International break after Gameweek 12? Not another one!

There seems to be an international break every other week this season! Just when we are getting into the swing of things again, we are rudely interrupted and must suffer two longs weeks without Fantasy Premier League.

If you are banking a transfer this week, you could go twenty-one days without adjusting your side. How is one supposed to remain patient and disciplined for three whole weeks with all those juicy transfers that could be made early? Hibernation is recommended.

Sterling vs Aguero

Raheem Sterling (£11.1m) lit up Gameweek 11 with two goals and two assists against Southampton, scoring a massive 21-point haul (the highest scoring player in a single Gameweek this season).

Amazingly, he’s still owned by just 7.9% of managers despite outscoring Sergio Aguero (£11.4m) this season, who is backed by 52.1%.

The question is which one do we put our faith in or do we try to accommodate both?

Aguero has been in my side since Gameweek 1 and I see no reason to sell him.

It was encouraging to see him complete 90 minutes against Southampton, the first time he’s done so since Gameweek 4.

Maybe the heel injury which has been troubling him has cleared up and we’ll see him get more minutes from now on.

He got a nice rest in midweek, but Gabriel Jesus (£10.1m) took the opportunity to remind Pep Guardiola what he can offer to this Man City side banging in a hat-trick.

We could see the Brazilian feature more prominently in the league after that performance which could eat into Aguero’s minutes.

Sterling is in the form of his life, he’s even scoring goals for England. He followed up his Gameweek 11 haul with a magnificent solo effort against Shakhtar Donetsk on Wednesday night and somehow won a penalty by kicking the ground and falling over.

It’s a bonus when one of your FPL players has the unique ability to win penalties without being touched by an opponent.

The worry with Sterling is the potential rotation. He’s already missed two league games this season while Aguero has started in all of them.

With the Manchester derby coming up this weekend, there is no rush to rip up our teams to fit the Englishman in. It’s worth noting that one of his rests came in the game after the last international break. It could happen again.

For me, it’s a wait-and-see on Sterling but I am weighing up the possibility of going for the Sterling/Aguero double up when I perform major surgery on my squad during the break. Mohamed Salah (£13.0m) could be sacrificed to unlock funds.

Time to invest in the Hammers?

Grady Diangana (£4.5m) and Felipe Anderson (£6.8m) are on my Watchlist and will be in my thoughts when it comes to transfers for Gameweek 13.

Diangana is an exciting prospect given his price and his performance against Burnley. He created five chances and should have been awarded a penalty.

With Andriy Yarmolenko (£6.8m) ruled out long-term, the 20-year-old could nail down a place in the starting XI if he continues to perform like he did last weekend. He’s one to keep an eye on.

West Ham have a nice run of fixtures right into January aside from Man City in Gameweek 13. Options such as Lukasz Fabianski (£4.5m) and Fabian Balbuena (£4.4m) offer great value as does the main man up top, Marko Arnautovic (£7.1m).

‘Most Wanted’

Benjamin Mendy (£6.4m), Matt Doherty (£4.9m) and Richarlison (£6.9m) are the top three names on my Watchlist.

All three could be coming in during the break when I take my first points hit/hits of the season to shake things up and hopefully get my season back on track.

Here’s hoping for a green arrow this weekend.

Good luck to all in Gameweek 12 and enjoy the break if you can.

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  1. Bedknobs and Boomsticks
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
    • 9 Years
    4 days, 56 mins ago

    "Fun" quiz:

    Put these players in order of current FPL points:
    B Silva

    1. Tsparkes10
        4 days, 56 mins ago

        Bilva, Barkley, Pogba,Willian

      • Eat my goal!
        • Fantasy Football Scout Member
        4 days, 53 mins ago

        Pogs, Willian, Silve, barkley

      • Eat my goal!
        • Fantasy Football Scout Member
        4 days, 51 mins ago


        1. Bedknobs and Boomsticks
          • Fantasy Football Scout Member
          • 9 Years
          4 days, 36 mins ago

          Yes, like all men under communism, they are all equal with 46 pts.

    2. teriyaki 69
      • 1 Year
      4 days, 55 mins ago

      why would someone ignore fanderson and go for rotational risk in big Shaq or Pamela? Even if I had Arnie I'd get Felipe Anderson instead of shaq any day. Number one FPL rule of thumb. Always pick the nailed on players.

    3. Liber
      • 3 Years
      4 days, 55 mins ago

      Start Ings (WAT) or bring Anderson for free and bench Ings?

      Alonso / Mendy / TAA (Yedlin, AWB)
      Salah (c) / Hazard / Fraser / Barkley (Maddison)
      Aguero / Arnautović / Ings

    4. Fagaazi
        4 days, 55 mins ago

        cry for help. 20 behind leader & now 64k after disastrous decision to make Salah C v Ars
        Maddy now injured. team needs a desperate team overall but WC already played.
        used FT for Wilon (Mitro)
        Fos (Hamer)
        Alonso Taa Mendy (Doherty, Wan)
        Rich, Salah, Mane, Barkley (MADDY)
        Wilson, Kun, Ings
        Willing ( and i think nesessary) to take a hit now for Maddy.
        thoughts - Mad & Ings for Arni & Diagana

        1. Champagne supernova
          • Fantasy Football Scout Member
          • 4 Years
          4 days, 45 mins ago

          Just play 4.4.3 and captain Salah

          1. Fagaazi
              4 days, 43 mins ago

              do you mean 442 or 343

              1. BitefromBarcelona
                • 3 Years
                4 days, 39 mins ago

                3 4 3

        2. Tsparkes10
            4 days, 55 mins ago

            Will TAA play this week?

            1. Eat my goal!
              • Fantasy Football Scout Member
              4 days, 50 mins ago

              Gomez has a slight injury apparently so chances have increased

          • TW26
              4 days, 54 mins ago

              Maddison and Fraser out for Diagana and Mane (4)

              Or maddison out and Taa put for Robertson & someone else?

              Don't know what fire to put out.. maddison has to be number one to go.. thinking of having mane long term (currently own salah so maybe salah to hazard to go alongside mane)



            • Liber
              • 3 Years
              4 days, 50 mins ago

              Seeing Barkley starts in EL, that surely means he start on bench in next game doesn't?

              1. Miguel Sanchez
                • Fantasy Football Scout Member
                • 2 Years
                4 days, 44 mins ago

                Would say it increase Kovacic' chances substantially

              2. Champagne supernova
                • Fantasy Football Scout Member
                • 4 Years
                4 days, 44 mins ago

                Hazard also starts, does that mean he will be on the bench also.

                1. Liber
                  • 3 Years
                  4 days, 42 mins ago

                  No. He'll get 60 mins. But Barkley will rotate with Kovačič forever. I regret I got him. 🙂

                  1. YekiM
                    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
                    • 9 Years
                    3 days, 20 hours ago

                    I regret it too, should I just bite the bullet and get Fraser back... Hmm...

            • FleckyT
              • 1 Year
              4 days, 46 mins ago

              Thoughts? Maddi replacement... 0.5itb 2ft

              a) Maddi > Rich
              b) Maddi & Ings > 5.6 mid or Diangana & Arni
              (Got two Bournemouth)

              1. Miguel Sanchez
                • Fantasy Football Scout Member
                • 2 Years
                4 days, 44 mins ago


            • Oggle22
              • 1 Year
              4 days, 41 mins ago

              G2G? -4 already
              Trippier Alonso Chilwell
              Mane(vc) Salah(c) Deulofeu Fraser
              Arnie Ageuro Wilson

              Foster AWB Bennett Maddison

              Maddison to Richarlison next week
              Wilson to Jimenez eventually

              1. ResultatFar
                  4 days, 39 mins ago

                  Looks really good mate

                  1. Oggle22
                    • 1 Year
                    4 days, 35 mins ago

                    Cheers was debating Maddison to F.Anderson take me to -8 and Deulofeu to the bench but think I’ll hold out

              2. ResultatFar
                  4 days, 39 mins ago

                  Sterling OR Hazard -> Mane

                  Who to go for?

                  1. clodhopper
                    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
                    • 5 Years
                    4 days, 39 mins ago


                    1. ResultatFar
                        4 days, 38 mins ago

                        Also if my only Pool player is Robertson?

                    2. SlowStart
                      • 4 Years
                      4 days, 29 mins ago


                    3. Champagne supernova
                      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
                      • 4 Years
                      4 days, 24 mins ago

                      Why on earth would you transfer them out

                  2. Oggle22
                    • 1 Year
                    4 days, 33 mins ago

                    Have exact money for Maddison to Richarlison already on -4 this week so was thinking of waiting till next week as I won’t play him this weekend or is it a gamble of his price rising should I get him in now and bench him? Cheers!

                    1. Jimmy Floyd
                      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
                      4 days, 28 mins ago

                      I’d keep an eye on Friday night but Richarlison has already rose once this week and with a tough fixture you should be ok as people who got on Maddison early won’t be able to do a direct swap to Richarlison

                      1. Oggle22
                        • 1 Year
                        4 days, 23 mins ago

                        Cheers will do

                  3. Patch
                    • 1 Year
                    4 days, 30 mins ago

                    Holy macaroni

                    Nearly tempted to bring Maddy in for holey Burnley...so glad I didn't do an early transfer


                    1. Patch
                      • 1 Year
                      4 days, 20 mins ago

                      Welcome Lord Nacho...hopefully he was just ill last week

                  4. Becks
                    • 1 Year
                    3 days, 23 hours ago

                    Alonso Mendy Lovren TAA* Doherty
                    Salah Hazard Maddison* 4.5 4.4
                    Aguero Arnie Mitrovic*

                    2FT, Maddison Mitrovic TAA first to go, thinking keep TAA myself. Keep one:

                    A) TAA
                    B) Maddison
                    C) Mitro

                    1. BOATIES FC
                      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
                      3 days, 19 hours ago


                  5. WYD_11
                      3 days, 13 hours ago

                      Hi FPL newbie here, just like to understand when and how does the double GWs work? Are the fixtures between 5 Dec to 11 Dec going to be considered a double gameweek?

                      1. WYD_11
                          3 days, 12 hours ago

                          Thanks! Any idea if there are going to be any double gameweeks and when they are going to be?

                      2. gooberman
                        • Fantasy Football Scout Member
                        • 7 Years
                        3 days, 3 hours ago

                        I absolutely detest the international break as I think most people do. I couldn't be any less interested in England. They should play euro/world cup qualifiers only. Not all these pointless friendlies which are now dressed up as the Nation's League.