FFS Mini-Leagues & Community Competitions Gameweek 15

Welcome to the Gameweek 15 round-up of the Fantasy Football Scout mini-leagues and community competitions. 

Head-to-Head Leagues

Craig Johnson (aka Bouncebackability) has opened up a 10-point gap at the top of the FFS Head-to-Head leagues following a 70 to 62 victory over Richard Clarke.

Craig and Richard, who featured in one of Joe’s Meet the Manager interviews, benefited from their decision to hold onto Tammy Abraham and keep Mount over Pulisic. However it was a Leicester City midfielder who made the difference – Maddison’s last minute goal effectively swung the tie in Craig’s favour. 

There were defeats for all of the managers between second and fifth last week – Aleksander Våge Nilsen (aka Burky Boy), olavi oja (aka ulafhai) and Owen Walker (aka Zan Scott Talent) – meaning they were leapfrogged by Ignazio La Rosa

Ignazio moves into second place in League 1 with a win over Simon Vazquez.

Vladimir Stojiljkovic in League 8 Division 77 maintained his 100%-winning record. He is the only manager across all the Head-to-Head leagues with the maximum 45 points out of 45.

At 280th overall, David Hurley still has the best rank of any participating manager. However, David remains tied on 36 points with Brian Doyle in Division 70 of League 7. In FPL, David has 108 points more than Brian.

A fixtures table will be published in the Scout’s Guide to Gameweek 16 ahead of the deadline. However, if you would like to find out who you are playing next before then, follow this link. Use your browser’s find in page function (Ctrl+F) to locate managers. All this information and more is contained in the main Head-to-Head page.

Fantasy Football Scout Mini-Leagues

Several of our featured mini-leagues have new leaders, while others have seen their leads reduced.

Currently the number one FPL manager in Serbia, Boris Popovski moves to the top of our Fantasy Football Scout mini-league. Now in his eighth FPL season Boris is up to 31st overall. He has a best finish of 8,811 which came in 2014/15.

Boris has a 5-point lead over Berkan Chelikhan who drops from first to second.

There are currently 43,601 people participating in the Fantasy Football Scout mini-league, to join them enter code ooyz44 in your Leagues’ section on the FPL site

Miles Stephens ends Martin Dixon’s four weeks stint at number one in our FFS Members mini-league as Tom Foster moves into second spot.

This is Miles’s tenth FPL season with a previous best finish of 18,533 in 2012/13. Martin drops from first to sixth after a Gameweek score of 40 in which Abraham and Vardy were the only players to manage more than 3 points for his team.

The code to join the FFS Members League can be found on the Members page

Community Mini-Leagues and Competitions

In the first round of the FFS Cup, Pro Pundit Sam Bonfield (aka Sam FPLFamily) defeated former winner Wild Rover by 49 points to 46.

In total four former winners bowed out, joining Wild Rover were Gribude, Joe and Lokomotiv. The only former champion through to round two is A Manager Has No Name

The draw for the first round of the FFS Members Cup has taken place. To qualify FFS members needed to hit the Gameweek 14 qualifying score of 53 (after hits). For those with exactly 53 points an overall rank of 59,527 or better was needed.

Details of both cups can be found here.

In TorresMagic’s Last Man Standing the safety score for Gameweek 15 was 46 points, which saw 174 managers eliminated. The threshold for elimination remains at 8% for Gameweek 16.

3,166 managers have departed the competition so far with 1,805 left to battle it out for the coveted title of Last Man Standing. There will be further opportunities to enter before Gameweek 22, however you must pass all previous safety scores to qualify.

Aside from bragging rights, the winner will receive a free Fantasy Football Scout Membership for the 2020/21 season.

In the Pundit’s Play-Off Community Tournament yet another victory for The Keane Fifteen sees them maintain their advantage at the top of the overall Head-to-Head league table. 

Boris Bodega: Holly’s Hamster‘s full round-up of Matchweek 7 can be read here.

Neale Rigg (aka SkontoRigga) has closed the gap on Andy Goddard (aka Andy G) in the FFS Mods & Cons mini-league to 2 points.

Like many managers ahead of Gameweek 15 Neale transferred out his goalkeeper Nick Pope, however instead of opting for Dean Henderson he chose Vicente Guaita. The Crystal Palace stopper rewarded him with 8 points.

Josh Lee made it two weeks at number one in RedLightning’s Top 10k Any Season mini-league but Ian Stanley is now level with him on points. Josh has made 11 transfers to Ian’s 14.

This is Ian’s 13th season and he has had four top 6,000 finishes, the best of which was 1,008 in 2012/13.

Managers with a top 10,000 finish may join RedLightning’s Top 10k Any Season mini-league using the code m0tq9y.

Paul Marshman (aka Back On The Horse) is the new leader in PDM‘s Top 1k ANY season mini-league as previous leader Ilyas Piperdy drops to tenth.

Paul has a very impressive five top 1,000 finishes and is currently 1,876 overall.

Managers with a top 1,000 finish may join PDM’s Top 1k ANY season mini-league using the code eejnyz.

Head-to-Head leader Craig Johnson (aka Bouncebackability) is now top of Chaballer’s Top 1,000 HoF League. He’s level on points with Svein Roald L Usken but Craig is top because he’s made less transfers – 14 to Svein’s 18.

Craig is 75th in the Career Hall of Fame while Svein is 720th. Managers in the top 1,000 of the Career HoF may enter the league using the code beeps2.

In the exclusive FPL Champions League, Ben Crabtree’s lead is down to 22 points as FFS Pro Pundit Simon March closes the gap. 

Ben dropped out of the top 100,000 for the first time since Gameweek 1.

Keeping tabs on the Pro Pundits, Sam Bonfield (aka Sam FPLFamily) remains the highest-ranked manager of this select group. In Gameweek 15 she increased her lead over the next highest, Tom Freeman (aka avfc82) to 28 points.

The top-scoring Pro Pundit this Gameweek was Holly Shand (aka FFCommunity) with 69.

The football season may have finished in Norway but one notable Norwegian is up to 9th overall in FPL. 

Smoother than a Bishop’s Mitre, World chess champion Magnus Carlsen profited from some good fortune as no-shows from his captain Mohamed Salah and Anthony Martial resulted in a 32-point gain. Martin Kelly and Leander Dendoncker emerged from his bench while Sadio Mane was promoted to captain. 


If you are running a community competition and would like the latest scores included in future Round-ups, please email us a summary of the current leaders and a link to your league, spreadsheet or head-to-head competition to geoff@fantasyfootballscout.co.uk

Thank you to RedLightning for his contribution to this article.

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