There’s very little fizzing away within Granville’s Fantasy lineup right now but, while the Mancunian can justifiable lament his stagnant squad, I’m having to console myself with the smallest of victories – namely a sniveling 9-point Gameweek victory. Get some perspective, Granville.

That’s not the reasoning behind this weeks moniker, however, as once again it’s the questions from the community that inspires the title of another ScoutCast episode. Rounding off with the usual interrogation from you, the listener, we start by dropping in on the regulars, whilst reviewing the ins and outs of the transfer window and touching on the Carroll’s flailing arm and Chelsea’s shackling of City.

Make Your Mind up via this link or get a Piece of the Action* via the handy player below.

*Admittedly I had to look this one up. Not even my knowledge of awful 80’s pop could stretch that far.

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  1. Captain Rooney, Hazard or Suarez?

    1. 1.Rooney

    2. RVP

  2. Giroud to...

    A) Dzeko
    B) Negredo
    C) Rodriguez
    D) Lambert

    1. lamb chop

    2. a or d
      I quiet like d , no blank , assured starts

      1. blank is still possible gw 29

  3. Start Hazard and bench Eriksen?

    1. uh let me think about that, for a nanosecond

    2. If you can't start them both, Hazard it is, without a doubt. Did you see last game vs. City? Hazard was absolutely brilliant.

    3. hazard 100% , that's not even a thought u should have

    4. There should never be a point in this game where a question like that is asked. Both should be starting without a second thought.

      1. But I can't.

  4. Is Mata on corners? seeing as rooney and rvp has good ariel threat?

    1. I think he'll get his share, but he won't be hogging them.

  5. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/26081791

    FA going to have another look at overturning Carroll's red card.

    1. I guarantee you, if Carroll wasn't a British player playing for West Ham ahead of a World Cup, this would have never gotten this far. Imagine if Chico Flores had gotten sent off instead, do you think so much would have been made of it? Heck no.

      1. Do you think it was a definite red card?

        1. No, I've seen the replay and it's not 100%. However, the ref's ruled it, the FA have ruled it, just accept it and move on. It's as if some great injustice has been done; clearly exaggerated by the fact he's English, West Ham are fighting the drop, and there's a World Cup coming. It's a bit annoying.

          1. Years ago I would have agreed with you. The games changed though, its not merely a sport but a massive business. Why should West Ham blindly accept the FAs decision? If there are avenues to go down to fight your corner, they should be taken. "Taking it on the chin" has never helped us.

            I recall certain managers blasting referees for every poor, or otherwise, decision they made. The result - refs bend over backwards to appease them. Now I'm not saying for a second that is what will happen for West Ham, probably the opposite, but I'm glad we're fighting our corner. From what I've read elsewhere it seems many other fans/pundits agree.

            West Ham have agreed to accept todays ruling as final.

            1. You are probably right

      2. KoL

        Could not agree more. If this was Suarez Hazard or even Hernandez it would not be looked at!

  6. Mata or Hazard for (C) ?

    1. I think I'll go with Hazard (C). He was great against City and with all the problems that Newcastle have and their terrible form it has to be him.

    2. Both very good options and have very good fixtures, I'll go with the better player... Hazard

    3. flip a coin for this particular match ,
      two wowfull teams for opposition
      smart money prob hazard ,
      but mata could really announce himself back .

    4. Hazard fo sho

    5. I personally don't think either is a great (c) option, but if those are your only options, I'd go with Hazard

      1. not keen on hazard myself. been burnt by him before. plus he seems less selfish these days.

      2. I have SAS but Arsenal haven't lost a game with Per and Kosc for a while. Also have Eriksen Yaya Lallana and Mata.

        1. Between Suarez & Yoyo, I'd say.

    6. I'm going for persie

  7. Sturridge as an alternative to Suarez as captain?

    1. yeah why not , going on points since his return
      depends if your chasing in your mini league .

  8. Still no news on Ade?

  9. I'm having a dilemma who to play at the back. I will play Cahill and Ward + Boruc in goal so it leaves one free space in my defence. So which one would you play:

    A) Mertesacker (liv)
    B) Bardsley (HUL)
    C) Zabaleta (nor)

    1. Cahil, Bardsley and Zabaleta

      1. thanks mate. You don't fancy a Palace cleanie against WBA?

        1. It's likely, but so are the other three and Bardsley and Zabaleta carry some attacking threat as well.

    2. b , cos that's what im doing .
      and I expect no clean sheet from the other two

  10. Bench Suarez and start Sturridge or Start Suarez and bench Sturridge?

    1. Funniest post of the day

      1. Sturridge is on more form than Suarez atm IMO.

    2. Funny....why do you want to bench either one?

  11. IM reeeeally tempted to captain Benteke this week.

    1. Need to update your team link mate

      1. I do! ya guna join our league nxt season?

        captain options are: hazard/mata/suarez/benteke

        my transfer is prob guna be giroud to JRod/Lambert/Dzeko or Rooney

    2. He's a great option, I think. Though 0 attempts on goal last week is a bit worrying.

      1. I didn't know that stat... glad of the assist!

    3. not convinced with curent form

      1. His form is 4th best behind Sturridge, Suarez and Dzeko on fpl.

        3 goals, 2 assists and 3 bonus in last 5 games...

    4. Jez

      Captain a City player...

    5. No no no

  12. For us SaS owners, is it better to "spread the risk" by captaining someone else than Suarez this gw? If Pool blanks 2/3 attackers including captain fail.

    Does it make more sense to captain someone else than Suarez if you own Sturrdige as well?

    1. I'm a SAS owner and I haven't offered the risk-spreading a thought. I'm captaining RVP because I think he's a better option. If I thought Suarez was a better option I'd go with him.

      1. Agree.....RVP will score more as Suarez is facing a tough defence even though he at home

    2. Yep I'm going RVP this week

      1. Too bad I don't own him..

    3. Captain the player who you think will score the most points ;-)

    4. Suarez assuming you don't have RVP. Captain the one you think will score the most points. Sounds obvious but people over think things.

      1. Yup, thanks.

  13. @LA ROJA

    Do you reckon Peperoni will keep his place or Hennessey could challenge very soon?

    1. Pepperoni brilliant

  14. Save my FT is the plan, agree? Not 100% set on captain choice btw.

    Chambers Ward Azpi
    AJ Mata Yaya (c) Hazard (vc)
    Studge Ade Suarez

    Mert, Noone, Bruce.

    1. Very similar to mine and I am quite happy with this lot. Since Chambers was doubtful, I did Koscielny to Cahill and I will double up on Chelsea for the time being. As for your captain, I would go Hazard instead, simply for the home factor (and Chelsea's form, too).

      1. Sounds good! Planned to do the same, but I want Lallana in for AJ next round but with 3 Soton (Chambers + Boruc/Davis) I need to save a transfer to replace Davis with Price or any other GK at 3.9.

        1. Sounds like a plan. Since I can definitely see your defenders getting cleanies this week, save the transfer for your next week plan, then, you're good to go!

  15. Hi all could you rate my team

    Adrian ( k Davis )

    Ivan Rafael shaw ( chambers / Faye )

    Oscar hazard sterling ozil ( Johnson )

    RVP Suarez Giroud

    Looking to get rid of oscar and get mata after that week the mans are not playing. Also want to get rid of Raphael........


    1. Anyone

    2. good team ......u better swap ozil for someone else like mirallas...he is playing forward now......A.Johnson is sure to score , y is he in the bench????.....swap rafael for a man city defender...they hav easy fixtures the next few weeks

  16. Jez

    Dzeko (c) anyone?

    City did beat Norwich 7-0 earlier this season so they'll be scared..

    1. What's your other options?

      1. Jez

        Suarez, Lallana, Mata

    2. Could work. Dzeko seems to be the most nailed-on City striker and they need to bounce back from the Chelsea defeat. If you feel like taking a little risk, go for it -- otherwise just captain Suarez.

      1. Jez

        Im 1 point behind my league leader so gonna take a bit of a risk and go for it. Dzeko could explode and score 5 ;)

        1. Sounds good, mate. Provided Arsenal do keep Liverpool quiet, captaining someone else other than Suarez/Sturridge could be a massive differential.

      2. I do that over Suarez this week, could be a nice earner in your mini league...as everyone will probably be (c) Suarez as per usual..........


  17. Rate in order of preference for captain

    1. Hazard, Suarez, Mata, Silva

    2. no quiz :( . You didn't show up yesterday :(


      1. I did! But no one was interested!!

        1. :shock:

          cheers no problem , maybe later tonight ;)

          1. Hopefully! Looks as if you are looking forward to it? Any new findthelink website found? Ha,just kidding mate. Love the passion!

            1. About when is the quiz? :)

              1. Somewhere in between 430 and 5 pm gmt!

  18. Only 26 hours until the kick off :)

    Get in

  19. Had a nightmare this night. Dreamed that I had three West Ham defenders starting for my team even though they were playing Arsenal that week. Spent the entire dream kicking myself for having done that. I wouldn't wish that feeling on my worst enemy.

    1. Did the arsenal score a hat full then?

      1. We won 4-0 and the cherry on top of that was Kim Kallstrom getting amongst the goal scorers.

    2. It's a bold strategy!
      I had a dream City beat Norwich 4-1, with Dzeko bagging a brace. Ruel Fox scored a consolation goal for Norwich, so I'm not too sure how much to read into that!

      1. Lol. I was expecting Adrian to save a penalty at least. But, as I said, Kallstrom converted it beautifully and celebrated doing push-ups to show the world how fit his back was.

        1. Haha. It's a sign!

  20. A) Studgeface out for Roonpiggers


    B) Cathorla out for Mata


    C) Save tranny and go without any Utd players

    1. That grav :lol:

      B or save imo.

    2. For a freebie? B, then. Bear in mind that Santi scored at the Anfield last season, though.

    3. Suffering the same agony... going without Utd coverage

    4. I'd save - it's tempting to get ManU for the Fulham game but next 4 after that:

      Away, away, blank, away.

  21. I'm quite surprised that people are considering other captaincy options besides from RVP and Suarez to be honest. Other players are far too streaky (Hazard) or not explosive enough (Mata, Toure)

  22. New Post
  23. Any news on Evans? Assuming he is out, would you opt for

    a) Shaw
    b) Azpi
    c) Kolarov

    Already have Kos, Terry and Ward


    1. Shaw or Ivan if you got the money

  24. guys ...pls help me

    terry jagielka ward evra
    silva lallana YYT
    giroud sturridge RVP(C)

    bench: boruc bacuna mccartney colback

    i have 0 in the bank.....i want RVP to stay ....but eriksen < colback and mirallas < bacuna
    i m ready to break up my defence except for terry,ward,and mannonne,.....i am also planning to bring in Kolarov for Evra.....pls HELP !!!!!!!!

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