Prior to the start of the previous campaign, the Everton right-back was earmarked by many as a potential Fantasy bargain. Initially, the arrival of Roberto Martinez had us hoping of a change in formation to 3-4-3, with the prospect of Coleman and Leighton Baines handed wing-back roles, but although that thought quickly faded as the Toffees boss opted for a four-man backline, the Republic of Ireland international wasted no time in announcing himself as a major player in our Fantasy seasons.

Whilst Baines remained in the premium bracket after topping the defender standings in the Fantasy Premier League (FPL) game over 2012/13, Coleman started at just 5.0 in the first season of the post-Moyes era. By the end of the campaign, however, the right-back had eclipsed Baines’ best-ever Fantasy haul to finish as top scoring defender, courtesy of a series of displays that will ensure he’s set for a hefty price hike next time around.

The Statistics

With a goal, assist and maximum bonus points in the first match of the season, Coleman immediately signalled his intent. Fantasy managers were quick to react, too – by the time the Toffees had served up a clean sheet in each of the subsequent three fixtures, the right-back had risen 0.6 in price. Coleman’s raids down the flank, allied with the Merseysiders’ resilience, seemed a perfect blueprint for points at both ends of the pitch.

As Gameweek 13 arrived, the Everton defender had failed to produce any further attacking returns – the Toffees’ defensive displays kept his points haul ticking over nicely, though, with six clean sheets already accrued. A run of four goals in the next seven fixtures leading into New Year, supplemented with a couple of shut-outs and seven bonus points, was the catalyst for a second wave of Fantasy managers to jump on board and, as winter wildcards were wielded, Coleman’s price leapt up to 6.4.

By the end of the season, the Everton full-back had delivered six goals (all from open play), a couple of assists, 20 bonus points and 15 clean sheets and was owned by over 38% of FPL managers – the most popular backline option by a considerable distance. Missing just two games all season, Coleman’s 180 points was enough to pip Chelsea’s John Terry into second spot for defenders and eight spot overall, with an impressive streak of consistency that delivered attacking or defensive returns in 20 of his 36 appearances.

The Prospects

There’s no question Coleman is in line to join Baines in the premium price bracket, with a cost of 7.0 or even 7.5 on the cards. Whilst overshadowed by his fellow full-back, the latter still picked up 169 points last term in spite of missing six matches – an average of 5.3 ppg was superior to Coleman’s 5.0 and top amongst defensive regulars, highlighting Baines’ potential.

If, as expected, the pair are similarly priced, Fantasy managers face a dilemma which may well see more opt for the left-back. Although all five of his goals came from either set-pieces or spot-kicks, it’s difficult to see Baines fail to score from open play for two successive seasons, given the attacking freedom afforded by Martinez’ style of play. The left-back’s form towards the end of the campaign – a goal or assist in six of the last 11 compared to Coleman’s nine blanks – also served a reminder that we cannot overlook his talents.

Everton’s European duties are likely to play a part in how we assess their prospects for next term. Martinez adopted a rotation system in the attacking midfield areas towards the latter part of the season as he looked to utilise the strength in depth further up the park – frustrating owners of the likes of Kevin Mirallas and Ross Barkley, with a security of starts diminished. At the back, however, the Toffees boss was far less inclined to ring the changes, with only injury likely to diminish Coleman and Baines’ game time.

Granted, the emergence of John Stones could potentially afford us a cheaper option into Martinez’ defence if the youngster can oust Sylvain Distin as a first-choice option, though with no attacking returns and five bonus points in his 11 starts, he’s unlikely to offer the attacking potential that will make Coleman, and indeed Baines, a major target for the upcoming season in many managers’ eyes.

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  1. I kid you not. This morning I woke up in a cold sweat having dreamed that my end of season slump continued on the final GW, taking me just outside the top 10k instead of inside it, where I actually finished (for the first time, hence the irrational obsession). I can even remember the exact rank, 10,500. Maybe I should have been suspicious of how round that number was... but I am disturbed by how FPL has utterly infiltrated my brain, and this is coming from someone who took active steps to cut back on time invested in the second half of this season. I actually remembered my GW history pretty accurately in my dream, down to the nearest thousand 8O

    1. Perhaps it's partially guilt for cutting back the time you spent on FPL? ;)

    2. I once dreamt that Jamie Carragher got injured in training and the next day he did get injured in training.

      *twilight zone music*

      1. Fortunately I didn't have him in my team so I didn't care.

        1. This was the best part!

    3. Take a break from WC FF is my tip. Enjoy the football and don't think about FPL until mid-July

  2. Off Subject, but it is DZ.

    For those with time off over the Bank Holiday 26th of May or the Half Term break around the same time.

    If you're pushed out into the Garden to tidy up.

    Please check all hedges and undergrowth before chopping it back and check for nesting birds or animals with young still relying on a parent for food.
    Do not clean out ponds now, tadpoles and other larval stage wildlife will not survive it.

    Our wildlife needs us to help all we can even in small gardens as their habitat is eroded across the country.

    Thank You. :)

    1. *makes mental note to set mole trap tonight

      1. Takes a lot to make a waistcoat.

    2. Should I not tidy up inside either? Just sit around with a beer all weekend just to be on the safe side?

      1. Of course (spiders) ;)

        1. We have these in our garden. Guess who in my family gets called to get rid of them when they enter our house....


          1. Your elderly mother in law?

          2. I think even my lot would want her out Spud.

          3. We have them too. Still better than finding a huntsman crawling up your leg.


    3. GTS

      Oh, environmentalist eh. :)

      1. Aye. Time served too. ;)

        1. GTS

          Good man. Have an upvote. :)
          (P.S.: Kill all cockroaches. I know they have a purpose in our ecosystem but they just want world domination!)

          1. Frogs would too. They must all be annihilated.

            1. And humans. God how I hate that lot.

  3. Everton have joined Crystal Palace in the race to sign Chelsea's Thorgan Hazard on a season-long loan deal for the 2014/15 Premier League campaign.

  4. "Definitive decisions on goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois, striker Romelu Lukaku and the others who spent time away from Chelsea this season will wait until after training resumes on July 8."

    1. Jose Mourinho was in Belgium yesterday to check on the progress of Thorgan Hazard.

      He could be part of Chelsea pre season but loaned out to Everton as Deulofeu ruleed out return to Goodison Park..

      1. *ruled

    2. Courtois & Lukaku will be at Chelsea

      Eo'o released.. Torres would at Ath Madrid

      Marin + Cash to Seville & Moreno to Chelsea

      bookmark this :)

        1. Eto'o is such a ridiculously fickle player, he has called Mourinho his hero before.

        2. That's a lot of apostrophes.

          How about (in response the the question "is anyone's Chelsea career over?") "Eto'o's's over"

      1. Marin. Blimey that takes me back, I remember doing a really optimistic pre-season piece on him.

      2. GTS

        They would sell Lukaku.
        Bookmark this. ;)

  5. Hello.

      1. You are the only friendly person on this site.

        1. You are the only friendly bear on this site :)

          1. Beware friendly bears.

  6. This is a public service announcement on behalf of Fantasy Football Scout.

    It has come to our attention that many users of the site appear to be having difficulty creating their own bookmarks, and are hence reduced to imploring others to create bookmarks for them. Please carefully familiarise yourselves with the guidance below and you should experience no further difficulties in creating and maintaining your own easily-accessible record of your wisdom and prognostications.

    1. This seems like a hoax to me!!

    2. Is this in response to GTS' remark to "Bookmark this" above?

    3. Bookmark this.

    4. Looks too complicated.
      Got an easier way?

    5. Baa


    6. :lol: This is like a Viz top tip.

  7. Derby v QPR. Who will be best for fantasy football?

    So who do we want to be promoted out of Derby and QPR? I'm thinking QPR since there is more likely to be some FPL talent at a cut-price since they have more Premier League experience

    1. I'm thinking Derby since it keeps Harry bleeding Redknapp away from my television screen. Also, we can reintroduce the classic 'captain whoever's playing Derby' rule.

      1. Well the question is whether we want wipping boys or more decent budget FPL targets

        1. HVT
          • Fantasy Football Scout Member

          For me we need whipping boys , thus Derby up and " Always (c) your striker V Derby "

          1. You got your Maccy D approach sorted?

            1. HVT
              • Fantasy Football Scout Member

              Nope !
              I'm staying patient it's like waiting for your curly fries at the till , yea your burger is going cold cos you ordered " an off menu special " and the young girl looks at you strange when you ask for a tea instead of the a Coke with your meal deal ,
              You then ask for her to take in advance for your Icecream Sundae and whilst she's adding it to your tray you decline and say I'll come back for it after my meal as I don't want it melted , she frowns and takes it away , your curly fries then arrive after 10 mins your tea is cold , your burger looks depressed and you realised you should have just taken the standard fries it gets worse when you turn around to realise there's only standing room only , you savage your cold meal , and then try head to the side for your Icecream Sundae - your met by frowns from those queuing you try to show them the receipt that you've already paid you look for the girl that served you seems she's gone to the toilet - - eventually after another 20 mins you get your Sundae and after eating it and wasting close in an hour and a half of your life in MacDs eating trash whereas you could have been at home after preaparing a nice hot healthy meal ,
              You wondered why you bothered ?
              I'm loving it - the jury's out !

              1. Talk about fast food.

              2. :lol:

                This is brilliant.

                You'd never catch me dead in McDoof though ;-)

              3. Fantastic HVT :D haha

        2. I wrote my points in order of importance, the fantasy element is actually secondary to me managing to avoid that lovable, knockabout cockney rogue*

          *as painted by the London media. Actual quality of character may vary.

    2. QPR looked decent against Wigan, and it would be good to have rednapp back i the prem, so I'd go for them. Also, as I'm originally from leicester, and old rivalries die hard...

    3. I can't decide. I want both. Can we relegate a fourth team? West Brom are pretty annoying, I vote them.

      1. :lol:

        Let's write to FPL towers. Maybe if enough of us do it...

        1. My mates a QPR fan, so I want them up for his sake. But I like Derby's badge and kit colour.

          Weird things attract me to teams...

          1. "Dear FPL,

            I really like Derby's off-white kit colour and fun badge, so do you think we could have West Brom relegated for being pretty annoying?"


            Sarj x x"

    4. QPR obviously.

      Who wouldn't want to be burned again by Rob Green, Bobby Z and Joey B.

      1. ...oh...and SWP of course.


        1. Bobby Z :-D He was a good FPL player one season when he when he was at Fulham if I remember correctly

        2. isn't SWP playing across the ocean in the states now? Or is that just a loan?

          1. His brother Bradley Wright-Phillips plays for New York Red Bulls

    5. GTS

      I hope Derby comes up. An relatively unknown to PL would be good to FPL I guess.

      1. Would it? Many unknowns for fantasy managers.

          1. Maybe your right, but picking starting players from promoted clubs last year was definitely not easy. We get half of the back 4 wrong with Cardiff for example

            1. GTS

              I think it's going to be a Russian roulette like Cardiff thus it would be avoid at first than take a punt on this nailed-on, had a great performance on the championship QPR guy.

    6. QPR. I love 'Arry.

      Also, be nice for the Spudfather and Nomar.

    7. If QPR go up a great fantasy option could be Yun Suk-Young, he excels as a conventional left back and as an all-action left winger. All QPR fans have been calling for him to play ahead of Ekotto the last few months, check out his goal vs Barnsley couple of weeks ago:

      1. Yup he looks a prospect alright. For me Onouha has been exceptional at CB, Green has been immense, as has Barton. I think Austin would thrive in the PL, he has something about him.

        1. Unfortunately he could be pulled out of the play-off squad by the South Koreans under the Fifa international rule:

          1. The club are meeting with South Korean management sometime today and are saying they are confident a postive outcome can be achieved. Here's hoping.

      2. FPL rule number #22 - don't pick unknown players based on Youtube highlights.

        Credit to him for having the balls to take on the defender, but honestly, the defenders could have done a lot better there and he basically had a pretty easy route through to goal from near the half-way line. That won't happen in the Premier Leaugue!

        1. Granted Barnsley are crap but did you watch the match vs Wigan Monday night? Completely turned the game in QPR's favour when he came on, looked a real attacking threat on the left hand side and he was taking some corners too which is always good from a fantasy perspective.

          1. Indeed, no doubt he has the potential to be a good prospect (think Harte/Shorey)

        2. Mind telling the first 21 rules, btw?

          1. I just made up a number for comic effect :-)

            Rule #21: Never listen to people on Fantasy Football websites and go with your gut.

    8. Derby because my friend plays for them :)

  8. I'm doing a little research on the World Cup teams. Should I look into the beginning of 2010 until now or 2012?

    1. *or 2012 until now?

    2. HVT
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member

      2010 - that's only 4 years and surely allows you a broader base for your study , tho I understand in international terms that form can change massively in 4 years so I can see the value in 2 as it's more current.
      I've given reasons for both now !

      1. Thanks. I agree with everything you've said, which is why I asked. A lot does change; players in and out, new managers constantly, competitiveness of matches etc.

        1. HVT
          • Fantasy Football Scout Member

          The more I think about it I'd go 2 years Sarj , look at Switzerland currently ranked 8th I think , there's no way in hell they were there 4 years ago ,
          Managers players squads are so differant so stay fresh with it , it should reflect a more accurate picture of the international team ,
          2012 for me I'm off the fence !

      2. Surely.using the qualifiers is a good base to.start with?

        1. The way I'm looking at things it's easier to look at years.

          1. Fair.enough, I'm probably use a base then previous tournaments to.back it up

  9. HVT
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member

    More beer

    A man came home from an exhausting day at work, plopped down on the couch in front of the television, and told his wife: "Get me a beer before it starts!"
    The wife sighed and got him a beer.
    Ten minutes later, he said: "Get me another beer before it starts!"
    She looked cross, but fetched another beer and slammed it down next to him. He finished that beer and a few minutes later said: "Quick, get me another beer, it's going to start any minute!"
    The wife was furious. "Is that all you're going to do tonight! Drink beer and sit in front of that TV! You're nothing but a lazy, drunken, fat slob and furthermore..."


    The man sighed and said: "It's started."

    1. Haha! Made me laugh!

  10. How the hell did Iran qualify for the WC?

    Oh, yes...they beat Tajikistan 6-1 and Bahrain 6-0.


    1. Makes me think.using.the qualifiers stats as such a good idea

      1. You having some Maccy D's?

          1. Any ideas you want to share?

              1. Don't you have some league admin that can occupy you for the next 2 months?

                1. HVT
                  • Fantasy Football Scout Member

                  He's not doing them , he'd not taking part in MacDs , not sure why he's even on here ,
                  My bad he's helping others / lost souls (like me) out ;-)

                  See above my strategy on Mcds Chris.

                2. I would set one up for McD WC but haven't found any loopholes.

            1. Just what I said avove

    2. Did South Africa make it?

    3. Tbf they beat South Korea home and away.

  11. Since my work is not appreciated around these parts...

  12. HVT
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member

    Even tho Doosra doesn't like him , I think we may need Rupert Murdock to launch a World Cup game to satisfy the Fantasy Dopamine that exsists in our brains !

  13. Lewandowski's moving to Bayern Munich. Mandzukic is planning to leave Bayern Munich after becoming surplus to requirements.

    Mourinho's prepared to sell Luiz to Bayern Munich as part of a deal to land Mandzukic.

    I don't follow German league.. how good is Mandzukic?

    1. Ask Forca.


      1. :-D

        33 goals in 54 games since moving to bayern 2 years ago

        1. natural finisher? does he fit into Mou defend & attack together (or counter attack) style?

          1. Definitely not a natural finisher. lol.

          2. Seems that way.Doesn't fit in with peps tactics
            He's more for holding.up play, harassing.defenders etc, more a Jose.player I'd say

          3. Works for Mou's tactics in that he's keen to defend. Plays more midfield than upfront. Not a pacey counter attack player in any sense. Very Giroud-ish, but plays lower and has worse striker movement in the box.

            If you wonder how he's scored so many goals for Bayern, just check Pizarro's and Gomez's records. They ain't world beaters, those boys.

            1. Gomez is another excellent player, who has flown under your radar ... :-?

              1. :lol: Gomez an excellent player. :lol:

                There's a reason why coaches both in Bayern and Germany NT don't like him at all. He is valuable in a very limited circumstances, but mostly just waste of a player on field. Worst touch to ball that I've ever seen in professional football. So poor shooting technique that can't get the ball in from longer distance than 12 meters and if he can't tap the ball to goal with his first touch, he always ends up losing it. Main reason to keep Bayern from winning CL was that he was their starting striker.

                1. OK. So your opinion is more important than anyone else's? Got it. As below.

                  1. Well, Heynckes's and Löw's opinions do matter more than yours, none of them really appreciates Gomez. Nor does Pep.

                    It's not so much about opinions though. There are facts to talk about as well. I give you reasons to think he's not good. Try give counter reasons, or prove these reasons wrong somehow. I know one single time Gomez scored from distance, and that was an absolute mess up by a GK who had not had a match for 3 years.

            2. Pizarro.. ex-Chelsea? is he still playing?

              worried about the transfer now :(

              1. Mandzukic is a very good player, don't get me wrong. Extremely useful. I like him a lot. But don't get excited about his scoring.

                Pizarro, here:


                Much better finisher than Mandzukic, btw. I'm sorry to tell you, but a log would score 20+ goals per season as a Bayern striker.

                1. I get it.. problem with our mids then ;)

                  1. I'd say your mids are pretty top notch. It's more the style you play.

                    Mandzukic could still work well, though, particularly in matches that you've had difficulties in. Remember that Bayern is a team that has to break deep sitting defences all the time. Mandzukic is a player you can have in box, in middle of organized defence and to whom you can play the ball and actually have something happening, either a header towards the goal or a flick on to a midfielder making a run.

                    Certainly would bring good qualities to Chelsea.

                2. Mmm. This reminds me more than somewhat about how people argued about Soldado, but in reverse.

                  The Bundesliga is a solid league. Better than the Italian and the Spanish leagues.

                  Giroud is a donkey.

                  1. I think this season has proven that the Spanish league is better than the Bundesliga.. Madrid hammered Bayern and are coming 3rd, Bayern won the league months ago.

                    Also, the fact that the top 3 in Spain all keep dropping points (and the Europa League was just won by a mid table Spanish side)

                    1. I think it is open for debate whether that much is proven, but for sure this season Bundesliga was the most uneven one between the winners and the rest of the league. There's no denying that.

                      Nor is there denying that La Liga has been very strong in Europe this season.

                      And yeah, even that best of the German lot lost to the third best of Spain, so that gives an argument for Spain being stronger, but you should maybe not conclude that whole of the Bundesliga is worse than whole of La Liga just because Real hammered Bayern in an individual pair matches. For counter arguments you could say that Real was in a lot of trouble against a crippled Dortmund team, and Real Sociedad lost to Leverkusen. And still these are just individual teams, not the whole league.

                  2. If Giroud is a donkey, then Gomez is a fecking Hippo.

                    Bundesliga is a strong league, but Bayern is a team that wins all others by 3+ goals, most by 5+ goals.

                    Bayern has not had a top striker for ages, but that has been an unimportant part of the team. Wait to see what a World Class striker can do in that team now that they get one.

                3. So, still on Mandzukic as a scorer, Here are his goals from his strong season 2012-2013 so you can decide for yourselves:


                  There is very little technically demanding about any of the goals, nothing to make of a world class finisher. Not a bad finisher either, not saying that, but approximately 90% of these goals he runs towards goal and either tackles or heads the ball in from

    2. More midfieldish and less handsome version of Giroud.

      1. Jeez. He is World's better than that!!!

          1. Well, I have watched both of them, and, in my opinion, it is a no-brainer, as you say in these parts. I am surprised at you.

            1. I've watched both of them too, and I wonder whether you actually are the case with no brain. ;)

              1. I see. :-?

                OK, I get you.

      2. not an out & out striker? come on Mou.. please see Luiz for good money then!

        1. Not an out and out striker. He's originally a midfielder.

      3. Way less handsome. To be honest, he's there with Goofy and Rooney, amongst the ugly people.

    3. He is some player, I must say. Is he heading our way?

      1. I expect so..

  14. What football podcasts does everyone listen to? I have a long tedious day at work and have managed to get myself up to date on all that I listen to.

    1. Football Weekly and The Football Ramble, I used to listen to Off the Ball and the Sunday Supplement but that was years ago..

      1. Not head of Off The Ball before, worth giving a go?

        1. Yeah it's worth a go :) They have good guests on! Haven't listened to it in about a year though..

          1. The new team on Off the Ball are brutal, the old guys are the Second Captains now and far better:


            1. Oh really? That's a shame!

              Cool thanks! I'll give them a go :)

            2. Cheers, will give it a try.

      1. Might give this one a miss ;)

        How are you feeling about tomorrow?

        1. dont know what to feel! just very anxious and excited i suppose

          1. Good luck. Genuinely hope you guys end your streak.

            Was looking at next year's title odds, Arsenal at 12-1 looks great. Even if just a bet with a view to lay as the season goes along. FA Cup win will give your squad so much more belief.

            1. yeah this should be a stepping stone to greater things!

  15. Can we seriously not pick our teams until 8th June on Mcdonalds?!

    Are there any other games open already?

    1. I'm guessing it's because squads don't have to be finalised until 2nd June, so they're giving themselves enough time to get the players updated.

  16. Back later, peeps. When the discussions are more even-handed. :-)

    1. It was good knowing you Doos

  17. This video warmed the cockles of my ice cold heart, fair play to Samaras:

  18. Falcao not going to be making the World Cup by the sounds of it. Big shame.

    1. aye...even if he made it though hed be out of form and lacking fitness

  19. We obviously need to get rid of Torres now.

    But is there any club that will want to buy him? I think we might end up stuck with him again this season

    1. He isnt bad backup. I think having Costa, Torres and 1 more striker will be fine. Schurrle can play as striker too

      1. yeah, ive seen worse impact subs in my time

      2. Having that expensive player as a backup may not be worth it though.

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