How to play the free FanTeam ‘Beat the Pundits’ game

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Having already introduced FanTeam’s free, no-deposit FanTeam ‘Beat the Pundits League’ this week, it’s now time to look at its rules.

The contest has a similar scoring system to Fantasy Premier League’s (FPL) and will be played over seven European Championship Gameweeks, starting on Friday 14 June.

We at Fantasy Football Scout are delighted to partner with FanTeam for this and there’ll be a series of articles between now and the big kick-off.

Prizes galore in FanTeam's free 'Euro Beat the Pundits' league


Alongside the main cash-entry game, this free FanTeam league invites managers to win a bunch of exciting prizes.

Not only will the top 160 get a share of the £2,000 cash pot (as seen above) but every manager who finishes ahead of the official Fantasy Football Scout team will receive a free month of our Premium Membership. And you’re all invited to defeat some well-known FPL content creators, too.

Simply follow this link and enter the password: pundits2024

After securing one of the league’s 5,000 available spots, you can start drafting a 15-man squad that fits within the £100m budget.

It’s free for verified FanTeam account holders aged 18 or older, limited to one entry per person. No deposit is required but new users who do put money into their account and then enter any Fantasy cash game will also qualify for a free £10 ticket into the main contest that boasts a £175k prize pool.


How to score points in free FanTeam 'Beat the Pundits' game


Deadlines occur right when the Gameweek’s first match kicks off. Although your transfers for the upcoming round can still be undone pre-deadline, this isn’t a Fantasy game where line-ups and captaincies can be moved around during the action.

GWMatchesDeadline (BST)TransfersPlayer limit
1Group Match 1Friday 14 June, 20:00Unlimited3 per team
2Group Match 2Wednesday 19 June, 14:002 free transfers3 per team
3Group Match 3Sunday 23 June, 20:002 free transfers3 per team
4Round of 16Saturday 29 June, 17:004 free transfers3 per team
5Quarter-finalsFriday 5 July, 17:004 free transfers4 per team
6Semi-finalsTuesday 9 July, 20:004 free transfers6 per team
7FinalSunday 14 July, 20:004 free transfers8 per team

Unlike FPL, there will be no rise or fall in player prices and unused free transfers cannot be rolled over into the next Gameweek. Yet one identical aspect to FPL is that each additional transfer will cost four points.

There is one Wildcard chip which can be used at any time. When activated, it allows you to make unlimited free transfers before the next Gameweek’s deadline.

Should two or more teams be tied on points, they will share the placement.


Meanwhile, squads consist of two goalkeepers, five defenders, five midfielders and three forwards.

How to play the free FanTeam 'Beat the Pundits' game

As for scoring points, FPL managers will be familiar with the system. Goals bring four points to forwards, five to midfielders and six to defenders.

Every player gets an appearance point for taking part, grabbing a second if they last over 60 minutes. For defensive names who play that long and finish without conceding, all clean sheet rewards are the same. Such midfielders get one as well.

Assists lead to three points and goalkeepers get five when saving a spot kick. Captains see their score multiplied by two but everyone gets punished for things like own goals, penalty misses and cards.

However, there are slight differences to FPL:

  • Firstly, if a midfielder or forward stays on the pitch for the entire game, they’ll receive an additional point.
  • Also, goalkeepers earn +0.5 for each save, rather than in FPL where it’s one point per three.
  • If the player’s team wins during the period of their involvement, that player will be awarded 0.3 points. But they’ll be deducted 0.3 if they lose the period.
  • Midfielders and strikers will get +0.4 for each shot on target, whilst defenders and goalkeepers earn +0.6 and +1.0 respectively.
  • Two points are removed if conceding a free-kick leads to a goal, or a penalty is given away regardless of its outcome.
  • Bonus points do not exist.

It’s also worth noting that points will not be scored for extra time or penalty shoot-outs.


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  1. Who let Udogie out?
    • 1 Year
    16 days, 45 mins ago


    1. SM001
      • 8 Years
      16 days, 39 mins ago


      Gundie on pens and in advanced role. He might be subbed off in some games though.
      Saka is a lock on the right for England.

      1. FPL Blow-In
        • 11 Years
        15 days, 23 hours ago

        Palmer is going to get minutes. Whether that is at the expense of Saka is yet to be seen.

  2. The Knights Template
    • 10 Years
    16 days, 37 mins ago

    Are they pro-pundits?

    1. The Knights Template
      • 10 Years
      16 days, 31 mins ago

      * I am over 18 and understand I have been had!

  3. Who let Udogie out?
    • 1 Year
    16 days, 32 mins ago

    A)Frimpong/T.Hernandez +Verbruggen

    1. Jonesfromthere
      • 12 Years
      15 days, 23 hours ago


  4. MikeyMitz
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member
    • 14 Years
    16 days, 32 mins ago

    Best Team Names article inspired me to finally change my team name. “Olmo Famous” here we come

    1. panda07
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
      • 11 Years
      15 days, 21 hours ago

      Tickle me Olmo!

      1. Berkshire Hafaway-Line
        • 3 Years
        15 days, 20 hours ago

        or Tackle me Olmo

  5. adstomko
    • 8 Years
    16 days, 20 mins ago

    I’m sorted, I think. But rip it up:

    Mittelstädt (C), Rüdiger, Dimarco, Castagne
    Gündogan, Szoboszlai, Trossard
    Mbappé, Lukaku, Dovbyk
    (Costa, Cancelo, Fernandes, Baumgartner)

    1. Jonesfromthere
      • 12 Years
      16 days, 2 mins ago

      Dovbyk isn’t nailed

    2. The Mentaculus
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
      • Has Moderation Rights
      • 2 Years
      15 days, 23 hours ago

      Can't really fault it. Dovbyk should start afaik

  6. Lukakus Unit
    • 4 Years
    15 days, 22 hours ago

    Thoughts on this team (In order of match day)?

    Pickford - Lunin
    Mittelstadt - Dimarco - Frimpong - Cancelo - Inacio
    Szoboszlai - Jorginho - Rodri - Eriksen - Bruno
    Kane - Mbappe - Lukaku

    If Lunin and Frimpong don’t play their next friendlies, I’ll swap them for Livakovic (group of death but can swap Pickford in after if needed) and T Hernandez.

    Going for heavy hitters up front, penalty taking mids, and wingbacks at the back (the lone exception being Inacio, but I think Portugal does well).

    1. The Mentaculus
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
      • Has Moderation Rights
      • 2 Years
      15 days, 22 hours ago

      Looks good. Quite like Livakovic for MDs 2 & 3 actually (with a strong 2nd GK) despite the tough group - could land yourself a big haul against Italy potentially, but not sure I'd pick him for Spain if you're playing all chips in group stage

  7. NotNowKato
    • 11 Years
    15 days, 21 hours ago

    Best 7.5m forward please?

    1. Jonesfromthere
      • 12 Years
      12 days, 5 hours ago


  8. Naby K8a
    • 8 Years
    15 days, 21 hours ago

    Who's going Jude in midfield?

    1. Ginkapo FPL
      • 12 Years
      15 days, 21 hours ago


    2. FPL Blow-In
      • 11 Years
      15 days, 21 hours ago

      Yeah, I think I’ll take the plunge