How to use the Hall of Fame

What is the Hall of Fame?

The Hall of Fame (HoF) is a ranking system to identify the best FPL managers. 

It aims to highlight those who have performed well over a number of years, taking into account scores from previous seasons. 

How is my HoF rating calculated?

Rather than use rank, HoF ratings are based on a manager’s points totals from earlier campaigns.

Due to the ever-increasing numbers now playing FPL, ranks are not as effective for comparing different seasons. For example, only 1.27m managers played in 2006/07, whereas there are almost 7.5m playing in 2019/20. Consequently it has become much harder to achieve a top 10,000 finish.

The first step in calculating a HoF rating is to divide the points total for each season by the ‘maximum score’. The maximum score is defined as:

An 80% mix of the average of the top five scores that year and a 20% mix of the average score that year.

This is used to remove any randomness from the winning points total.

The second step in calculating a HoF rating is to add a recency weighting.

The Fantasy Football Scout Hall of Fame is not about paying tribute to past greats, it is looking to find the best active managers playing the game.

It aims to strike a balance between current and past performance. 

It does this by giving the biggest weight to the most recent season. Each subsequent campaign is then weighted at roughly 80% of the preceding one. Therefore those who performed best in 2018/19 will receive a bigger HoF rating boost compared to those who excelled in 2006/07.

I only recently started playing FPL, will I still be included in the Hall of Fame?

The HoF rating accounts for those with missing years, adapting the formula to allow you to rank alongside the veterans of the FPL. 

Nonetheless, the HoF favours those who have performed consistently well over several seasons – to make the top 10 you need at least four or five excellent finishes. 

What’s the difference between the Career and Live HoFs?

The “Career” table updates every season and the “Live” table updates every few Gameweeks.

The “Live” table can only be viewed by members.

How do I join the Hall of Fame?

Simply sign up to either our Fantasy Football Scout mini-league or, if you’re a member, the Members’ mini-league. The code for the Members’ mini-league is available on the Members’ Home page.

Do I need to be a member to join the Fantasy Football Scout Hall of Fame?

No, the Hall of Fame can be joined by members and non-members alike.

How do I find myself in the Hall of Fame?

Enter your name or FPL ID into the search box at the top of the Hall of Fame table.

What’s my FPL ID?

Each manager is assigned a unique ID number when they sign up for FPL. To find out yours, go to your ‘Points’ or ‘Gameweek history’ page and look at the URL. Your FPL ID is the series of numbers that follows

What if I don’t want to be listed?

Either notify us via or simply leave the Fantasy Football Scout mini-league and you’ll be removed on the next update.

Who created the Hall of Fame?

The Hall of Fame was built by Chris Atkinson (aka RMT’s Professor), a Cambridge University maths graduate, with years of experience in sports statistics.

For more information about the Hall of Fame please read this article.