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A breathless day brought an avalanche of assists, two unlikely hat-tricks, a Hawthorns goal-fest and a frustrating array of missed opportunities at Anfield. With the Fantasy Premier League crown seemingly going right to the bonus point wire, the drama may not be over just yet. Here’s the Stock Check from Sunday’s season climax.

On the Up

Gareth Bale
The Welshman looked to heading for his third consecutive blank but, yet again, Bale came up with the goods to cut through the Sunderland resistance and hand Spurs a precious win. While the goal proved futile for Andre Villas-Boas’ side, Bale’s late strike was a major factor throughout the mini-leagues and in the race for the Fantasy Premier League crown.

Andy Carroll
The big Geordie has enjoyed a superb end to the season, capped today by another unplayable display which translated into a brace of assists. Carroll ended the season returning a goal or assist in eight of his last 13 league outings. It seemed unlikely at the turn of the year, but his destination next season will now be of interest in Fantasy terms.

Kevin Nolan
With Carroll in form, Nolan’s output normally picks up and it was no surprise to see the former Bolton midfielder return to the scoresheet – a hat-trick was unexpected, however. Nolan ended the season having returned in five of his last seven home league matches, recreating the form that saw him become such a hot property in the early Gameweeks.

Philippe Coutinho
The Brazilian continued his close season run of form with a third goal of the season to justify his Scout Pick selection and delight the 100,000 managers who have drafted him in over the last two Gameweeks. Coutinho returned in three of his last four league matches. Priced at just 6.5 on his arrival in the Fantasy Premier League game, Coutinho’s starting price next season will be a key factor in our pre-season plans.

Romelu Lukaku
Once again, the Belgian started life on the Baggies bench to emerge and show his undoubted credentials with a stunning second half hat-trick to take him to 17 goals for the season. Like Coutinho, Lukaku’s starting price will be a key factor next term, as will his destination with the likes of Swansea and West Ham already knocking on Chelsea’s door for a loan deal.

Javier Hernandez
A bit part player all season, the Mexican ended the season offering a stark reminder of his qualities by fetching goal and assist returns at the Hawthorns to add to his goal in the win over Swansea. “Little Pea” proved to be a dramatic end of season differential, it remains to be seen if he can be more than that under David Moyes.

Juan Mata
The Spaniard has been ticking over with assists, having returned five in his last seven league starts, but chose the final day to return to the scoresheet. Today’s early strike was Mata’s first since Gameweek 25, repaying those who had kept the faith to the season climax.

The Arsenal Defence
While Theo Walcott and Santi Cazorla have dominated our thinking when it comes to Arsenal’s attacking assets, the Gunners defence ended the season having conceded just two goals in the final six league outings. The likes of Per Mertesacker and Bacary Sagna have offered strong value, then, while Laurent Koscielny’s run of form and second league goal of the season was timed to perfection.

Going Down

Daniel Sturridge
A hat-trick at Craven Cottage last time out boosted his appeal going into the final day clash with relegated QPR. It looked set to be a blood bath and yet, in a typical final day twist, Liverpool and Sturridge failed to take their opportunities and settled for a 1-0 win to offer little but frustration to those Fantasy managers who had backed Sturridge to play a key role in a Liverpool landslide.

Carlos Tevez
The Argentine looked to have the form and fixtures to offer an end of season burst but, with City faltering, Tevez ended the campaign with just a single assist from his last six league appearances. His final day was cut short on 49 minutes today, replaced by Sergio Aguero, another City player who has provided little but frustration over the season.

Vincent Kompany
City’s villains aren’t limited to attacking areas. Kompany had looked to be the most secure option, outside of Joe Hart, going into the season climax and yet the Belgian failed to figure in any of the final three fixtures – the fact that City conceded a shock three goals to Norwich was at least consolation for irritated Kompany owners.

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  1. Is there anything to be salvaged by saying that 1061 is somehow attached to 1000, thus part of the top 1000? 😉

    • 2 years, 6 days ago
    1. Humans' fixation on round numbers is illogical. Nuff said.

      • 2 years, 6 days ago
    2. Well you can say your rank was 1k for this season?

      • 2 years, 6 days ago
    3. Grasp straws much? 😉

      • 2 years, 6 days ago
    4. No doesn't count!

      • 2 years, 6 days ago
  2. So it all came down to today. I trailed my mini league leader by 39 starting the day. I decide to bench lukaku on the basis they were beaten 4-0 last week and were playing a united side looking to give SAF a good send off. When the team sheets arrived in I thought good decision lukaku is on the bench but so too is azpil who I have starting. As the day develops I notice his team aren't doing much but my guys are doing well...this could be on yet! Then lukaku starts scoring no sign of azpil either so there's a chance of some extra points from the bench. Then the 82nd minute arrives and benitez ends any hope of lukaku coming off my bench by bringing in azpil. At the end of play with bonuses added I pulled back 25 points on my rival 15 shy of what I needed to win the league. Exactly the extra points that lukaku would have given me had he been in play.

    I think I want to cry but also want to marvel at the tension that FPL creates. 38 game weeks and it came down to the wire. This type of thing is what makes all of us love the game and I for one can't wait for next season to start so I can take my crown back in my mini league!

    • 2 years, 6 days ago
  3. Managed to creep into the top 100k.

    That'll do Pig. That'll do.

    • 2 years, 6 days ago
    1. Don't worry mate, I'm 80K ish. Dreadful stuff

      • 2 years, 6 days ago
    2. Not bad for a chump 😉

      • 2 years, 6 days ago
      1. You beat me anyways

        • 2 years, 6 days ago
      2. Next season Reedy, next season......

        • 2 years, 6 days ago
          • 2 years, 6 days ago
  4. So pre-season membership is 10 pounds?

    • 2 years, 6 days ago
    1. Was last year, Mark may alter that on the basis of how much Opta are charging him

      • 2 years, 6 days ago
      1. Well yeah.. Definitely a member next season though 😀

        • 2 years, 6 days ago
  5. trivia – only 2 players have more that scholes’ 97 yellow cards. who are they?

    • 2 years, 6 days ago
    1. Patrick Viera, Joey Barton?

      • 2 years, 6 days ago
    2. keane and phill neville?

      • 2 years, 6 days ago
      1. might we be overlooking Robbie effin Savage?

        • 2 years, 6 days ago
      • 2 years, 6 days ago
  6. 18th overall... not too shabby! Cheers for peoples advice over the season and thanks to Mark and co for a cracking season of input

    • 2 years, 6 days ago
      • 2 years, 6 days ago
    1. nice

      • 2 years, 6 days ago
    2. Great stuff, Fair play.

      • 2 years, 6 days ago
    3. Well done!

      • 2 years, 6 days ago
    4. My lucky number congrats

      • 2 years, 6 days ago
  7. 1,027



    • 2 years, 6 days ago
    1. ouch

      • 2 years, 6 days ago
    2. Bit expensive for an S2.

      • 2 years, 6 days ago
      1. lol

        • 2 years, 6 days ago
    3. Tell me about it. Hurts. But still a great season, what?

      • 2 years, 6 days ago
  8. 6730th

    very pleased with that I was 24K in GW32!

    Just to torture myself, anyone have any idea where I would have finished if I had not sacked Lukaku and got 2246pts?

    • 2 years, 6 days ago
  9. Lots of really nice posts tonight.

    • 2 years, 6 days ago
    1. Well deserved

      • 2 years, 6 days ago
    2. +1 its lovely. And obviously you lot have done a tremendous job this year.

      • 2 years, 6 days ago
    3. Well thanks for the site G. It's a good'un for sure and long may it continue.

      • 2 years, 6 days ago
    4. end of season emotions 😉

      • 2 years, 6 days ago
    5. Great bunch of lads.

      • 2 years, 6 days ago
    6. I have been on a bit.

      • 2 years, 6 days ago
    7. And you had to ruin it with this one.

      • 2 years, 6 days ago
    8. All well deserved Mark, Granny and co. The banter on here is fantastic

      • 2 years, 6 days ago
    9. And then there is yours about Arsenal on the previous page 😉

      • 2 years, 6 days ago
      1. Horrible last week for me. Three months to chew on it.

        • 2 years, 6 days ago
  10. Gameweek 31 rank: 35,504
    Gameweek 38 rank: 8,341

    • 2 years, 6 days ago
    1. nicely done!

      • 2 years, 6 days ago
  11. Lads me and another guy are tied on same points. What happens now? I've been top all season and he caught me in final week. I feel sick. If Walcott scored I would have won. fML.
    What does it get ranked on or shall we share the money pot

    • 2 years, 6 days ago
    1. It goes on fewest transfers.

      • 2 years, 6 days ago
  12. New post. Accidental first post from me!

    • 2 years, 6 days ago
      1. Cheers Tinks!

        • 2 years, 6 days ago
  13. Outside 100k 😎 Thanks Aguero. I couldn't have done it without you

    • 2 years, 6 days ago
    1. Haha I know how you feel :)

      • 2 years, 6 days ago
    2. tw
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member


      • 2 years, 6 days ago
    3. Always next season Dec.

      • 2 years, 6 days ago
      1. I should just sleep in. I'd have had BAle (c) then. Not going to happen next year either with the leaving cert :)

        • 2 years, 6 days ago
          • 2 years, 6 days ago
  14. tw
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member

    finished the season with 3 greens in a row and ended on an OR rank 50k better than last year so not too shabby!

    looking to build on this year's finish of 23,336 and get in the top 10k next year

    thanks everyone for their help, advice, chat, banter etc. you've all really helped me and have also helped me to enjoy fpl and this site! cheers 😀

    • 2 years, 6 days ago
  15. 47th, down from 23rd tho.....not HP

    Anybody want in to my Anytime TOP 50 league next season?.

    I'll get me coat.

    • 2 years, 6 days ago
  16. ,Mission accomplished! 😎


    • 2 years, 6 days ago
  17. Evening lads.

    Just want to say thank you for everyone who gave me all their help and advise. I'm looking forward to next season already.


    • 2 years, 6 days ago
  18. Top 25k this season,outside top 500k last year. Won my Ml. Done! 😎 Greetings to all guys!

    • 2 years, 6 days ago
  19. those WBA fans who left the game at 30 mins mark or so must be regretting it now

    • 2 years, 6 days ago
  20. Hmmm. Shipping lukaku for sturridge worked wonders for me. :-(

    • 2 years, 6 days ago
    1. How about for a -4? 😎

      • 2 years, 6 days ago
      1. Ouch. In fairness plenty probably done it.

        • 2 years, 6 days ago
  21. Phones again lads, would anyone recommend a Nokia Lumia 900 and how much would be a reasonable price for it (euros)?

    • 2 years, 6 days ago
    1. good move
      not for a hit though

      • 2 years, 6 days ago
  22. Realised if I hadn't completely forgotten about GW14 (leaving Fellaini as last sub on my bench) I would have been

    • 2 years, 6 days ago
    1. It's all over sun jihai. :) Great rank!

      • 2 years, 6 days ago
  23. Funny Old Game this.

    GW 37: Did Lukkaku > Sturridge. (Sturridge gets 15 points with a hattrick, i feel like a GOD)
    GW 38: Captained Sturridge, Lukkaku gets 16 points with a hattrick)

    Total over the 2 weeks: Sturridge = 19, Lukkaku = 18.

    This game can make you feel like the BOSS one week, and a IDIOT the next week!

    • 2 years, 6 days ago
    1. same thing, but without sturridge captain this week

      • 2 years, 6 days ago
    2. Got rid of Lukaku this week and boyce my first sub does not come on because Azpilicueta decides to play for 9mins. . . And Silva for a few only also. Still got 66points and ended up beating my rival though so happy out!!

      • 2 years, 6 days ago
  24. How many players are there in the Fantasy football scout league?

    I'm just outside 2000th...

    • 2 years, 6 days ago
    1. more than 12k

      • 2 years, 6 days ago
        • 2 years, 6 days ago
  25. not sure how happy i should be about my final rank?

    • 2 years, 6 days ago
  26. Well thanks to everybody for the advice, this was fun and I can't wait to do it again!

    • 2 years, 6 days ago
  27. yes, in the top 170,438!

    • 2 years, 6 days ago
  28. Looking for a catchy team name for next season ...any ideas ??

    This was my 1st season , finished some great input from here..

    Can't wait to do it all over again .

    • 2 years, 5 days ago

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