As some of you may already know, the Sky Sports Fantasy Football game for 2014/15 opened its doors earlier today. With a lull in the World Cup action, Fantasy managers are afforded our first chance to dabble in domestic issues as we tentatively cobble together our initial teams for the season ahead:

The Sky Sports game is one that we’ve covered in the past, with our Members area including the relevant bonus point recipients across the positions.

After winning the Best League for each of the last couple of campaigns, we’re looking forward to defending our title once again. The winner of last season’s Scout League picked up £1,000 for their achievements and we’re hoping to offer prizes for whoever finishes at the summit once again.

We’ll be re-starting our official league soon and will be rolling out a series of articles over the next couple of weeks, looking at the Player List and analysing the best tactical approaches. Regular contributor d1sable will be on board once again to give his hints and tips every Friday afternoon – having finished inside the top 10 last year, he’s clearly a man worth listening to.

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  1. I must say I like how evenly poised 3 of the quarters are, no out and out favourites and even costa rica have proved they can cause an upset or two. looking forward to some great football! :D

  2. Got the bottom of the previous page lol

    Well heres my conundrum. Playing the Mcshite game.

    My forward line is Muller, Messi, Neymar, (robben)

    For the 1st time since the beginning I've dropped Benz. Do you think he's needed? I know that the popular choice is going Neymar(less) but I worry he could explode.

    1. Keep an eye on the Germany team news as they confirmed 7 players have been affected by Flu. We may need to make some changes in the final hour ;)

      1. blimey and it’ll be man-flu as well…. time to stock up on the French!!

        1. Say more about this, Demi.

          Hummels definitely had flu. Reports of the "seven" are extremely widespread. Why don't you think it's true? Mind-games?

          1. Just confused as to why people are still talking about it, when they "had" it, but are fine now.

            From the press conference yday:

            Loew on flu: "From yesterday until today, all players able to train. Slight cold but no feeling of exhaustion."

            PB posted that it's not being treated as a big deal at all in Germany

      2. I've heard that this illness thing has passed. albeit I've heard it on here so whether its just a bit of trolling I'm not sure

        1. Not trolling. Low confirmed it had affected 7 but refused to give names. He said they trained with sore throats but Hummels started with a sore throat before the fever came on day 3.

    2. have you seen the scoring patterns and stuck with going all out on strikers or are you oblivious?

      1. not at all oblivious mate. I think I've got a relatively balanced side to be honest. Im just banking on more goals than in the last round. Its all a gamble really.

        Heres where I'm at:
        Sakho Mert DVB (De Vrij)
        Valbuena Lahm Jrod Masch
        Muller, Messi, Neymar, (robben)

        Got 0.5m banked. Waiting for team news re SAKHO and may bring HUMMELS in for MERT if definitely fit.

        Its more about maintenance than going all out for me really - 50 points ahead in my cash ML

        1. myself i would want one more defender if protecting a lead.
          going by last round thats where points are, especially if game goes to extra time, so I would consider spreading defence over more teams so you avoid opponent getting advantage with random 0-0

          1. yeah I can see your thinking here mate

            1. i think in all teams last round at least one player got 12 plus points in defence, i would want to increase my chances of landing those players

              1. this. i would argue you need one more RB magnet in midfield too in case Valbuena or J.Rod don't score

            2. the dog types sense. this is mcds: defence>attack

              1. that does make sense to be fair folks.

                What changes would you make Def & Mid though?

    3. if it was any of them i would drop muller for benz

      1. my thoughts are that if the Germans get there act together against france then Muller is likely to get in there. Theres doubts around Neymars fitness from what Ive heard and I don't fancy Brazil without a 100% fit neymar

        1. yeah i am not sure about fitness but i suppose you have also to consider what your opponent might do, are they likely to stick with neymar.
          Just going by earlier games, french attack as a whole look better than german defence, but it is all opinion

          1. my opponents are all completely casual to be fair. thats where my thinking is. I know they'll go with pretty much that forward line to be fair (without Robben). My guess is they'll pick 3 big forwards out of RVP (maybe injured), Neymar, Messi, Muller. So I'm hoping Robben is the dif in my ML.

    4. If you were going to make changes to this what would you consider?
      Sakho Mert DVB (De Vrij)
      Valbuena Lahm Jrod Masch
      Muller, Messi, Neymar, (robben)

      1. myself i have sacrificed my fourth big name forward to get more in defence.
        there is talk of gago getting dropped but you could do masch-gago (there isnt massive difference in PPG)
        that could give you extra 2.5 to buy a C rica defender, not that they may keep CS, but the chances are the could still get big points

        1. or you could have garay in for argentine defence and do masch to c rica mid
          garay will score more than masch i think

      2. Muller->Garay and use the space cash to get anther defender (zapata?), or mid (gago?)

    5. Müller, Messi and Robben here. Benzema's form seems to be declining and Neymar is not on top, but will probably play even at 50% because he is essential to the Brazilian side.

      1. see thats my thoughts really. My probable is Neymar to Benz and hope for the best.

  3. Sneijder or JRod ?

    1. JRod.

      1. Also when Sneijder have a way easier game then JRod ?

        1. this is a good point. apparently brazil have completely re-formatted their team to combat the columbia midfield.

          sneijder could be a great differential

          1. Maybe, but Costa Rica won't exactly be free flowing will they. They'll be tough to beat.

            1. Brazil > Costa Rica and Nederlands > Columbia

              1. Brazil's defence is leaky though pal

        2. Yeah, but JRod has double the amount of points that Sneijder has. Plus, there'll probably be plenty of goals in the Brazil game, so JRod should be in there, surely. I think you can get players that will beat Sneijder's points total for much cheaper and who play earlier on, anyway. If you want to take a punt, then I'd take one earlier in the round, personally.

  4. Can anyone tell me who the picture is of on sky sports fantasy football when you click on Diego Costa? They are wearing a Man Utd Shirt! Thanks!

    1. Looks like Jesse Lingard.

      1. Yep good shout I think you're right!

  5. Rmwct
    Cillisen x x
    Hummels, varane, Zapata, Gonzalez, de vrij, van buyten x
    Rodriguez, valbuena, de brunye, lahm, mascherano x x x
    Schurrle, robben, messi x x

    Bit concerned with so many non playing players

  6. Amy Lewis ‏@SkySportsAmy 6m
    LFC have not gone above £18m for Dejan Lovren I'm told. Saints value him as their best player & won't accept less than £25m #LFC #saintsfc

    I know Saints are getting plundered but they are making sure they are rinsing everyone's £$€ while doing so

    1. Yes, read earlier they won't no less than 20m... Although whether he goes Liverpool or Spurs is another question

    2. too right

    3. not worth anywhere near 25m imo

      1. He is to Saints.

  7. I wonder if Kaboul will get a chance next season. I'm guessing this is the most likely back line:

    Walker Chiricheș Dawson Vertonghen

    How highly is Dawson rated at White Hart Lane?

    1. F5
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member

      Ben Davies say hello

      1. Walker Chiriches Vertonghen Davies

      2. I hope not tbh.

    2. I think Dawson's finished at Spurs

    3. Poch is all about mobility and skillful players moving the ball out of defence on the floor. Unsure whether Dawson fits that mode.

    4. Danny Rose?

      1. Good point.

        Could be a huge fantasy player if nailed on under Poch, and finally classed as a defender.

        1. His diving alone should be worth a few points.

      2. Yeah, what about Danny Rose? I didn't watch much of the Spurs last season, but I didn't think Danny Rose was really a weak link. He played at left back right through the end of the season, didn't he?

        1. His defending leaves a little to be desired, but like Walker, he can normally make up for it with athleticism. Would certainly be favoured ahead of Vertongen at left back.

    5. Chiriches was great at Glastonbury

  8. anyone got that gay american world cup line up gif?

      1. Brilliant thanks GB

  9. I've created an index to predict fantasy player scores in the quarter finals in an objective way by using bookie odds and past performance.

    You can check out my article and all the projected player scores here:

    1. Thanks mate...

    2. Good work that! Have to account for injury niggles and likelihood of being picked, but very useful, cheers :)

    3. That's impressive. Thanks.

    4. good work but u have way to much time on your hands bro...

    5. Good work. Will suffer from being a small dataset, so the score variance will be high.

    6. Gold! Thanks.

    7. The link contains an explanation of the index, but where is the index itself?

  10. Morning all, my first RMT!

    McD team: 5-3-2

    Ospina, (Cillesssen)
    Boateng, Zapata, Blind, De Vrij, Gonzalez (Van Buyten, Fernandez)
    Valbuena, JRod, Cuadrado (Gago, KdB)
    Griezemann, Neymar (Robben)

    1) Boateng -> Sakho or Varane?
    2) Is Fernandez nailed?
    3) Rolling captain - starting with Griezemann?
    4) Neymar -> Messi?


    1. Good team, and the right formation

      1) Boateng or sakho, depends who you think will win. sakho for me
      2) probably
      3) valbuena for me, but griezmann second
      4) messi

      1. Thanks! If Sakho is confirmed later I'll swap, given the German flu recovery...

  11. Big question:

    Cillessen + Fernandez


    Romero + Bruno Martins-Indi

    I've already got 2 Dutch defenders.

      1. I don't really like clicking on random links. Can you tell me the jist of it?

        1. Honestly I can't, it's a google doc, nothing suss about it. But the index is far to complicated to hope to explain to you in a comment

          1. Ok. Thank you for your reply. I trust you, i'll have a look :D

    1. The former by a long way, I think.

  12. We all in agreement that it looks like Dubuchy will be joining Arsenal along with Sanchez? Dubuchy could be brilliant pick

    1. KoL

      -4 :(

      1. is that the clean sheet points arsenal will be getting?

    2. Lol Sanchez is not joining Arsenal. He has ambition.

      1. Where could he join, if he is being forced out, that has a better chance of trophies than Arsenal?

        1. City, Chelsea, Juve, Atletico Madrid, many more do you need?

  13. No trouble elsewhere in my team except defence. Sensible transfers in fox or are there a better pair for 280k? Already have Hummels, Duarte and Howedes.

    Rojo > Blind
    Manolas > Debuchy

    1. For fox you need to build transfers towards having enough player for the semi/finals
      Seems like you're banking on Germany so why bring in a french defender?

      1. Spread the risk was my thought, that way I know I'll have 2 defenders for the next round. That was my thinking...

  14. After Holland, who do we reckon has the next best chance of a clean sheet?

    1. KoL

      Germany but I dont think anyof the 4 will keep a clean sheet

    2. Brazil

  15. Is Martins Indi nailed on?

    1. With the injury to de Jong. Yes, it's not like we wanted to play Blind in CB anyway. But with de Jong and Fer out we have to play Blind there

  17. One question for u guys today ..

    Sakho Or Toby ..

    Looking for a 4th defender in the Sun Dream Team

    Howedes Blind Di Rij ????
    Muller JRod Robben
    Messi Neymar Rvp


    1. Our teams are remarkably similar lol.

      If I had to pick from those two it'd definitely be Sakho.

      1. Nice one bro .. do u reckon he is nailed on ..
        Do u have him ?

        1. Nah I don't have him mate. I've gone German instead.

          Rest of my defence is the same as yours except for fernandez instead of Sakho/Toby

          1. How could I fit Fernandez in my team bro ?

  18. If you had to have one, which would you pick:

    Any German defender or any French defender

    1. German mate

  19. Guys,

    At my post on the top of the page I think a lot of people have been talking a lot of sense in terms of Bulking up Def & Mid.

    My team is
    Sakho Mert DVB (De Vrij)
    Valbuena Lahm Jrod Masch
    Muller, Messi, Neymar, (robben)

    the rest are all non playing £1m players as fillers.

    I have £0.5m banked. What changes would you make?

  20. Not an RMT just want someone to check for glaring errors please

    Courtois Cillessen

    Zapata Van buyten Fernandez Blind De Vrij Gonzalez

    Valbuena Lahm JRod Gag Wijnaldum Tejeda

    Muller Neymar Robben

    1. Some talk of Gago and Fernandez sitting out due to rotation but all good apart from that

      1. Rotation in a quarter final? Thanks mate

  21. Out of these games rank the countries in terms of their likeliness in keeping a cleansheet:

    Belgium v Argentina
    Germany v France
    Costa Rica v Netherlands
    Colombia v Brazil

    1. Netherlands
      Costa Rica

      1. Same here but Germany over France and Colombia over Brazil

        1. I think France's pace will trouble the German "Full Backs" and the Colombian "Full Backs" are wingers

  22. Aaron Cresswell signing for West Ham...anyone keeping an eye on him for FPL? Must admit I don't know much about him at all, but 12 assists last season stands out. Could also potentially come in cheaper than Demel, Reid etc.

  23. For MCD:

    1. Navas or Cillessen?

    2. Mertesacker or Hummels?

    3. G. Gonzalez or D.Blind? (already have de Vrij)

    4. Lahm or Kroos or neither?

    5. Muller or Schurrle (if he starts)?

    1. Cill but just for price





      1. Thanks a lot, mate!

        Do you reckon Navas might rake in more points like Mbolhi and Howard because of the great amount of shots that Robben and RVP are going to throw at him? Might be worth the extra 2 mil?

  24. stay loyal to ADM or get rid?

  25. Mascherano or Lahm? I just can't make up my mind. Got a feeling about Lahm ...

    1. why not both ?

  26. Cillessen (1m, 1m)

    Hummels, Fernandez, van buyten, zapa, de vrij, 1m , 1m

    Lahm. Mascherano, Valbuena, KDB, Tejada, Gago,, 1m, 1m

    Müller, Robben, Messi, LUkaku, 1 m

    how does this look to you guys ? for the McD game

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