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Jose Mourinho took less than 24 hours to replace the departed Juan Mata on Sunday afternoon by adding Mohamed Salah to the Chelsea ranks. The 21-year-old arrives from FC Basel in a deal reported to be in the region of £11m, with the London club beating long-time suitors Liverpool for the Egyptian’s signature:

In a busy winter window, Salah is the third player to arrive at Stamford Bridge, following the earlier acquisition of Nemanja Matic and Bertrand Traore. Mourinho, as always, had plenty to say on the matter and despite losing a player of Mata’s calibre, seems more than content with the versatile Salah’s addition to his first-team squad:

“I like the fact that he can play the same way our attacking players do, which is players with adaptability, to play right, left or behind the striker. He’s young, he’s fast, he’s creative, he’s enthusiastic. When we analysed him he looks the kind of humble personality on the pitch, ready to work for the team and to work and to adapt himself to a new life. We think with him and André Schürrle, Eden Hazard, Oscar and Willian we will be fine. We lose an experienced top player like Juan Mata but we bring in a young player with great potential. Hopefully he comes and hopefully with the talented players we have around in the same positions we all can develop together.”

The History

A product of the El Mokawloon youth system in his native country, Salah progressed through the ranks to make his debut for the club in May 2010. After notching four goals in his first 23 league matches, he stepped up another level in 2011/12 and produced seven goals and a trio of assists in just 15 appearances before the remainder of the season was cancelled as a result of the Port Said Stadium disaster.

The five foot nine inch wideman then moved to Europe, joining Basel in June 2012 on a four-year contract. Over a season-and-a-half with the Swiss outfit, he returned nine goals and nine assists in 47 league games and also impressed in domestic and European cup matches, with 11 goals and eight assists over 32 appearances – including a goal in both group games against his new club in the Champions League earlier this term.

On the international stage, Salah has turned out for Egypt on 45 occasions, at Under 20, Under 23 and senior level, finding the net on 21 occasions and providing 15 assists.

The Prospects

Mourinho may have initially hailed the new boy’s ability to play through the middle but it seems far more likely that Salah will be vying for a place on the flank. After the Egyptian’s acquisition was confirmed, the Blues boss suggested Oscar will continue to be his preferred choice for the role in “the hole”:

“We tried to go for a young player, a left-footed player, and a fast player with the ball. He is the kind of top player who likes to get behind players so I think he was a good option. Juan is not comfortable on the sides, he tried very hard there and he did quite well in some matches, playing from the right, but it is not his natural habitat. I’ll build a team around Oscar in that position.”

At the moment, then, it seems Hazard will remain as near to nailed-on as we can expect – regardless of formation or competition for places, the Belgian is pretty much an automatic starter. Oscar’s prospects will only be diminished on the rare occasion Mourinho rolls out a 4-3-3 system to bolster his central midfield – when the Blues operate with their familiar 4-2-3-1, his starting berth looks secure.

Essentially, Salah looks set to enter a three-way fight with Willian and Schurrle for the remaining role on the flank, then. Certainly, if Mourinho’s treatment of the latter two is anything to go by, Salah could well face settling-in period over the next few months as his manager looks to integrate him within the squad. Despite splashing the cash on the above-mentioned duo in the previous transfer window, Mourinho has remained cautious with their game time – Willian has eight starts, whilst Schurrle has featured in the first XI on seven of the opening 22 Gameweeks.

Setting you back 6.5 in Fantasy Premier League (FPL) and 7.1 in the Sky Sports game, the young Egyptian faces a tough task to earn our Fantasy attentions, in spite of a relatively favourable price tag. Game time may arrive from the bench more often than not, but – in a similar situation to Mata at United – Salah’s domestic minutes could be boosted by the fact he is ineligible to play in the Champions League this season, having already turned out for Basel. With a number of mid-priced options offering guaranteed starts and consistent attacking returns, however, it seems unlikely the Egyptian, for all his undoubted talents, will be on many a Fantasy radar for the short-term, at least.

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  1. Scientists found a mummy in Egypt covered in chocolate and. nuts.

    What was it called?

      1. Rochet oh dear :):

    1. Pharoah Rochet

    2. Gonzo Milf???

    3. A Yummy Mummy?

  2. Please rate my WC team:

    Mannone - Adrián
    Koscielny - Azpilicueta - Ward - Steven Taylor - Chambers
    Mata - Hazard - Mirallas/AJ - Puncheon - Ward-Prowse
    Agüero - van Persie - Suárez

    What do you think?

    Was going with AJ as third mid, but since he doesn´t play on GW28 and Mirallas might benefit form Lukaku absense...

    1. I hate it because I can't afford it.

      1. IT! Hello. Havent seen you around for a while.

        How's your season going? I'm going to need a strong 2H!

        Thoughts on Rooney vs. Mata? Was all set to get Rooney as great differential - but Mata could be enough given CL ineligibility?

        1. Hello hello CC. Season is only okay, floating around 100k but hoping the second half of the season will help me get top 10k. Toughest one yet.

          I think Rooney is the better shout if you can afford but I can't afford him so got Mata instead.

          1. Sensible as ever -thank you. Will basically boil down to:

            4m def + Eriksen/Mirralles/Rambo (when fit) + Rooney


            Koscienly + Mata + DAD (!)?

            Exactly the same position re: rank for me. Finding a lot tougher than previous years to make any big jumps up. good luck man

    2. Good on paper. You don't need RVP or Kos though

      1. got Kos for 5.3 (5,7 today) and Arsenal is awesome defensive cover.

        RvP I feel what you mean, but I just have to give it a try, even if it ruins the rest of my season. It's a gut kinf of thing.. ;)

        1. Fair enough, good luck mate:)

    3. not bad though u sacrifice a 3rd premium mid to get rvp..but rvp takes up alot of cash making u difficult to get in players for gw29...and ward prowse is not playing and same for taylor and chambers i think they may not be nailed on by gw29...so on gw29 u may have a big problem.

      1. yep, those 3 (prowse / taylor / chambers) are my main doubts, but also are the most easy to solve... ;)

  3. Final Round 1 pointer ( Question # 1 of 5)

    Apart from Wanyama, name any other player currently in the premier league who has played for both Southampton and Celtic?

    1. hooper

    2. random guess, le tissier

      1. (currently)

    3. Boruc

      1. Well done!

      2. Well done.

      3. Correct!

        Now brace yourself for Chickenwithpeas to start accusing you of googling and having a massive paddy!

        1. Don't be mad you couldn't google this one

          1. Get a life mate.

          2. haha

    4. Hooper?

    5. Boruc

      1. enjoyed reading Boruc posts in dirtytackle :lol:

    6. boruc ffs

      1. HAHAHAHA

        1. grow up, you didn't know either, too hard to google

          1. Read my reply last page.


            1. think i'll pass oh mighty google guru

              1. If I did that I would have been 5 seconds behind, therefore not the first to comment. :) What don't you get?

    7. SW6


    8. Hooiveld
      Danny fox

    9. I'll catch the big fish ;)

    10. Guy with the ginger hair.

  4. Any thoughts on AJ > Mirallas? He looked very dangerous against Liverpool.

    1. Everyone in Liverpool looks dangerous.

    2. he looks dangerous every match pretty much. never seems enough end product

  5. In swapping Anderson for Mata David Moyes has lowered the average age of the sqaud by about 1.5 years, the average height by about 3 inches and the average weight by 100lbs

    Though looking at him last night I think they gave Mata one of Anderson's old shirts

      1. I bet you were the guy on the Titanic who shouted "Iceberg! Right ahead!"

        1. He couldn't have been on the titanic, that was ages ago.

          1. Thanks for clarifying. For a few moments I actually believed he was on the Titanic and felt very sorry for him having to suffer such a traumatic experience.

    1. how can average become less if they have sent fabio and zaha on loan

  6. Vodka and soda wasn't a great idea.

    Stomach catastrophe :(

    1. Vodka and Mango Juice is soothing for me

      1. i make a vodka and mango sorbet (seriously). call it mango unchained (also, seriously)

        1. Seriously ?

          1. serious. alcohol means you need less sugar to stop it freezing solid, perfect

    2. vodka+ water with lemon. Greetings from Poland...

      1. Belvedere! Poles are genius

        1. The best vodka, beautifull country and beautifull, horny women

          1. Ridiculously fit women

    3. Probably wasn't the soda part.

    4. Vodka and white lemonade / sprite?
      That's probably the easiest alcoholic beverage to consume..

  7. ccc

    A. Sturridge & Sterling
    B. Adebayor & Adam Johnson

    1. B. Just not keen on Sterling and Sturridge aswell as Suarez

  8. Ramsey is red flagged So does that mean his price will not fall?
    i already have a good replacement in noone against swansea

  9. Worth ditching Silva short term for Mata?

    Forgot to do it before the price rise last night... :(

    1. All depends tonight I guess but I would say nay

      1. Mata's price rising at a crazy fast rate.. I can sell Ozil and get Silva back after

        1. Sell ozil

          1. Palace at home?

            Looked good yesterday

    2. SW6

      Is Silva not gonna play tonight?

    3. No way Mata's gonna join United! :D

      1. Oh Chu ;)

    4. See what happens tonight but I'd lean towards a yes

  10. How much do yous reckon draxler will be in ff if arsenal get him?

    1. He's injured so 8.5?

        1. nah - could be about a month

      1. Back training though isn't he?

        1. conflicting reports

  11. Are tonight's games on Sky?

    1. Just Italian and Spanish.

      1. D'Feck, none last night too! :cry:

    2. BT Sports

  12. Final Round 2 pointer (Q # 2 of 5)

    Name a Finnish player who has played for Crystal Palace

    1. rihialihti hard to spell

      1. you're wrong, it was easy to spell

        1. You google'd mate.

          1. I'm from sweden, neighbour country with finland

            easy question for me really

            1. Okay, I believe you then, would be nice if you could show the same courtesy...

              1. Sure, hope you learn to get jokes in the future

    2. Tap

      jari litmanen?

    3. SW6


    4. aki riihilahti

      1. Google alert.

        1. look up before shouting

    5. Ward Finnished the game last night.

    6. Forsell

    7. vaguely remember a finnish guy in their ian dowie manager era, the season when andy johnson had about 10 penalties.

      1. Tap


    8. HVT
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member

      Gabbidon , he was finished - right ?

  13. What are people doing re Ramsey?

    1. Iki

      1. aki* but reply fail . Damn

        1. who/what's aki? :P

    2. Ramsey -> Draxler

      1. Is Draxler not a forward

        1. He's an attacking midfielder who can play on the wing. Reports that Wemger wants to convert him to a striker, but I'm not convinced.

          1. So he'll definitely be a midfielder in fantasy?

            1. Unless there is a massive cock up. Mind you they do have Danny Rose as a midfielder...

    3. Waiting till hes fit to buy him or selling if you own him

      1. Selling for who? i have johnson and lallana, is the only choice i have downgrading to pozuelo?

        (Selling price of ramsey 6.6, with 0.0 in bank)

        1. What's your midfeild? If they are your worst just keep Ramsey on the bench?

    4. selling him to get adam johnson
      also will his price drop?

    5. HVT
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member

      Decided on Mira for the sake of it really.

    6. WHY has he still got 1M owners.

    1. Hey thomas69

    2. so sexist

  14. Hoping Julien Draxler is classed as a midfielder

    1. Defender.

      1. jealous??

        1. Yh bbz, ur wel sexii x

    2. He is a midfielder....

      1. cheers mate your username says it all! :-)

    3. Goalie

  15. Score prediction for Chelsea v West Ham? Going to be 4-0 I reckon.

    1. SW6


    2. 2-0. think the screw will be there to be turned in the second half but mourinho wont be bothered

      1. Yeah he doesnt really like going for the kill does he

  16. Final Round 3 pointer (Q # 3 of 5)

    Name the player who has fullfiled all the given conditions:
    -Played for two London clubs in the premier league,scoring a total of three goals(played for them between 2004 and 2009)
    -Won the DFB Pokal
    -Holds the record of most international caps for his country

    1. ljunberg?

    2. Tap

      shefki kuqi

      1. Tap

        scrap that, danny higginbotham

    3. Pizzaro?

    4. All wrong!

    5. Thuram

    6. gallas

    7. still not right, answer on new post btw

    8. Stalteri (google) :)

  17. Name a football player who doesn't actually looks like one...

    Samir Nasri

    Always reminds me lesbians

    1. reported

      1. You really are a top arse ;)

    2. lol

      Jonjo Shelvey

      Should have stuck to his role in the Harry Potter movies

      1. Ian Dowie IS Earthworm Jim! ;-)

        1. Or one of the muppets :D

    3. Crouch

      He's a hatrack.

    4. Crouch looks like a farmer :lol:

    5. mata looks like a librarian

    6. what lesbian movies do you watch?!

    7. Brad Guzan

    8. You replied to one of my comments in the last couple of days saying you were going to report me for nothing. Should I return the favour after seeing this mate? :lol:

  19. WAIT! By george, I've got it!

    The answer is MATA!

    He "played for Valencia" and wore "#8 for an Epl club". C'mon guys, am I right? amirite?! :cool:

  20. Silva to Mata

    Yay or Nay

  21. Have AJ, Januzaj, Kolarov, Aguero and Mata missing GW 28 and Chester and Coleman injured...

    Guess Coleman should be back for GW28 and no need to sell him...

    Would probably get rid of Chester, AJ and Januzaj in GW25-27 and bench Kolarov, Aguero and Mata...

    Am I thinking correctly... WC already played...


  23. Predictions on who to score in City game tonight?

    1. Aguero and Adebeyor

  24. Looks like it's time to sell up for Januzaj owners then.

    Given that Mata, Rooney and Van Persie are pretty much nailed on, that leaves one attacking spot for Januzaj, Valencia, Kagawa, Young, Nani(And maybe even Welbeck)....

    1. yeah, only change to that is injuries (and they seem to be frequent with RVP and Rooney)

  25. My team good to go for saturday??


    1. Yes i Like

  26. What's everyone's take on this Salah cat? Haven't seen much of him, I must admit, and am wondering how good a prospect he really is.

    1. Well. That went well. I'll remember this the next time I see shameless RMT's....... :)

  27. Anybody think Flanagan will now be the regular starter again since he's fit? Know he got 70+ minutes last night, just wondering about every week. Need a cheap defender (4.3 or less) so I can afford Wilshere -> Llama.

    1. I think so. Enrique still out for several weeks, GJ out indefinitely, Kelly doesnt seem to get fit, Cissokho is a wreck, Rodgers praises Flanno heavily in every interview. Should be nailed. Still, Liverpool dont get many CS

  28. Tried to work out on my PC how jammy Yaya has been. Computer exploded.

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