FFS Mini-Leagues and Community Competition winners of 2023/24

Welcome to this round-up of the 2023/24 Fantasy Football Scout mini-leagues and community competition winners. It was a season when some rather generous initial prices made it fairly easy to afford most of the players but many came unstuck by playing their Free Hit chips in Gameweek 29, which was notoriously low-scoring.

We report on the end-of-season FFS Live Hall of Fame update, plus the victors of FFS Cups, Last Man Standing, Head-to-Head Leagues and many community mini-leagues.


Overall, Jonas Sand Låbakk is the new FPL champion. This 20-year-old student from Norway has been playing since he was about nine but had never finished inside the top 100k until discovering analytics this season.

He played his first Wildcard in Gameweek 8, entering the top 1k in Gameweek 13 and the top 100 in Gameweek 23. He triple-captained Erling Haaland in Gameweek 25 and Wildcarded again in Gameweek 30, reaching the top 10 soon after.

Jonas took the lead in Gameweek 34 once his Free Hit returned a huge 143 points, increasing his lead even further with a Gameweek 37 Bench Boost. He only took a four-point hit in Gameweeks 17, 28 and 29.

In second place is our very own Euan Thompson. He had a Gameweek 10 Wildcard, entered the top 1k in Gameweek 23 and then the top 100 thanks to Gameweek 25’s Triple Captain.

A Free Hit in Gameweek 29 allowed him to enter the top 10 in Gameweek 31, rising to second place with the Gameweek 35 Wildcard that set him up for Gameweek 37’s Bench Boost. Five hits were taken.

Euan has one previous top 1k finish plus another three inside the top 10k, ranking 12th in our FFS Live Hall of Fame. He’s also won six of our community mini-leagues below.


One of which is the Fantasy Football Scout mini-league. Having taken the lead in Gameweek 25, he held it for 13 of the last 14 rounds.

The top ten teams that have been FFS-registered for at least a month (see this article for details) will receive prizes. Contact support@fantasyfootballscout.co.uk to claim them.

mini-leagues community


Based on the average scores of its top five teams, Fantasy Football Scout ended as the fifth-best league in FPL. Our highest quintet are all within the world’s top 42.

mini-leagues community


Unsurprisingly, Euan ended up on top of our Fantasy Football Scout Members mini-league, a position held for the last 14 Gameweeks.


Another FFS Live Hall of Fame update took place on Monday and it’s now based on final 2023/24 results. However, unlike the FFS Career Hall of Fame (which is currently still up until 2022/23), it can only be viewed by Premium Members.

51,221 community managers participating in the Fantasy Football Scout and Fantasy Football Scout Members mini-leagues are now ranked in it.

The new top ten is as follows (with 2022/23 positions in brackets):

1st (5th) Mark Hurst (overall 808th). His fourth top 1k finish and ninth in the top 10k, he came 65th in 2012/13.

2nd (13th) Ben Crellin (overall 550th). A fifth consecutive top 10k finish and first inside the top 1k.

3rd (14th) Tom Dollimore (overall 1,269th). His fourth top 4k finish in five seasons, two of which were inside the top 400.

4th (9th) Markku Ojala (overall 2,436th). This is the sixth top 10k finish, where a couple were top 1k.

5th (2nd) Fábio Borges (overall 27,066th). He had seven successive top 5k finishes from 2015/16 to 2021/22 and a trio were top 1k. In 2018/19, Fabio ranked 95th.

6th (43rd) Michael Giovanni (overall 504th). A first top 1k rank, following three top 10k finishes from the previous four seasons.

7th (7th) Conor’s Team (overall 8,683th). His seventh top 10k finish, including one inside the top 1k.

8th (8th) Rob Mayes (overall 10,768th). Over the previous four seasons, he’s had four top 10k successes. Two were in the top 1k, such as 82nd in 2021/22.

9th (-) David Fairchild (overall 1,133rd). His fourth successive top 2k finish, including two inide the top 1k. Three years ago, he was all the way up in sixth.

10th (40th) Dan Wright (overall 1,305). Five top 10k standings, with four in a row.

Interestingly, Michael Giovanni and Conor’s Team both overtook Rob Mayes after the Gameweek 36 update. We can see there are two new entries, as David Fairchild and Dan Wright replace Paul Quilter and Obay Eid.


We held three FFS Cups this season. The FFS Open Cup was won by TFO (Dan Furneaux) who came 4,586th this season – his eighth top 10k finish – and is 71st in our Live Hall of Fame.

At the same time, Mayanyi (Anders Söder Wintergren) claimed the first FFS Members Cup of this campaign. His best final rank took place in 2013/14 (518th).

More recently, the second FFS Members Cup was won by Biggsy (Ben Biggs) who just came 5,824th.

These are old-school cups run by Fantasy Football Scout and should not be confused with the League Cups listed on FPL’s Leagues & Cups page.


In Gameweek 37, Grant Wales became the champion of TorresMagic’s Last Man Standing competition and won a free FFS membership for 2024/25.


Adam Ferguson led for the last eight Gameweeks in League 1 of MIR’s FFS Head-to-Head Leagues, winning by a single point after losing his closing game to Ahmed Shahin (Professor Bear) who thus avoided relegation by the narrowest of margins.

Adam finished with 67 points out of a possible 114 and came 1,269th overall. It’s his fifth top 10k finish – including one in the top 1k – and he’s 88th in our Live Hall of Fame.

mini-leagues community

The ten players to be relegated from League 1 are Milan Mihajlovic, Paul Machin, David Bowman, Chris Bristow, Owen Walker, Richard Clarke, Mark Craig, Craig Johnson, RoyArve Garvik and Grant Barclay.

Replacing them are Tim Hill, Sakari Uutela, James Wong-You, Carl Price and Alex Merchant from League 2 Division 1. Meanwhile, Dave Dolman, Stig Hermansen, Simon MacNair, Darren Curtis and David Stanton are promoted from League 2 Division 2.

Aaron Houston (League 8 Division 19) and Danny Messer (League 8 Division 33) were the joint top scorers in the Head-to-Head Leagues with 97 points each. Aaron finished 4,422nd overall and Danny concluded in 7,199th place.

Lord’s latest round-up gave a more detailed account of how things stood in the Head-to-Head Leagues after Gameweek 36. Coming soon is his season review, something we can look forward to.


The FFScout Mods & Cons mini-league has been won by Luke Williams (SuperPuzzleFighter), who led for 15 of the last 16 Gameweeks alongside two earlier ones. He finished 3,157th overall and is 867th in our Live Hall of Fame.

mini-leagues community


The FFScout Family mini-league title goes to Obay Eid (FPL Milanista), leader for the final seven Gameweeks plus an earlier one. 2,269th globally, it’s his sixth top 10k finish. It means he sits 16th in our Live Hall of Fame.

mini-leagues community


Back to Euan Thompson, who led my Top 10k Any Season mini-league in 13 of the last 14 Gameweeks.

This league is for teams with at least one previous finish inside the top 10,000.

mini-leagues community


He also won my Multiple Top 10k Finishes mini-league. This was one of three that he joined as late as Gameweek 32 but immediately led the way for the closing seven Gameweeks.

This league is for teams with at least two previous finishes inside the top 10,000.

mini-leagues community


One of these late Euan entries occurred in PDM’s Top 1k Any season mini-league.

mini-leagues community


Elsewhere, Chaballer’s Multiple Top 1k Finishes mini-league was won by Paul Marshman (Back on the Horse). He set the pace for six of the final seven Gameweeks, coming 532nd overall. It’s his sixth top 1k finish and ninth inside the top 5k, placing him 14th in our Live Hall of Fame.


Lee Byron (GoonerByron) is the winner of Livinginapool’s Top 100 Any Season mini-league. He was in front for the last 14 Gameweeks and came 62nd overall – his second top 100 finish and fifth in the top 5k. Lee sits 47th in our Live Hall of Fame.


2014/15 FPL Champion Simon March has won his own FPL Champions League, after leading for the last 14 Gameweeks as well as two earlier ones. 3,122nd worldwide, it’s his fifth top 10k finish and it’s enough to put him 457th in our Live Hall of Fame.


Despite Joakim Viheriä being on top for the previous 26 Gameweeks, Chris Bacon snuck in to win Skooldaze’s FPL Vets 2006 or before mini-league.

Final day hauls from Jean-Philippe Mateta, Phil Foden, Chris Wood and Pedro Porro allowed this overtaking. Chris ended up in 5,824th place – his first top 10k finish, one that surely proves once and for all that pigs might indeed fly!


Time for some more Euan Thompson. He joined Chaballer’s Hall of Fame Top 1k mini-league in Gameweek 32, started top and remained there.


Besides this, my Opening Day League was won by Ben Tinker, who led for the last five Gameweeks. He came 42nd overall to grab a first top 10k finish.


Greyhead’s The Next Great and Good mini-league – a feeder to the main Great and The Good – was won by Geraint Owen. He stayed in first place for the closing two Gameweeks and came 21st overall, his first top 10k finish.


The Beat the FFScout/PFT XI mini-league was won by Paul Nichols, leader for the latest 19 Gameweeks. By finishing 1,418th overall, Paul grabbed his first top 10k finish.

Scout’s community team (Scout PFT) slipped to fifth in the league and to 8,372nd globally.


The Knights Template’s Hall of Shame Tourney ended with Graham (@Meerlight) Williams as champion, who left it shamefully late to take the lead. It was his very last opportunity to. 1,382nd overall, it’s his third top 10k finish.


My January to May League was won by Mateusz Kabat, the pace-setter for 14 of the last 16 Gameweeks. These closing 18 Gameweeks have seen his global ranking rise from 23k to 138th. It’s his first top 10k finish.


Finally, Sandeep Ramadev topped my The Last Ten mini-league. This team led for four of the last five Gameweeks, using four chips during this period. Since the league started scoring, he rose from 1.056m to 115k overall.

Mind you, he had a very strange season, plummeting from 23k in Gameweek 2 to 1.6m in Gameweek 11, before bouncing up to 115k in Gameweek 23 and dropping again to 1.056m in Gameweek 28. And now it’s 115k.


For any questions relating to community mini-leagues and competitions please comment below or email support@fantasyfootballscout.co.uk.


To receive email notifications whenever future community mini-leagues articles are published, do this by editing your FFS Profile. Simply tick ‘Community’ in the ‘Email Notifications’ section under ‘Alerts & Notifications’.

FPL 2023/24 pre-season page now live

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RedLightning The 2023/24 winners of my mini-leagues were: Opening Day League: Ben Tinker; Top 10k Any Season and Multiple Top 10k Finishes: Euan Thompson; January to May League: Mateusz Kabat; and The Last Ten: Sandeep Ramadev.

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  1. FPLMarc
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    1 month, 25 days ago

    Thanks for doing this, RL. Not just today but over the whole season.

    1. RedLightning
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      1 month, 25 days ago

      Thanks, Marc.
      Biggsy's 5,824th was in 2022/23.

  2. rainy
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    1 month, 25 days ago

    Congrats to NotReadyForPrimeTime for winning the inaugural season of my mini-league for USA-based posters, FFS! USA! Deadzone!

    Despite a final-day red, a solid run of green arrows saw him finish on 5,489 overall.

  3. Charlie Price
    • 3 Years
    1 month, 23 days ago

    Here is the Roll Of Honour for the ‘Charlie Price’ leagues for season 23/24:

    Charlie Price Marathon (open to all)
    1st Sweet Suppositories - Jacques Steyn

    2500 Points Any Season (pilot)
    1st CSKADynaLokoSparTorp - Paul Dowd

    The Charlie Price h2h Matchplay
    1st Front 442 - Matthew Orwell

    Friends Of Charlie Price h2h league
    1st Sweet Suppositories - Jacques Steyn

    Jacques Steyn also won the Charlie Price Marathon Cup to complete a remarkable treble.

    Please note that the 2500 Points Any Season league will fully launch in 24/25 season. Looks like top 76k or thereabouts was the qualifying standard this year so expecting lots of new entries next season in addition to the 200 or so who played in the pilot run. Thanks to anyone who competed in any of the above and I look forward to renewing rivalry with you all next season.

  4. Alchim1sT
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    thanks for the coverage mate! well done