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Why fixture difficulty can be important in Football Index

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The new season is already underway, as is my debut campaign betting on Football Index (FI).

As mentioned previously, I’m going to be dipping my toe into the potentially lucrative FI waters all year, hoping to build a modest budget into something a little showier.

We ran over the basic rules of the game in that first article, so today I’m going to start looking a bit deeper into how I might be successful betting on the football stockmarket.

One other thing of note is Premier League bias. We will mostly be looking at Premier League players this season so we can tie FI coverage into our FPL content.

However, FI runs across five major European leagues – England, Spain, Italy, Germany and France – as well as the two UEFA club competitions, so we’ll be removing our Little Englander blinkers from time to time, and especially when there’s a player or Euro event that just can’t be ignored.

And so onwards to…

Will Cheap = Cheerful?

At the most basic level, betting and trading in shares requires you to buy low and sell high.

With that in mind, a good place to start looking for FI bargain bets is among the unknowns, either in terms of their overall (lack of) celebrity among football fans or as a first-time Premier League performer.

In other words, who will be this season’s Teemu Pukki?

Well, first up it’s wise to remember that a breakthrough striker from the Championship is not an every-season phenomenon. Don’t try to force players into pre-conceived narratives. Instead, discover the narrative that fits a player.

Last season, in FPL, that included both Pukki’s early goals and the out-of-position delights of John Lundstram.

This term, my eyes are being drawn to Leeds United.

Manager Marcelo Bielsa is not nicknamed ‘El Loco’ because of his singular devotion to steam trains, so it’s highly unlikely the Whites are going to be shunted into the sidings of dull irrelevance, to mix a metaphor or two.

There’s a feeling of all or nothing about him and his team. They could crash and burn, or they could win hearts, minds and a fine haul of points with a heady mix of high pressing at home and counter-attacks on the road.

Record signing Rodrigo Moreno has already caught my eye – mainly because he’s currently available for about one quid a share. For context, the most expensive player in FI at present is a certain Borussia Dortmund youngster available for well over £14.

Should Moreno quickly find his feet in a Leeds team with, it must be said, a tricky opening set of games, then the striker’s value is not going to stay so wonderfully low.

‘Should’ is doing all the heavy lifting in the previous sentence, mind, so we shall see.

The Fixtures ‘N’ Form Boys

If Leeds’ early schedule is not the easiest, there’s always another team with a brighter immediate outlook.

That leads me on to an FI tactic probably the closest to standard FPL practice – pinpoint a player with a great schedule and tap into it, and them.

With FI, the upsides of this are many.

As well as getting in-play dividends (see below) early doors, they’re in with a chance of the usual match day and team of the month bonuses.

And, if they’re doing the business consistently, they’re also likely to feature heavily in the press, which opens up opportunities to win media dividends on a daily basis.

Success should also breed success, with more fellow managers buying into your prescient pick and bumping up his overall value.

Chelsea have one of the kindest opening set of fixtures, with ‘opening’ here meaning ‘all the way through to Christmas’. Of the biggest teams in the league, Frank Lampard’s men will face only Liverpool (at home) and Man United (away) across their first 14 matches, running into the dim and distant future that is December 19.

Tapping into the wealth of Chelsea’s attacking options seems wise, therefore, with their most expensive FI asset, a certain new striker from the Bundesliga, setting you back close to £6 a share.

Their other major summer transfer business involved Hakim Ziyech, who looked good in the pre-season game at Brighton before succumbing to a knee injury. That has knocked quite a bit of value off him, so he could be worth a look at the mid-£3 mark if he recovers sooner rather than later.

Another team with a great initial schedule is Manchester United.

As you might expect, there’s a lot of money tied up in their key assets, but at around £3 a share, a certain French striker looks well-priced.

If he can continue last season’s fine form – he was United’s leading scorer in FPL with 200 points – then he looks under-valued, particularly with Champions League football to further sweeten the deal.

In-play dividends

This is the closest FI comes to an FPL-style short-term bet.

Some managers might buy a player in for a specific Gameweek. That’s some managers. It’s rare and, presumably, not overly successful, but many of us have eyed up an asset with a good run of, say, four fixtures before things turn nastier further down the line.

FI pays out in-play dividends to all players you bet for the 30 days following that purchase.

It is, potentially, a canny way to win in the short term. How long you keep these players after that initial burst of potential profit is, as ever, the key to longer-term success.

Again, Man United’s early run looks so tempting – Spurs, Chelsea and Arsenal should be their toughest tests in the first 11 matches, and all three of those are at Old Trafford.

Tapping into that schedule across the first 30 days of a bet could be lucrative if you buy a United player at the right time (and price, obviously).

Make a bet, for example, just before the early October home game with Spurs, and you’ll have opportunities to win in-play dividends from both domestic and Champions League football.


But don’t forget, this is gambling with real money, so always gamble responsibly: 18+.

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671 Comments Post a Comment
  1. The Reptile
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
    • 9 Years
    1 month, 7 days ago

    I'm pondering Ali to Greenwood to do Antonio to DCL (0ITB)

    Anyone seriously considering Greenwood for Manu cover or only martial/Rash/Bruno?

    1. KLOPPS AND ROBBERS... the s…
      • 5 Years
      1 month, 7 days ago

      Bruno for me, will be involved in everything and likes to shoot.
      Worth the extra imo

      1. The Reptile
        • Fantasy Football Scout Member
        • 9 Years
        1 month, 7 days ago

        Thanks Klopps & Robbers

        Love to have him but big changes required - team is:

        McCarthy (Steer)

        TAA - Egan-Justin (Mitchell, Douglas)
        Auba - Ali - Salah - ASM (Bissouma)

        Ings Werner - Antonio

    2. DavidFPL
        1 month, 7 days ago

        Greenwood over-performed his underlying stats more than any other play after lockdown, this could just mean he's a brilliant finisher of course.
        Sancho not leaving but it's fair to say United are looking for a player for his position.
        also I assume Van de Beek isn't a 40million backup for Pogba,
        Matic the only holding player they have.
        Bruno, Rashford Martial and Greenwood. someone has to be dropped if Van de Beek is gonna start.
        Really all about if Ole will change to a more 4-1-2-1-2 suggested in this video, if he does I don't see Greenwood starting.

        1. The Reptile
          • Fantasy Football Scout Member
          • 9 Years
          1 month, 7 days ago

          Thanks David
          Thats very helpful
          Might have to rethink my plan

    3. KLOPPS AND ROBBERS... the s…
      • 5 Years
      1 month, 7 days ago

      Holding like to hold on to his place?

      (I'm here all week)

      Thinking Vina > Holding for long term

      1. KLOPPS AND ROBBERS... the s…
        • 5 Years
        1 month, 7 days ago


      2. farmerfat
        • Fantasy Football Scout Member
        • 5 Years
        1 month, 7 days ago

        Think he might be out when Luiz comes back, but really hard to tell.

    4. Klaren
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
      • 3 Years
      1 month, 7 days ago

      Would you do Mane to Bruno this GW? (already have Salah and Auba).

      I don't want to sell Mane and would rather get Martial than Bruno for the home fixture but there'll be a 0.2 price swing if I don't make the move which can be considerably important in the early parts of the season.

      Any thoughts on this?

      1. jamie1972
        • 4 Years
        1 month, 7 days ago

        Similar boat (see below) it's a tough one...

      2. St Pauli Walnuts
        • Fantasy Football Scout Member
        • 2 Years
        1 month, 7 days ago

        Yes, for sure.

    5. jamie1972
      • 4 Years
      1 month, 7 days ago

      Had planned Son to Bruno for free after GW2 but the rise is looking like screwing me. Take a -4 to do it now or lose/forget Bruno for say, Rash/James/another....

      1. Reyson
        • 3 Years
        1 month, 7 days ago

        You can still do son to bruno now isnt it?

        1. jamie1972
          • 4 Years
          1 month, 7 days ago

          Yeah but it will cost me a -4

          (or worse should Son score this weekend)

    6. Reyson
      • 3 Years
      1 month, 7 days ago

      -4 for son egan to rash and justin?

    7. Alberto Tomba
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
      • 7 Years
      1 month, 7 days ago

      I don't like Fantasy Football scout's association with the Football Index. Gambling websites are one thing as they are fairly explicit in what they are.
      Football index doesn't yet have sufficient regulation and is a Ponzi scheme.
      "Bet on the football stockmarket" - insinuating you are buying a stock when you're not.

      Pick better partners.

    8. Kuzser
      • 3 Years
      1 month, 7 days ago

      Keep jumping between the options and from saving a FT to taking a 4 point hit.
      What would you recommend here guys?
      1) Ings->Martial
      2) Alli->James
      3) Alli->Rashford
      4) Ings, Alli -> Bruno DCL
      5) Ings Alli-> Martial James

      Team atm:
      McCarthy (Button)
      TAA Egan Justin (Douglas Taylor)
      Auba Salah Alli ASM Souchek
      Werner Ings (Brewster)