

            • 9 months, 22 days ago
            1. all rise :O? that doesnt sound nice. haha. i appreciate the sentiment though

              • 9 months, 22 days ago
  3. It's so hot in London today, I'm worried that Sepp Blatter might award us the World Cup by mistake.

    • 9 months, 22 days ago
    1. 42 degrees any good :-P ??? We could do with a world cup or two

      • 9 months, 22 days ago
    2. i was baffled by the decision to award qatar it.. but my mate in uni is from qatar so i want to go back with him and some lads and go watch the world cup so it turns out, i am quite happy with blatter's decision this time.

      • 9 months, 22 days ago
        • 9 months, 22 days ago
          • 9 months, 22 days ago
    3. You English have a strange definition of hot :)

      • 9 months, 22 days ago
      1. Racist.

        • 9 months, 22 days ago
          • 9 months, 22 days ago
      2. Anything warmer than really cold is boiling hot. And we moan.
        Then we have a hose pipe ban. And we moan.
        In the winter we flood.....and we moan.

        Simple really.

        • 9 months, 22 days ago
        1. It's warmer here and it's 2 weeks from winter.

          • 9 months, 22 days ago
    4. Aye its about 20 degrees on the south coast today. Roads will be melting and hose pipe bans soon I reckon.

      • 9 months, 22 days ago
    5. I must be one of the only people I know who prefers it being cool/cold

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  4. Who is up for a quiz?

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      1. rob got a bie (bye) this time.

        sorry that was awful hah.

        how hard is it christina?

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        1. not first time that questions been asked

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          1. i know trouble is i dont want to be shafted when the questions are too hard.

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              • 9 months, 22 days ago
    1. rolf harris doesn't seem to have many answers at moment so can rule him out

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      1. what about oscar?

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  5. Oh boy. The Jizzard of Oz have wakened.

    *logs off.

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      1. its okay we all love you tm!

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      2. One day I will join one of your 535 leagues.


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        1. Need to get under 4K first.

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            1. haha, but who would pick a fight with a mod... its just ffs suicide.

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                1. i wasnt around in the forca days :(

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                  1. RBJ made Forca look like a Carebear

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                    1. RBJ made forca look like Ronh

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                      1. Same thing ;)

                        • 9 months, 22 days ago
                      2. who is rbj :( i missed so much.

                        • 9 months, 22 days ago
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      1. He is sponsored and gets paid to do this. can't say I am not slightly jealous ;)

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        1. Oh of course. I don't mean that in a bad way. :D
          I'd love to be in the same position.

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    2. I am now dizzy

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    2. The evolution of baps.

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      1. Not a bad idea.

        The only problem is that I don't understand the new system. When Kompany scored he only got 1bp, and yet Zabaleta got 3bps. I'm at a loss, and my frustration would shine through the article.

        I could just talk about real baps. But I'd probably get banned.

        • 9 months, 22 days ago
        1. Why would you? chips bacon etc these are not bad topics.

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        2. wasn't zabaleta's chance creation and pass completion stats better?

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    3. How did Bill Murray get to be stuck on Groundhog Day?

      Why do they put in a slice of lemon in Corona bottle?

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    4. Decriminalisation of cannabis in the UK and the subsequent effect on organised crime syndicates.

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      1. it was reclassified from c to b?

        • 9 months, 22 days ago
      2. I'd be too biased.

        The Government could regulate it so it'd be safer, it'd raise billions of pounds for the nation and organised crime would be down.

        • 9 months, 22 days ago
    5. GTS

      The case of hits, good or bad?

      • 9 months, 22 days ago
  9. MUTV showing Holland v Ecuador tomorrow. Club tv channels often show international matches you know :wink:

    • 9 months, 22 days ago
  10. anymore teams for my game tomorrow? check last page/ hot topics... or just ignore this comment ;)

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    1. His girlfriend is an idiot.

      • 9 months, 22 days ago
  11. This may have already been highlighted, but Bayern may be looking to pay £15 million AND Mandzukic for David Luiz? LUIZ?! Wtf.

    • 9 months, 22 days ago
    1. GTS

      though Luiz is Barca bound?

      • 9 months, 22 days ago
      1. Been a change in plans, apparently Mourinho wants Mandzukic and Bayern are interested.

        • 9 months, 22 days ago
        1. GTS

          Wow. Mou is really a smart man. :)

          • 9 months, 22 days ago
  12. New article posted

    New article

    A must read ....first interview with FPL winner Tom Fenley.

    • 9 months, 22 days ago

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