The latest FFS Cup fixtures and results

Our contingent of former winners in the latest FFS Cup has already been more than halved by the first round results.

Joe, MCH, Gribude and A Manager Has No Name were all elminated at the first stage following Gameweek 28’s qualifiers.

In what proved a nightmare Gameweek 29 for most, only three of the ex-champions progressed to round three.

Joe was knocked out by Force Majeure by a 40-34 scoreline and MCH fell to True Deadzoner 41-33.

Gribude’s score of 44 was not enough to get past Mas7our‘s 56 while A Manager Has No Name was unfortunate to fall foul of one Gameweek 29’s 60+ scores.

He was taken out by Dodgy Keeper whose captaining of Gonzalo Higuain (£9.6m) earned him a score of 60 points.

Things went a little better for 2EyedTurk, who edged past Hasselbaink Forever by a score of 48-44.

Wild Rover‘s 50 points saw him eliminate Boris Bodega, who managed just 40.

donnellyc was fortunate enough to catch an opponent with one of the worst Gameweek scores in the first round. Bragazeti‘s 26 points ensured 31 was sufficient for the victory.

You can find out the FFS Cup first round results in full by CLICKING HERE.

FFScout Cup – Round 2 fixtures

Firminoooo1280vs Kany104044
Ayew having a laugh225vs MafioSol XI50370
BAMBAA22476vs Afawzy86537735
Lamela407328vs DANDYDON759
Davaric209439vs ryskal46459
AMEY694248vs XI221
Force Majeure227635vs Steiger18354
Holmes90128vs Mlsuly62610
Kav8295177vs Profa Benitez3859
Ould Onion Bagger117655vs Evil Elvis653444
Schafsalat15391vs imadayperson32167
kooni01259427vs Hawk Eye40445
Trash Boat229410vs General_Zod50176
chonks31910vs Ohh1454193936
pingissimus255751vs walford8438397
The Boot52334vs skeptical54905
pkalogirou9773vs Tron367420
Lal Toofan2594vs Wild Rover110950
Circusmonkey57832vs DonGamblor3883
Trogdor_4298424vs threeputt91850
ThisTimeNxtYrRodney975vs baylo32257155
Bouncebackability25519vs dfwmimp5848
Ironbarkman113290vs K3lviN368949
J – Gimme Your Mané176985vs Moorinho505054
I Member23714vs Topoftheklopps73372
Snevitz3602vs Bram1506
Captain Beefheart292780vs BigBadTollers28689
Gaurava121614111vs Irbox3293
Pinball Wizard33184vs Pangolin lib front11349
Vobinho251092vs No mane no problems153246
How Now Brown Cow8321vs HPCAMPBELL1755
Moore Rovers2161vs Podge38657
Jay_163021vs elfmeter24170
Homer2118124vs Veltom323440
Howlitzer207394vs jjesus204556
Daniel – juuuhuuu135825vs The Bar241
Theboyskywalker11855vs Genly Ai2851
SQFC209074vs Monkey Tennis22404
teachmunna37834vs Alpharius250544
Better Call Salah6946vs Roger150250113
Djsatan29815vs MeDo_JE166396
shiregeriatrics101673vs leo_messi8508
Rotation/s Alter Ego30287vs Daddypig128517
JT11fc12443vs Graqfreak1487
Team Rafa832547vs Maggits12149
Bornello629vs 2EyedTurk204556
mattjenkins246838vs Gayleforcewins341617
Tacalabala2175vs RockMeLikeAHarryKane73771
Vulken2004565vs Yippy Kay Yay27212
mattdonkin411920vs Mcbain1234529101
LOKOMOTIV4470vs TD Jakes100808
Nimbin_headers99635vs RFCSPACE50021
kyivfan47247vs Pax8889822
Acquafresca10545vs GAusten90888
Saurabh.0673840vs yblang51010
Lanley Staurel1086357vs The Agony and the Agony84120
Dream_team_legend887070vs Tambourineman116820
Choppers134582vs Mings the Merciless587713
Lionac3093vs Relias76759
ajaidaniel26853vs Catenaccio FC5854
Dr Rabotnicki212802vs ploskon2359743
Boz192718vs Offspinnersinahurry180294
Eddie15744vs The Monk of Funk68661
terbal15234vs Bagheri Arce6403
Fitzy.36505vs Jakeholden10920
Insanity Later108038vs bagsy11blue21987
RoysCallerAnne32945vs Jingles48590
*sigh*108570vs FirminoPlaceLikeHome340869
Tahir246354vs Sjhuk1325
SmoothRossi8464vs LoveFootball6240
420king153687vs John Francis122087
dilbert30474vs thrylosfc8141
MountyUnited65655vs DEATHCABOFDEVIL1921608
KABAYAN88396vs Limit8027448
Mas7our16780vs GRO19949584
1569Tippins798vs donlobatto151209
COULD BE WORSE64247vs Aaron Lemon62663
Volkano14472vs Taking the Mkhitaryan4186
aha_berg11230vs anoop.pk158721
alig8er40445vs MozzaVillan19928
CROCosta70095vs Jonproud110930
jca111139144vs Forza24
Left Arm Pie32009vs LosPerrosCalientes166501
Jafalad175226vs G-Whizz35911
Jossy194448vs sokis153687
c3946vs True Deadzoner8343
Joe Cool307957vs Dodgy Keeper125354
I am not for kinnear25519vs bigbars97755
Deporhostia2097vs yemzinho747576
Disco Stu245810vs Team canada191
Werkself16228vs No2ndus23burtus19521
cam1309644vs houghmagandie25882
Dreaming of Irene693235vs Laoshi14020
kevindeery151144vs Lade330874
rselfy12311289vs Giggs-Tosun Particle15234
Haywood61629349vs Prostexx172110
Pantera Cthulhu11534vs Merlin the Wraith386844
Beijing Ram345237vs shark_sandwich674875
Foot Fighter45094vs james bamber128344
sansaptak147661vs space169156
CFRM12852vs Mcpherson12399410
WILCH119504vs Dušan Citizen242083
donnellyc185939vs PEP_TALK2799
Mighty216942vs The Red Devil205601
DMERRITT_9932576vs bradywright1116193
Matty_bruns506135vs alexhughes777179536
Ankit Dwivedi131248vs Thiga43767
Fplnoob159511vs Maverickga229352
Blue Gaffer186970vs dark912170376
Noyb647696vs Galza1062966
Keep calm try again185939vs Mullered In Maenam31856
dalinkwentriders345237vs SuperFrank105756
JKJK48590vs HullCityTiger9627212
sirangepostapoosalot148009vs Ajax Hamsterdam29312
pbateman182631vs Loekas203314
GARTHATRON6641vs ulafhai1635
Blobbi34586vs Millwall47760
Debauchy112943vs djembe83884
Yasar Khan612370vs Super Zlatan13981
Skogen8982762vs Rash70188
Xhaka_Laca31418vs TwiggsJameson44962
manbenpig41977vs Lallama258337
Swan – Villa Proud125591vs conz3791
Jon13597493135949vs Hi Ho Silva Lining151278
KingbrunoIIIII468637vs A girl has no name (username – codegeass)65484
Ibra-gum460516vs austin banda844640
Caesar caesar413172vs Romer49737
Captain Arctic79330vs leisurelauri6867

Fantasy Football Scout Cup Round Dates
Qualifying – Gameweek 28

Round 1 – Gameweek 29
Round 2 – Gameweek 30
Round 3 – Gameweek 31
Round 4 – Gameweek 32
Round 5 – Gameweek 33
Round 6 – Gameweek 34
Quarter-Final – Gameweek 35
Semi-Finals – Gameweek 36
Final and third place play-off – Gameweek 37

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  1. Gnu
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
    • 10 Years
    5 months, 15 days ago

    Anybody with any history of FFS would tell you that tie of the round was between two long-time posters and who have both flirted with the top 10 HOF over the years :-
    Bouncebackability v Shipstontrev.

    But no mention, is that because the folk who write this and organise it have no connection with FFS and it's history.
    Poor poor poor at every level, from the lack of reminders to the initial article and now this.

    1. John Nerdelbaum
      • 6 Years
      5 months, 15 days ago

      There was a cup?

      1. Gnu
        • Fantasy Football Scout Member
        • 10 Years
        5 months, 15 days ago

        1 article and no reminders I believe - a lot of people have said the same.
        I've asked twice how the entry numbers compared to previous seasons but had no reply, funny eh?

        1. G-Whizz
          • Fantasy Football Scout Member
          • Has Moderation Rights
          • 2 Years
          5 months, 14 days ago

          When and where did you send the mail?

            1. Jarvish
              • 4 Years
              5 months, 14 days ago

              At least you have the answer now though. Oh wait.......

            2. G-Whizz
              • Fantasy Football Scout Member
              • Has Moderation Rights
              • 2 Years
              5 months, 13 days ago

              Unfortunately no one on the Mod team saw that post and I'm sure if Joe had seen your comment he would have made an acknowledgement of some kind 🙂

              I've passed your question on, in future it would be good if you could either use the flag function to bring it to our attention or email Geoff@fantasyfootballscout.co.uk

              1. Gnu
                • Fantasy Football Scout Member
                • 10 Years
                5 months, 13 days ago

                Ok, will do, thanks.

                Any idea on numbers while you're here?

                1. G-Whizz
                  • Fantasy Football Scout Member
                  • Has Moderation Rights
                  • 2 Years
                  5 months, 13 days ago

                  I wouldn't have a clue tbh 😆 last year was my first attempt at it and I can't even remember if I got through the first round let alone how many entrants there were!

                2. G-Whizz
                  • Fantasy Football Scout Member
                  • Has Moderation Rights
                  • 2 Years
                  5 months, 13 days ago

                  There you go:

                  1200 - 2nd Cup 18/19
                  1900+ for 1st Cup 18/19

                  2000+ - 2nd Cup 17/18
                  2500+ for 1st cup 17/18

                  Thanks RAE 🙂

                  1. Gnu
                    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
                    • 10 Years
                    5 months, 13 days ago

                    Thanks G-Whizz.
                    Would you not agree that those numbers are quite revealing?
                    40% down on the same comp last year is quite a drop and suggests the criticism of lack of notification was justified.
                    Too late now but one to mark in the book for next year as I always thought it was much anticipated in the past.

                    1. G-Whizz
                      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
                      • Has Moderation Rights
                      • 2 Years
                      5 months, 13 days ago

                      I don't recall anyone saying it wasn't justified and as such one improvement going forward will be a HT for it so the article may disappear off the front page for some but at least the HT will be there (fingers crossed).

                      I can't think of any other ways to improve it's visibility but if you can, then as always we're all ears 🙂

                      1. Gnu
                        • Fantasy Football Scout Member
                        • 10 Years
                        5 months, 13 days ago

                        The point is that it WAS well publicised in years gone by, articles, reminder articles, hot topic/stickies.
                        The question was why it wasn't done this year and even someone asking the question "why are entries so low?" we better do a reminder!
                        Just a shame as I mention above as it's always been much anticipated.

                      2. Deulofale
                        • 3 Years
                        5 months, 13 days ago

                        Perhaps the imminent implementation of the notification system will help to notify people about it... 😉

                    2. Rotation's Alter Ego
                      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
                      • Has Moderation Rights
                      • 8 Years
                      5 months, 13 days ago

                      Hey Gnu, glad those numbers helped.

                      I've already been chatting to some other users about this, and I agree we need to make some noise about these cups, because they're great fun!

                      We'll all be hyper-aware of this issue next year, I promise 🙂 I've already got my calendar reminder set up for next season, just in case 😉

                      Again, I'm sorry to everyone that didn't see the article!

                      1. Gnu
                        • Fantasy Football Scout Member
                        • 10 Years
                        5 months, 13 days ago

                        Thank you, appreciated RAE.
                        It certainly always used to bring the old posters back to enter as the list of entries would testify, who maybe occasionally visit or lurk these days so I would say there were positives for the site in general as well as a fun comp.... if you managed to qualify that is 😉

    2. Malcolm Tucker for England …
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
      • 8 Years
      5 months, 14 days ago

      agreed. looking forward to seeing what Smells Like Teen Spirit....