How to play FanTeam’s £100k half-season Premier League Fantasy game

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FanTeam have announced their ‘Second Chance’ Premier League Fantasy game for the latter half of this season, starting from Gameweek 22 on January 14th.

This gives a further chance for managers to win a huge cash prize if their original season-long team has already fallen way behind.

There is a guaranteed prize pool of £100,000 in this Fantasy tournament, with £20,000 going to the winner and money for anyone finishing in the top 4,000.

And, remarkably, it’s completely free to play!


Here’s the great news: anyone with any sort of Fantasy Premier League (FPL) experience should be able to pick up FanTeam’s game without issue. The rules, scoring and prices are very similar, shown in detail below.

It’s essentially FPL but with huge cash prizes. Given that paid entry mini-leagues are now strongly discouraged by the Premier League, the FanTeam game offers Fantasy managers a legitimate opportunity to make money from their management expertise.

Unlike the main FanTeam game, this involves building a team of 11 players rather than a squad of 15. Therefore the 100.0m budget is now down to 80.0m. There must be at least one goalkeeper, three defenders, two midfielders and one forward.

A maximum of three players from a single Premier League team can be selected.

One free transfer is allowed each Gameweek, with every additional transfer costing minus four points. FanTeam managers have one Wildcard to use, allowing unlimited free transfers during its week of activation.

Additionally, a captain and vice-captain has to be nominated every week; the player handed the armband will score double points.

All sound very familiar? That’s because the two games are largely the same – although there are a handful of differences to watch out for.


  • Player prices can rise and fall based on form and in-game transfer movement but, unlike in FPL, a player’s ‘sell price’ is the same as their ‘purchase price’.
  • Other than the Wildcard, there aren’t any chips in FanTeam.
  • There is no limit to how many free transfers you can save up, unlike FPL allowing no more than two.
  • The ‘Safety Net’ feature makes up for the lack of substitutes. If your player doesn’t start a match, he’ll automatically be replaced by the next-priced (descending) starter in that team’s position who did. For example, if midfielder Mohamed Salah was rested, he would be switched for a cheaper Liverpool midfielder who played, like Sadio Mane.


Seasoned FPL managers should have no problem in adjusting to FanTeam and running a squad with its familiar scoring system, shown above.


  • There is no Bonus Points System, which is replaced by plus/minus points (+0.3/-0.3) if a team is winning/losing during the period a player is on the pitch.
  • Goalkeepers get 0.5 points for every save made, unlike the one point awarded in FPL for increments of three stops.
  • Committing a foul that leads to a free-kick goal or converted penalty is penalised by minus two points.
  • Midfielders and forwards get an extra point for completing the full match.
  • Shots on target that don’t end up as goals are rewarded (+0.4 for midfielders and forwards, +0.6 for defenders)


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  1. Milkman Bruno
      11 days, 32 mins ago

      Can I open my eyes? Is it true? Is it really over?

      1. TheBiffas
        • 1 Year
        11 days, 32 mins ago


      2. Milkman Bruno
          11 days, 31 mins ago

          I understand it will likely get worse before getting better but glad this has come to an end weeks too late.

          Thanks for everything Ole, unfortunately your managing experience is just not good enough for a club of Uniteds stature. Will always be a club legend.

        • The Mighty Hippo
          • Fantasy Football Scout Member
          • 5 Years
          11 days, 23 mins ago

          It's only just begun mate. Carrick as interim manager while Utd. unsuccessfully try to convince Zidane / Poch / Brendan / Ten Hag to take the role at the end of the season.

          Meanwhile the results will improve slightly and Carrick will be given the position permanently since he understands the Utd. DNA.

      3. AC/DC AFC
        • 6 Years
        11 days, 27 mins ago

        Would you shift out Antonio or Wilson first?

        1. Echoes
          • 1 Year
          11 days, 25 mins ago

          Hold Wilson as he has a few decent fixtures coming up.

        2. PLerix
          • Fantasy Football Scout Member
          • 5 Years
          11 days, 1 min ago

          Lol, am I missing something? I just got him in

      4. Deulofail
        • Fantasy Football Scout Member
        • 5 Years
        11 days, 26 mins ago

        Here are a couple of my potential plans for FTs with WC19 in mind.
        Feel free to add thoughts or ignore 😉

        Trent Cancelo James
        Son Foden Raphinha Gallagher ESR
        Jesus Jimenez

        Foster | Chilwell, Edouard, Livramento | 0FTs. 2.8 ITB

        Plan A.
        GW14/16: Edouard > Benteke
        GW15/16: Jimenez + Raphinha > Ronaldo + 4.5

        Plan B.
        GW15: Raphinha > Mbeumo
        GW16: Jimenez + Edouard > Ronaldo + Dennis
        GW17/18: BB

        1. mentaculus
          • Fantasy Football Scout Member
          11 days, 22 mins ago

          I like A: Benteke move very much approved! Not sure why you'd still want Mbeumo tbh. Think I'll be avoiding Ronaldo personally but the fixtures are there at least

          1. Deulofail
            • Fantasy Football Scout Member
            • 5 Years
            11 days, 18 mins ago

            Mbeumo would be mainly for the Bench Boost with Southampton in GW18. Perhaps there will be better options like McGinn or Odegaard (if he looks likely to be a starter).

            It's nice that Kane is cheaper than Ronaldo, so I can always go for him instead.


      5. Old Man
        • Fantasy Football Scout Member
        • 10 Years
        11 days, 24 mins ago

        Any word on Foden? The sweet 1 pointer of Livra waiting in the wings .....

        1. Camzy
          • 11 Years
          11 days, 17 mins ago

          Yeah. Please play, Foden. Plz.

        2. Firminoooo
          • 5 Years
          11 days, 12 mins ago

          Its so annoying. Every time I get it right and bench my lowest scoring players someone miss out. If I bench a haul, nobody in my starting 11 miss out.