Community Watch – Matchweek 10

We live in a highly competitive world. A quick glance through the points table of our tournament only strengthens that perception, with seven teams on 15 points and the same tally on 12.

The busy Christmas period is clearly set to play a crucial role in deciding the fates of these teams.

This latest update takes a look back at Matchweek 9’s key events and ahead to Matchweek 10’s enticing encounters.

Matchweek 9 Review

Mozampique are at the top of the table despite suffering their second defeat of the season in the hands of Kenyaya. They are closely followed by Afghanistanislas and Reussia who are on 18 points each. Matagascar recorded their second victory of the season after defeating Balegium.

Matchweek 9 awards

Congratulations to JoiceJoseph777 on winning the manager of the week award.

The player of the week is Dark91 of Messidonia for his excellent score of 82.

The post of the week goes to Boris of Salahmon islands.

Dream team of the week

Lateriser12 (Grabbangladesh) – 79 pts
TheFantasyFreak(Kenyaya) – 78 pts
Mr Perfectionist (Messidonia) – 79 pts
Dark91(Messidonia) – 82 points
Acekn1ght(Messidonia) – 76 pts
Jubilanus(Afghanistanislas) – 78 pts
Chandler Bing(Afghanistanislas) – 77

Matchweek 10 preview

The fixtures for matchweek 10 are as follows:

Balegium vs Kenyaya
Blindia vs Gaboniadini
Matagascar vs Georgia Boyd
Grabbangladesh vs Germane
Hungary Neville vs Salahmon islands
Bolivia Giroud vs Ibeland
Mbokani Faso vs Emre Canada
Messidonia vs Afghanistanislas
Mozampique vs Cech Republic
Reussia vs Fashanu Zealand

Note: Kindly note that the fixtures supposed to take place during the FPL Gameweeks of 20 and 22 have been cancelled due to some unavoidable circumstances. They will be played in Gameweeks 27 and 28 respectively.

Matchweek 10’s fixtures will be played in Gameweek 16. The deadline for submitting your line-up and captain is  9th December FPL deadline time.

If you have any queries or questions, you can ask us in the comments section below or by sending us an email to fantasycommunitywatch@gmail.com.

If any issues arise, the decision of the Community Watch Committee will be final and the issues will not be entertained further.

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    2 days, 4 hours ago

    A great win for us this week! Well played Blindians!

      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
      2 days, 3 hours ago

      I think our score of 503 might be among the best for this week. Great work Team Blindia

  2. mærlight ⭐
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
    1 day, 22 hours ago

    Sorry we didn't make a game of it this week Reussia. We should've played Cpt Crunch to even things up

    1. jarvish - Fashanu Zealand -…
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
      1 day, 17 hours ago

      Poor Crunch - he certainly picked the wrong week to have (c)outinho, Alonso, Zeegelaar and Benteke! If he fell in a barrel full of tits he'd come up sucking his own thumb.

      1. Tears for Fers
        • Fantasy Football Scout Member
        1 day, 11 hours ago

        Poor fella! Do you have his address? Want to send him a pacifier and some antidepressants.

        1. CptCrunch OF FASHANU ZEALAN…
          • Fantasy Football Scout Member
          1 day, 8 hours ago

          Pacifier would not have been near enough.
          Hated life after the early Chelsea game where my expensive Azpi-Alonso combo bombed.
          Little did I know what was to come.
          Zeegelaar getting red card got me really annoyed.

          But when Tekkers stole the ball to get me a goal plus another Zaha assist with baps to follow I truly thought my luck had turned.
          Could actually hear blood vessels in my brain burst, one after one when he then fluffed it.

          Well, saw later on that Leicester had scored 3(didn't bother watching as fpl killed my love for football a bit).
          Surely Vardy got me some points there I figured. Logged on and NO! WTF!

          1. CptCrunch OF FASHANU ZEALAN…
            • Fantasy Football Scout Member
            1 day, 8 hours ago

            At least my Zealand buddies won us a game.

  3. John terrys dog -Bantu boy
    1 day, 14 hours ago

    table updated
    1 mozampique

    1. Tears for Fers
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
      1 day, 11 hours ago

      Top scoring team with 506 points. Aced the captaincy and aced the starting lineup as swnswinners is inactive. Ace might get knighted with 1 more MOTW award this week 🙂

      1. VK - BLINDIAN
        1 day, 5 hours ago

        Ace has tough competition from me mate!

    2. Werkself - Surf Mozampique
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
      1 day, 5 hours ago

      Think this puts us 6 points clear on the table.

    3. Az - Mozampique Manager
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
      • Has Moderation Rights
      22 hours, 56 mins ago

      Ohh If I'd just played Baines over KT i'd have finally nailed the benching decision!

      1. Kane Toads - Mozampique!
        • Fantasy Football Scout Member
        22 hours, 45 mins ago

        With Morata out we'll all be benched this week...lol

    4. speedyboyzzzz-BALEGIUM
      22 hours, 43 mins ago

      League table updated.

      1. dark91 - Messidonia
        19 hours, 54 mins ago

        Thank you
        Can we have the link maybe? , i can only find the old one

        1. speedyboyzzzz-BALEGIUM
          19 hours, 31 mins ago

          Same link posted above.

          1. dark91 - Messidonia
            19 hours, 18 mins ago


  4. New Community Watch article posted
  5. The Overthinker - Emre Cana…
    15 hours, 30 mins ago

    Was waiting for this. Thought there won't be any match