How to use Player Stats and Profiles

What are player / team stats?

Player and Team stats are the main statistics pages for members’ area data.

Players can be compared against others by position, with over 100 stats to choose from. 

Numerous filters can be applied, limiting the time scale and opposition faced, to help refine your search.

What are player / team profiles?

Player or Team profiles have a page that details all their individual data. 

Both player and team profiles come with a host of interactive pitch overlays showing heatmaps, average positions by Gameweek, xG (expected goals) shot map and more.

Which stats are most useful?

Assessing data can, at times, be subjective. 

For example, some managers pay more attention to shots and shots in the box than shots on target. The logic being that shots/shots in the box indicate the frequency of chances, whereas shots on target highlight accuracy. 

The Baseline Bonus Points System (BBPS) numbers are also handy for seeking out players most likely to pick up additional bonus points in FPL. 

Using the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is one of the best ways to pinpoint players who have improved their form.

By comparing their output over the last four Gameweeks, for example, with their earlier displays, you get a clearer picture of those who have stepped up their attacking threat or suffered a downturn.

Expected data, such as Expected Goals and Expected Assists, are also popular metrics to analyse a player’s performance.

Can I share data?

Yes and no.

Since this data is behind a paywall, it is not for public consumption. However, we allow the sharing of very small amounts of data on site, social media or in online podcast / videos as long as Fantasy Football Scout is accredited.

Data can be shared on the Fantasy Football Scout site as long as it’s within a “members’ only” comment. If you want a members’ only comment, contact either Geoff at or Ted at for this to be arranged.

Can I download data?

Sadly, the ability to download data is no longer available. In the past, the data was shared publicly too frequently and easily on many occasions, so this function has now disabled. 

What’s the easiest way to compare multiple players within a single team?

Team profiles contain a table at the bottom of each profile, much like a “Player stats table”, which is exclusive to each team. 

When coupled with the Team News section and Season Ticker, this becomes a powerful tool for finding players in form ahead of a favourable run of opponents. 

Do you have stats for Sky Sports Fantasy Football?

While our projections and RMT data is designed for use with the official Fantasy Premier League game, our player and team stats do include data that is useful for the Sky Sports Fantasy Game. Bonus points, as well as tackling and passing data, can be found in this area.