Paddy Power have an eye on this evening’s Champions League clash at Stamford Bridge and roll out a tempting offer for those yet to register an account. With Chelsea attempting to overhaul a 3-1 first-leg deficit against Paris Saint Germain, our bookmaker mates are offering odds of 6/1 on Eden Hazard to score anytime or 4/1 on Fernando Torres, Samuel Eto’o or Demba Ba to net anytime as Jose Mourinho’s side look to book a place in the last four:

If you already have an account with Paddy, you can take advantage of a Money Back Special for tonight’s game. Paddy will refund all losing First Goalscorer, Last Goalscorer, Correct Score & Scorecast singles on the match as a free bet if Mourinho’s side qualify for the next round.

To clarify, both the Hazard and Torres, Eto’o or Ba enhanced odds special is limited to a £10 stake, open to new Paddy Power customers only and subject to the terms and conditions specified. New customers can only opt for one of the two offers.

Finally, of course, we should state that all these offers are only available to those aged 18 and over and are subject to Paddy Power’s terms and conditions. Also, if you’re going to bet, always gamble responsibly.

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  1. Is Milfitano a decent cheap pick?

    • 1 year, 10 days ago
    1. Yup imo... nice DGW differential too in a few weeks

      • 1 year, 10 days ago
    2. That's not a top-of-the-page post. :oops:

      • 1 year, 10 days ago
        • 1 year, 10 days ago
        1. Technically you are correct :D

          • 1 year, 10 days ago
  2. Hazard --> Eriksen looking likely now for me...

    See how bad the injury is first :?

    • 1 year, 10 days ago
  3. Gerrard stays, Hazard -> Nasri it is.

    • 1 year, 10 days ago
      • 1 year, 10 days ago
    1. Thinking Haz/Studge > Ramsey /Aguero

      • 1 year, 10 days ago
      1. hmmm im not feelin arsenal at the mo, depsite their good fixtures...... if i was tho ramsey or kosc would be back in

        • 1 year, 10 days ago
  4. Was going to do Hazard > Mata anyway so just need a stop gap

    • 1 year, 10 days ago
  5. How long did the scan results show Hazard will be out for?

    • 1 year, 10 days ago
    1. 18 years........... sounds a bit much to me, but im not a medical man

      • 1 year, 10 days ago
    2. Grade 3 tear back for Cardiff away

      • 1 year, 10 days ago
    3. The way he was walking off, I'd say it was a ruptured eardrum.

      • 1 year, 10 days ago
    4. Mixed responses here. Don't lie to me, my transfers are important.

      • 1 year, 10 days ago
  6. Dem reactions :shock:

    • 1 year, 10 days ago
    1. i dyslexically read that as erections :shock:

      • 1 year, 10 days ago
      1. What's slydexically?

        • 1 year, 10 days ago
  7. Haz to Lallana and Shaw to ward leaves me with this team for this GW.

    Coleman, Ward, Zabaleta
    Gerrard, Mirallas, AJ, Lallana
    Lukaku, Dzeko, Aguero

    Adrian, Azpi, Bacuna, Skrtel

    Thinking Mirallas and Dzeko to Eriksen and Giroud next week.
    Then Lukaku to Rooney following week decent plan?

    • 1 year, 10 days ago
  8. Hazrad to Schurrle LOL

    • 1 year, 10 days ago
  9. Ok, new page....

    • 1 year, 10 days ago
    1. I thought Chelsea had more fans. Or was that five years ago?

      • 1 year, 10 days ago
    2. Rumour has it that Hazard is faking injury to avoid the Swansea ball boy.

      • 1 year, 10 days ago
      1. I LOLed at this

        • 1 year, 10 days ago
      2. He's eight stone heavier now :lol:

        • 1 year, 10 days ago
    • 1 year, 10 days ago
  10. Thoughts on this DGW side...?

    Coleman* - Ward* - Cahill
    Yaya* - Silva* - Eriksen - Puncheon
    Aguero* - Lukaku* - Suarez

    (Mannone - Gerrard - Shaw - Chester)
    1.0 itb.
    Worth taking a -4 to get in another DGW'er?

    • 1 year, 10 days ago
  11. I like Schurrle a lot, superb player and should be keeping Oscar out of the team regularly.

    • 1 year, 10 days ago
  12. Clive Barcelona being helpful here by reminding us that 2-0 would be sufficient for Chelsea.

    • 1 year, 10 days ago
  13. Is there a new post?

    • 1 year, 10 days ago
  14. Dortmund 2-0 up?!!

    • 1 year, 10 days ago
  15. Transferred out Reus :(

    • 1 year, 10 days ago
  16. Dortmund playing very well Madrid would want to wake up

    • 1 year, 10 days ago

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