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76 of the best – and worst – Euro 2024 Fantasy team names

With the tournament kick-off date getting nearer, excitement for Euro 2024 Fantasy is building. Before we settle on our player picks, however, the most important job: choosing our team names.

Once you’ve drafted an initial line-up and continued to select a Matchday 1 captain, the next screen asks what to call your squad.

Naturally, the suggestions below have some crossover with our previous feature on 2023/24 Fantasy Premier League (FPL) team names but here, crucially, there’s a maximum of 25 characters rather than 20. So much can be done with those extra five letters/numbers!


Minority Laporte

When Harry Met Saliba – Former North London rivals may be forced to reunite in the knockout phase

No Kane, No Gain – Sometimes the template picks just make sense

Hey Jude, Don’t Make It Bad

The Wimmer Takes It All

Believe by Schar – This 1990s chart-topper is one of the earliest examples of autotune

Enter Shaqiri

Sommer Lovin – Tell me more, tell me more

Wirtz, Wind and Maguire – Admittedly, it’s a bit of a stretch putting Florian, Jonas and Harry together

Brat-Wirtz – For when the German wonderkid acts a bit childish

Rice, Rice, Baby

Uptown Dunk

Turkish De Ligt – If you have a sweet tooth

Dark Side of De Roon

Baby Reijnders – Topical

Auf Wiedersehen, Petkovic – For those alive in the 1980s, this nod to the German hosts prepares for Croatia’s elimination. Could also be for Serbia’s Djordje Petrovic.

Domagoj Vida Loca – The Ricky Martin song is stuck in your head now, isn’t it?

Kumbulla, My Lord

Old Havertz Kai Hard

Chicken Tikka Musiala – Usually reserved for Mo Salah but the German attacker seamlessly steps in

Who Ate All Depays?

Blind and Immobile – If you’re frustrated at the players’ lack of awareness and movement

Cancelo Culture

Kroos Control

Areola Grande – Thank you, next

Groß Misconduct

Back of the Neto

Bachmann McGinns – Similarly to the curry conundrum, Watford’s goalkeeper replaces Sven Botman

Philipp The Lienhart – Sticking with Austria, this one is for history buffs

Pinky And De Bruyne – One is a midfield genius, the other’s insane

You’ve Had One Tchouameni – It’s always good to have this friend on a night out

Dragusin To This Mess – Otherwise it could start to go wrong

Under my Cucurella

Love The Way You Szoboszlai

Onana, What’s My Name? – A few Rihanna contenders, here

Duda, Where’s Micah? – When asking a Slovakian attacker where the omnipresent pundit currently is

Buongiorno, Dov’e Chiesa? – Good morning, where is church? Featuring two Italian players


Finding Timo – When you see Werner on the Fantasy game but can’t locate him on Germany’s squad list

Alisson Wonderland

Lallana Del Rey

If Tomori Never Comes – Or, in fact, when

Mbemba, You’re a Womble

Kinder Mbeumo – Some delicious West London chocolate

Come Digne With Me

Chiellini Con Carne

Slumdog Mignolet

Fer Fuchs Ake

Haven’t Got a Kalou

Hell in Lascelles – Occasionally, Fantasy disputes need settling inside a large, roofed steel cage

Better Call Saúl


Czech, Mate – The moment when pundit Postecoglou is asked about Coufal’s nationality

Feeling Hungary – Those food puns gave it away, right?

Bayer Neverlosin’ – A classic five-a-side team name that recently became accurate… well, almost

Borussia Teeth

Werder Beermen

Cure My Hannover – Apparently a simple slice of toast is very effective at this

Expected Toulouse

Pathetico Madrid

Real Strugglers

Inter Row Z – Is it still too soon to mention Kane’s World Cup penalty?

Hardly Athletic

Sporting Abeergut

Sub-standard Liege

Nether, Netherlands – Home of Claudio Ranieri, the Tinkerman

Dynamo Chicken Kiev


Norfolk and Chance – By law, this name has to be suggested

Game of Throw-ins – For that particularly frustrating group game with no breakthrough

Champagne Super Rovers

My Hits Don’t Lie – As with FPL, extra transfers cost four points in Euro 2024 Fantasy

One Size Fitz Hall

Smells Like Team Spirit

Obi 1 Kenobi 0

Fifty Shades Of Andy Gray – “Will I use this team name? Yes. Yes, I will.”

Murder On Zidane’s Floor

Absolutely Fabregas – When you have no doubt who this BBC pundit is

Neville Wears Prada – Before flicking over to ITV for Gary’s fashion show


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