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Having caught up with our community standings in the Fantasy Premier League game last week, it’s now time to scan the Sky Sports standings following the busy Christmas programme. A familiar name has climbed back to the top of the Scout League as we prepare for back-to-back double Gameweeks, with crucial armband decisions to be made. We examine the captaincy options available, scan the latest transfer trends and look ahead to tonight’s fixture with the Fantasy Football Club…

The Scout League

Jonathan Lenharth’s “Better Than Last Year” lineup has sailed to the summit of the Fantasy Football Scout League, ousting Charles Mouzon’s “Geordie Boys” who have slipped to fourth over the Christmas programme. It’s squeaky at the top, with just 14 points separating the top five and Lewis Nicklen and his “Dreamboat” lineup are level on points with our leader, with Simon Davies still clinging to a top three place, just four points off the top.

Our tied leaders sit in sixth spot in the overall rankings, some 72 points from top spot and the £25k prize. With no less than seven managers in the top twenty, however, we’ve strengthened out position on top of the Private League rankings: we’re now some 15 points ahead of our nearest rivals, having seen our lead cut just before the Christmas break.

A reminder that if you’re playing the Sky Sports game and have yet to join our league, you can sign up to the FFScout League with this Pin: 8004519. We have a home cinema system, worth £600, available to the winner.

Market Forces

With the double Gameweek allowing us to maximise our captain selection, there’s understandably a scramble for Chelsea players – mirroring the market in the Fantasy Premier League. Similar to the FPL game, it’s Demba Ba earning the most interest here. Following his move from Newcastle, he’s been party to the most transfers in leading up to this weekend, with over 7% of transfers seeing Ba drafted in. That puts him ahead of the likes of Luis Suarez (6.8%), Marouane Fellaini (5.1%) and Michu (4.4%) who have all enjoyed attention this week. While Ba has earned positive interest, Chelsea’s Petr Cech has suffered the most transfers out this week off the back of his injury, though he will travel with the squad to Stoke tomorrow and will be assessed prior to the game. Cech has been shifted as part of 6% transfers this week, with Yaya Toure’s African Cup of Nations shift seeing him ranked next.

With double points on offer, Ba would seem to be the favoured option for the Sky Sports armband, with Juan Mata the other obvious route on offer. With the Spaniard’s 90 minutes in midweek and with Ba restricted to just 10 minutes from the bench, it seems that Chelsea’s new striker is the better placed to sport the captaincy for the matches with Stoke and Southampton. While that looks a strong short-term option, for those running low on transfers, the Ba option requires greater consideration. Rotation with Fernando Torres seems inevitable: a factor that clearly dents his mid-term potential in a game where active players are essential. Arguably, Mata is also a gamble in this respect – with Sky Sports Fantasy managers perhaps better advised to invest their transfers in Arsenal’s double fixture to follow next time around. Both Theo Walcott and Santi Cazorla look strong options for their fixtures with Chelsea and West Ham, with neither player an obvious rotation risk for the foreseeable future.

The Fantasy Football Club – Tonight 10pm

The fearsome John Hartson lumbers into the Fantasy Football Club dressing room to lend his weight to the attack, joining Fenners and Merse from 10pm on Sky Sports One tonight.

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  1. Would really appreciate your advice on which way to go please?


    Begovic Fed
    Gibbs Demel Davies Shaw LUIZ
    Mata Walcott Fellaini Michu RAMIREZ

    Begovic Fed
    Gibbs Demel Davies Shaw CAMERON
    Mata Walcott Fellaini Michu BALE

    Thank you

    • 2 years, 20 days ago
    1. new post 30 mins ago mate!

      • 2 years, 20 days ago
    2. ccc

      Could you do B with Suarez if you downgrade Lamb to Pog?

      • 2 years, 20 days ago
  2. Oscar or Hazard?

    • 2 years, 20 days ago
    1. Hazard no doubt.

      • 2 years, 20 days ago
      1. ccc


        • 2 years, 20 days ago
  3. Thinking of taking a -4 for the DGW with Arsenal/ West Ham.

    Rafael + Sterling --> Cazorla + Demel

    • 2 years, 20 days ago
  4. ccc

    For those FUT players out there. Happy hour + Messi, CR and Falcao in packs.

    • 2 years, 20 days ago
    1. Crap just spent my last 5000 coins in auction :?

      • 2 years, 20 days ago
      1. ccc

        I would suggest not buying packs anyway. Waste of money and coins. Only bought one gold pack this season. Save your coins. I have 1.6m saved and I am not spending any on packs.

        • 2 years, 20 days ago
  5. Name the three Champions league winners in the QPR squad.

    • 2 years, 20 days ago
    1. Jason park
      Cesar salad
      bossingwa ?

      • 2 years, 20 days ago
    2. Nelsen, Harry and Fernandez.

      • 2 years, 20 days ago
  6. Suarez or Ba ?

    • 2 years, 20 days ago
    1. Have the option of doing ba to suarez next week if needed. Or get suarez right away and not waste a transfer on it next week ?

      • 2 years, 20 days ago
      1. I'd keep Hernandez for this week.

        • 2 years, 20 days ago
  7. Is China Mag Around?
    Will Debuchy Start his first match this weekend?

    • 2 years, 20 days ago
  8. I currently have Mertesacker, Walcott and Caz from ARS and intend to do Caz>Bale.

    OPTION A) do Bale back to Caz and next week. This helps to get J.Cole (WHU).

    OPTION B) Leave Bale against MUN next week (save myself the -4 hit)
    and add Gibbs next to Merts as 3rd ARS. (No J.Cole)

    I know it's VERY early, but this choice affects all my other WC moves now.


    • 2 years, 20 days ago
    1. I want to see Joe Cole a few more games before deciding whether to invest in him. Bale is season keeper, IMO.

      • 2 years, 20 days ago
  9. A) Mata + Ramires + Luiz
    B) Mata + Fellaini + Gibbs

    If A:
    next week would spend -4 and swap Ramires and Mata (for Walcott & Fellaini) or Ramires and Luiz (for Fellaini & Gibbs)

    If B:
    next would just use my free transfer to swap Mata for Walcott


    • 2 years, 20 days ago

Scout Picks

For Gameweek 23

  • Pantilimon
  • Jones
  • Koscielny
  • Bertrand
  • Cazorla
  • Hazard
  • Sterling
  • Walters
  • Giroud
  • Defoe
  • Pellè
  • Fonte
  • Puncheon
  • Rooney

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Up Forster SOT A
Up Begovic STO A, Vs
Up Ospina ARS B, Vs, Rest
Up Foster WBA A, Vs
Up Courtois CHE B, Vs, Inj
Up Hart MCI C, Vs


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No Change Ivanovic CHE A, Inj
Up Bertrand SOT B
Up Koscielny ARS A, Vs
No Change Van Aanholt SUN B, Vs
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Up Wollscheid STO B, Vs, £
Down Janmaat NEW B
Down Baines EVE B
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No Change Hutton AVL B, VsX


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Up Hazard CHE B, Vs
Down Sánchez ARS B, Vs, Inj
Up Puncheon CPL A, Vs, Rest, £
No Change Di María MUN C, Vs, Inj
Up Cazorla ARS A, Vs
Up Moses STO B, Vs
Down Sterling LIV B, VsX, OoP
Down Fábregas CHE B, Vs, Inj
No Change Chadli TOT B
Up Tadic SOT B, Vs
Down Downing WHM A, VsX
Down Silva MCI B
No Change Eriksen TOT B


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Up Aguero MCI C
Up Giroud ARS B, Vs
Down Kane TOT B, £
Up Rooney MUN B, Vs, OoP
Down Austin QPR B
Up Pellè SOT B, Vs
No Change Berahino WBA B
Up Defoe SUN B, Vs
Down Ings BRN A, VsX, £
Up Gayle CPL A, £
Up Drogba CHE C, Vs
Up Gomis SWA B

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Cattermole SUN 9
Diego Costa CHE 8
Barry EVE 8
Bardsley STO 8
Reid WHM 8
Hutton AVL 7
Fábregas CHE 7
Matic CHE 7
Gerrard LIV 7
Colback NEW 7
Dunne QPR 7
Pellè SOT 7
Taylor SWA 7

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