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The Scout Network weekly round-up

Each week as part of the Scout Network, we will be providing a round-up of what the group members have been doing.

Since the launch of the Scout Network last week we have welcomed two more names into the fold, Mini League Mate and, more on whom below.

This time we will be placing the spotlight on KaramTayser and Fantasy Chat as well as taking a view of what some of the other Network members have been doing, along with a look at the Scout Academy. 

If you think you would be a good match for the Scout Network or the Scout Academy, please get in touch here


Mini League Mate is a service which provides an invaluable weekly update on all the vital data, points and bragging rights delivered directly to the mailboxes of every manager in your mini-league.

It’s split into two parts – the first being ‘The Deadline Day’ mail, which is sent straight after the deadline ahead of the kick-off and allows you to easily see exactly how the different teams in your mini-league are lining up, including interesting data such as most transferred in/out, most captained and average starting XI/formation.

Then, once the last ball has been kicked in anger, you get the real meat in the form of ‘The Dossier’, a stat-packed breakdown that not only allows you to easily see whose captain pick came off (and who chose very poorly) but actually provides an insightful tool to plot the coming week, identify differentials and hopefully overhaul your opponents. 

KingFut comprises of Egyptian and African football gurus who have recently launched their own weekly FPL series, King El Fantasy, on YouTube for the Arabic-speaking community in the Middle East and North Africa region.

From the land of Mohamed Salah, their latest episode had over 5,000 views. Presenters Mohamed Korain and Omar Khairallah finished at 23k and 42k in the world respectively last season.

The Scout Network 11

FPL Family 

The latest ‘FPL Family x‘ video features the current FPL champion, Josh Bull, and has had over 11,000 views in the first four days since it was released. Sam talked to Josh about his strategy for FPL last season as well as getting his tips for the new campaign.

Lee and Sam have also appeared on the FPL Show this week, with Sam making two Official FPL Podcast appearances.

On top of this, Sam and Fantast Football Scout editor David Munday were guests on the Mail+ podcast, talking about five key points ahead of Gameweek 1.

Finally, last weekend Lee and Sam recorded a series of short features with the Premier League including a top tips video, a community questions video and a Mr and Mrs-style FPL competition. These are all available on the Premier League website.

The FPL Family Instagram following has grown by over 500 followers in the last week and, exclusively for their Instagram followers this season, Lee and Sam will be continuing with their ‘Instareactions’ at the end of every Premier League game on the IG Stories.   

FPL Nymfria 

FPL Nymfria reached her 10k followers landmark on Twitter this week.

There was a massive response to FPL Nymfria’s two free prize leagues for this season; if you haven’t already joined and want to, information can be found on FPL Nymfria’s latest video covering the Top FPL captaincy picks for Gameweek 1.

As well as this, Nymfria appeared on Elite FPL’s live YouTube stream to discuss the FPL Journey.

El Statto 

El Statto’s interview with last year’s winner, Joshua Bull, was published last week.

He was also joined by two guest writers for the lowdown on Crystal Palace and Leeds players from an FPL perspective.

El Statto will soon be trialling an ‘in focus’ feature, in which one game from the weekend is analysed from an FPL perspective – so keep an eye on El Statto’s social media as well as the website to be able to read these as they become available. 

FPL Take The Hit

Mick and Joff talk all things FPL in their regular podcast, offering an informative and hilarious take on the week’s events.

This week, FPL Take The Hit have released an FPL-focused match report on Liverpool’s opening game from the new season versus Leeds.

They also filmed their usual Thursday night live stream as they prepared for Gameweek 1, which talked through their essential players, season predictions and their draft teams in the build-up to the deadline. 

FPL Poet 

This week, FPL Poet launched a new series titled Poet’s Eleven.

In this series, FPL Poet picks 11 players to own for the coming Gameweek. The first piece can be found here.

Poet is also planning to launch a YouTube live stream and podcast with a friend based in Turkey, so keep your eyes peeled for that over the next few weeks.

FPL Greece 

FPL Greece are the epitome of commitment and have been streaming on Twitch all week:

  • Monday: Community RMT
  • Tuesday: FanTeam, team building and giveaway
  • Wednesday: Open mic for Premier League/FPL discussion with the community 
  • Friday: Team reveal of FPL Greece pundits 
  • Saturday: Deadline stream and a YouTube video on which well-known Greek sport-caster Michalis Tsohos set out his predictions for the Premier League 2020/21 season

Their mini-league is also the biggest in Greece!

We Are Brighton 

The Brighton fanzine has this week been focusing on the start of the season for the Seagulls.

They have published their latest FPL article from Fantasy Football Scout, which discussed the best Brighton assets for Gameweek 1, and are eagerly awaiting their first game of the season on Monday evening against Chelsea. 

The Scout Academy

What’s happening in the Academy?

There has been some excellent stuff created in the Scout Academy this week.

The FPL The Hangover Podcast released new interview-style content with FPL High Stool, who was ranked number one in Ireland and 27th in the world in the 2018/19 season.

Alongside this, Footboxx have been collaborating with other members of the Academy and El Statto from the Scout Network on a team review video on YouTube.

Their most recent updated draft video received their all-time highest view count, with currently over 14,000 views. Keep an eye on the Footboxx channel this week as they’re planning a Watchlist video as well as review/preview ahead of Gameweek 2.

Finally, Fantasy Football Focus have been focusing this week on producing community team reviews from teams sent in from the community. 

Spotlight: Karam Tayser and Fantasy Chat (Dardashet Fantasy)

It was a Christmas night in 2018, a usually rainy cold night in the Netherlands. I and Alaa were watching Everton v Spurs. I owned Son and Alaa had Kane. It was a perfect festive night with lots of FPL points to both of us, we had dinner afterwards, and we were chatting about FPL and whether we can be more than just FPL managers.

So we came up with the idea to launch our YouTube channel. We loved the idea, but we knew it would require a lot of work and commitment.

We wanted to offer unique content that is essentially different from what is there in the Arab market. We looked around and we found that all channels are run by individuals so we said: “Why do not we form a team of the very best managers?” The challenge, however, was to know their identities and how to reach them.

We extracted the list of all-time FPL managers in various Arab countries. Then it took us weeks to find them on social media and try and get them into our team. Eventually, we managed to have the top three all-time FPL managers in Egypt, Tino, Tarek and Kareem, forming the power five team with 17 top 10k finishes between us.

It was a huge success for us to form this team as we always knew that there are top FPL managers who are not well-known to the Fantasy community. They have a lot of experience with unique and diverse ways of playing the game, which made the team much stronger in providing different opinions to the viewer.

We started to produce FPL weekly videos and our channel has been growing ever since.

Last season, we wanted to have more variety by having special guests joining the weekly videos, such as Falah (fifth overall in the 2018/19 season). 

This year, we want to keep going and growing. We had an excellent pre-season preparation as we interviewed seven managers with a top 1k finish last season, which was followed by the biggest achievement for our channel so far as in joining the Scout Network.

This week, Fantasy Chat joined the biggest FPL gathering ahead of the season kick-off. The call included 10 of the very best YouTubers who deliver FPL content in Arabic.

Each of the contributors shared their final draft for Gameweek 1 and they all discussed their expectations from last year’s top eight clubs and the three promoted teams, as well as who could be the best picks for the coming season. 

The contributors shared the challenges of being FPL content creators and how they ensure they deliver the best content for our viewers.

Lastly, the video shared the best 20 tips for the Arab FPL managers ahead of the 2020/21 season kick-off to ensure a good start of the next FPL campaign. All the videos are available here.

Also this week, Fantasy Chat interviewed, for the first time, a female FPL manager in the form of Jannah from Kuwait. Jannah finished 3,551st overall and she shared her secrets of success from last season. Jannah said that not many females play FPL in Arab countries, largely because they have interests somewhere else than FPL and football, but she hopes that more and more will join in the next seasons.

Lastly this week, Fantasy Chat produced their regular weekly video previewing Gameweek 1, including their thoughts on best captain picks, clean sheets and differentials to start the season with.

FPL Lessons Learned from Gameweek 1

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